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50 Best Cocker Spaniel Gift Ideas For Pawsome Presents

When it comes to a Cocker Spaniel Gift Guide, we’re upping the bark. We know Cocker Spaniel lovers are worshipped and adored. These dogs and their parents deserve only the very best goodies and gifts.

Cocker Spaniels aren’t ordinary dogs; they are extraordinary dogs. If you are looking for the perfect gift for yourself or someone on your shopping list, look no further.

This year, we’ve upped the bar with 50 wonderful gifts for the dog mom, your best friend, dog dads, and just as a special treat for yourself or your Cocker Spaniel. All of the items on our list make for a great gift for the Cocker Spaniel owner.

We hope you love all the products we recommend. We own and use every item on this list, so we can unequivocally recommend them to all Cocker Spaniel lovers. Be sure to check out any codes, links, and discounts throughout the guide. We love saving money and helping Cocker moms and dads save money, too.

TLDR; Click each item in the Table of Contents to be taken to that product.

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I am also an Etsy and Chewy affiliate.

Best Cocker Spaniel Gifts for Pet Parents

There’s no pet parent like a Cocker Spaniel mama or papa! Consider these items for a birthday gift, home decor, special occasions, or as a perfect way to brighten a Cocker Spaniel lover’s day.

Custom Cocker Spaniel Sweater

Cocker Spaniel Custom Sweater

Unique gift in several colors

I get asked about this sweater every time I wear it. It features a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel on a stunning sweater – you choose the color. The seller is awesome, the sweater is great quality, and this is a must-have piece of apparel for true Cocker lovers.

Human Dog Bed

Plufl human dog bed with dog and dog mom
Alvin and Mama Dar in the Plufl

Plufl Human Dog Bed

The ultimate in luxury and comfort

Don’t fall for the imposters. We purchased two Plufl human dog beds and we just above live in them. My spouse and I cuddle close for tv time, and our Cocker Spaniel loves to hop in and snuggle by us. Read our full Plufl human dog bed review.

Cocker Spaniel Leash and Key Ring Hanger

Metal Peddler Cocker Spaniel Hanger

Handmade with a standard Cocker

So many people get it wrong with the Cocker silhouette. The Metal Peddler on Etsy gets it right. This is a 16-gauge steel hanger for keys, leashes, lanyards, and more. I’ve gifted this many times, and the recipients are always thrilled.

Flameless Candles

Luminara Flameless LED Candle

Unscented real wax red berry candle

Don’t worry about your Cocker knocking over a lit candle. I use Luminara candles which look and perform just like the real thing. Comes with a remote control and timer so you never have to worry about a flame again!

Cocker Spaniel Keychain or Coin Purse

Chala Cocker Spaniel tag

Chala Coin Purse/Key Fob

A perfect stocking stuffer or anytime gift

This adorable and sturdy key fob looks great hanging from a purse or tote bag and doubles as a coin purse. Featuring a black Cocker Spaniel made of faux leather, it looks so rich and beautiful in person.

Cocker Wall Calendar

Just Cocker Spaniels 2024 Calendar

A Cocker Spaniel for every month

I’ve been using this Cocker calendar for years and love seeing each adorable face that pops up month after month. A must-have for Cocker parents.

Custom Cocker Pillow

Cocker Shaped Custom Pillow

Snuggle with your canine bestie

Turn your favorite Cocker Spaniel photo into a custom-shaped handmade pillow. This is ideal for pet parents who love snuggling by their Cocker or perhaps for a pet parents who lost their beloved Cocker Spaniel.

Tupperware Containers

Pawsome Pets 3-Piece Canisters

Set of adorable pet lover canisters

Remember Tupperware? It’s made a huge comeback and I love this three-piece set. Store your Cocker’s treats, essentials, poop bags, and more in them. Plus they look adorable on your counter. Comes with one-touch seals for each.

Best Hair and Fur Remover

Chom Chom Pet Hair Roller

Easily removes dog hair and pet fur

Since using the Chom Chom for over a year, I can honestly say I will never go back to sticky rollers. This roller uses a reusable brush to trap pet hairs, reduce waste, and keep hair off furniture. This is an ideal gift for the dog parent who has everything.

Health and Wellness Journal for Dogs

Resource To Track Dog Health Records


Start the new year right

I created the DogMinder when I couldn’t find any journals that covered the aspects I needed for my Cocker Spaniels. Makes a perfect stocking stuffer or anytime gift for pet parents. Support small businesses like me.

Memorial Statue Candle Holder

Bearae Memorial Dog Gift

Show you care with a heartfelt gift

Friends sent me this very beautiful high-quality natural resin sculpture with room for a flickering votive candle. I keep it by the urns of my first two Cocker Spaniels.

Sterling Silver Cocker In Motion Charm

Sterling Silver Cocker Charm

A beautiful study in motion

The beautiful running movement of the Cocker Spaniel is showcased perfectly in this pendant. There is a satin finish on the breed, which really makes it pop. I love wearing this one close to my heart.

Sterling Silver Chain

Sterling Silver Cable Chain

For the Cocker Spaniel charm above

This 2.4-mm 16″ cable chain is made of sterling silver and perfectly accommodates the bale and design of the Cocker Spaniel running charm listed above. Buy both from the same Etsy seller.

Treat Maker Food Dehydrator

Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Machine

Make homemade jerky and dried fruit

Make your Cocker Spaniel their own treats from the comfort of home. Many Cocker moms and dads swear by the food dehydrator to make dried jerky and dried fruits. Fresh and no preservatives!

Nativity Scene

Cocker spaniel nativity scene

Cocker Spaniel Nativity Scene

The ultimate Cocker Spaniel lover gift

This is the ultimate Cocker Spaniel lover nativity set. I gifted myself the American Cocker Spaniel Nativity set, and I also gifted the entire set to my best friend. Each Cocker Spaniel figurine in this set is made of polymer clay. Select from a 6-piece, 12-piece, or 18-piece set when you order. Also available in English Cocker Spaniel and many other breeds on her Etsy online store.

Cocker Spaniel Ornaments

Cocker Spaniel Snowman Ornament

Timeless elegance for your tree

This adorable silver finish ornament hangs on my office Christmas tree every year. It features a pave heart with Cocker Spaniel on it. Measures 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ and fits anywhere.

BONUS ITEM: Happy Dog Book

101 Enrichment Activities Book

Help your Cocker stay active all year long

I wrote a blog post of 101 things you can do indoors with your dog. Now, from author Chelsea Barstow, you can go take things to the next level with her fun, easy-to-follow book for dogs to learn new things.

Cocker Spaniel Gift Ideas for Dogs

Get all your holiday or anytime shopping done with this list of must-have items for Cocker Spaniels. Shop to your heart’s content! Your Cocker will thank you for it.

CBD Chewables for Cockers

CBD treats for a stressed dog

Pet Releaf Stress Releaf

Hemp edibites for dogs

In addition to helping ease arthritis pain, reducing seizures, and many other things, hemp oil can help dogs with anxiety. My Cocker Spaniel enjoys Stress Releaf Hemp Edibites before I groom him. He is calmer and happier as a result. Shop at Pet Releaf and use code FIDOSE20 to save 20 percent off your order, plus free shipping over $75.

Rope Toy Fun

Lady and the Tramp Rope Toy

With crinkle sound and squeaker

If you love Cockers, you love Lady and the Tramp! My Cocker, Alvin, loves playing with the rope and the squeaker sound keeps his attention. It is adorable and a must for any Lady fan.

Monthly Treat Box

Sweet Paws Bakery dog Halloween prize

Abby & Parker’s Monthly Treat Box

From Sweet Paws Bakery in Florida

Sweet Paws Bakery makes handmade, natural dog treats and packages them into a monthly gift box. Each box is filled with treats baked in Florida, along with an activity card, coupon, and more surprises. My Cocker and I look forward to our goody box every month, and so will you.

Puppy Teething Toy

rings for puppy teeth

PetStages Mini Tug Toy Bones

Great for teething Cocker puppies

When my Cocker Spaniel was a pup, we used PetStages products with success. Multiple textures means lots of fun to toss and carry. Check our list of Cocker Spaniel puppy toys for more ideas.

Dog Pajamas

pajama gift for dogs

Fuzzyard Pajamas for Dogs

Warm and fashionable

When it’s chilly outside or after a bath, Fuzzyard doggy pajamas come in handy. Made with super soft material and a little stretch, they also feature press-stud buttons to ensure a good fit. Bonus: They make for amazing photo ops. My current Cocker fits in size 4, but my last adult male Cocker wore a size 5.

Waterproof Dog Snood

Waterproof Long-Ears Protector

Protect Cocker ears from food and water

I use a waterproof snood every time I bathe my Cocker Spaniels. This Etsy seller has snoods that are both waterproof and water resistant. Choose from several sizes and colors. Last year, I found this seller and fell in love with the designs.

Dog Bed for Cocker Snuggles

donut bed for cocker spaniels

Best Friends By Sheri Donut Bed

Warm, cozy, and durable

This is the original bed I purchased for my Cocker Spaniels. Over the past few years, I’ve encountered hundreds of pet parents who share in my joy for this dog donut bed. It comes in several sizes and colors, but I purchased the medium. It is perfect for Cockers who love to curl up and provides a sense of security. The cover is machine washable.

Safe and Tasty Cocker Treats

Honest Kitchen Parmesan Pecks

4-calorie, whole grain, wheat-free recipe

The Honest Kitchen treats have been staples in our home for close to 30 years. Each parmesan peck is only four calories and is made with real ingredients you recognize and pronounce. I like to break them into two (they. are heart-shaped) and put them in Alvin’s treat ball for extra fun. Several options available.

Tricky Treat Ball

Omega Paw Authentic Treat Ball

Fun, easy to clean, lots of play time memories

Fellow Cocker mom, Kim Kiernan, introduced us to this tricky treat ball over a decade ago. We fill it with our Cocker’s favorite snacks and watch him have fun nosing it from room to room as treats fall out. Great for rainy or cold days and indoor fun.

Holiday Themed Cocker Treats

Bocce’s Reindeer Fuel

All natural, seasonal, tasty treats for dogs

Bocce’s is one of our favorite brands because all their dog treats are made in the United States without artificial junk. Their Reindeer Fuel treats are wheat-free and made with oat flour, rolled oats, banana, bacon, molasses, flaxseed, and vegetable oil. Soft and chewy!

Talking Dog Buttons

MEWOOFUN Dog Buttons

Communication buttons starter pack

Fellow Cocker mom, Elif Castillo, works with her Cockers to communicate words by pressing buttons. You record your voice through each of the four buttons and train your Cocker to communicate by pressing each button. We just ordered a set to work on over the holidays.

First Aid Kit for Dogs

Rayco International Pet First Aid Kit

Safety first for every Cocker Spaniel

This practical present pays for itself the first time you reach for it. Each kit contains  2 Conforming Gauze Rolls, High Elastic Bandage, S, Self-Adhesive Bandage, S, 4 Gauze Pads, S, M., 10 Plaster, 2 Patch Adhesive, 1 Triangular, Exam Gloves, Tweezers, Scissors, Ice pack, Emergency Blanket, Saline Solution, 8 Antiseptic Wipes, and much more.

Deshedding Tool for Cockers

Andis 65760 Deshedding Tool

Quick and clean grooming tool

Whether or not you groom your Cocker Spaniel at home, the deshedding tool from Andis is a must-have. It removes loose hair, enhances the topcoat, and won’t cause discomfort when used properly. Affordably priced under $20.

Smile-Inducing Dog Toys

PLAY toys for dogs

P.L.A.Y. Dog Toys

Several color choices

P.L.A.Y.’s fun and durable dog toys are cute, strong, and made in comical shapes. We’re talking Avocados on Toast, howling haunts, and fun food and drinks. They look cute in photos, and each toy contains a squeaker to pique your Cocker Spaniel’s attention.

Box of 4 Latex Squeaky Balls

Chiwava 4-Pack 2.4″ Squeaky Balls

Fetch to their heart’s content

Receive a set of four squeaky balls in different sports themes (baseball, tennis, basketball, soccer. These bouncy balls hold up to Cocker mouths and are great for indoor or outdoor play. Comes with a little mesh pouch to store them if desired.

Dog Toothpaste

CET Vanilla Mint Dog Toothpaste

Available in several flavors

I brush my Cocker Spaniel’s teeth every night without missing. Virbac’s CET toothpaste is enzymatic and specially formulated for dogs, especially those who form plaque rapidly. Our Cockers have never undergone professional dental work and we love this easy-to-use toothpaste.

Car Carrier

dog carrier for cockers

K&H Pet Carrier

Travel in safety

I want my Cocker Spaniel to be safe during road trips, so I invested in the K&H Products dog travel carrier. It is roomy and comfortable and comes with a mat. Your dog has three entry points on three sides, and it easily fits into your back seat. Simply secure your dog inside the carrier, and attach it to your seatbelt with ease. It collapses for storage and is very sturdy. I purchased the medium for my Cocker. What a great way to show you care with this pet carrier.

Best Itchy Cocker Spaniel Shampoo Set

Zymox Advanced Enzymatic Set

Shampoo and conditioner for Cockers

If your Cocker Spaniel has itchy, irritated, or dry skin, Zymox’s shampoo and leave-in conditioner will help. Their non-toxic formula features the patented LP3 enzyme system to promote healthy canine skin. Many veterinarians and groomers use and recommend this shampoo and conditioner, and so do we.

Best Cocker Spaniel Ear Cleanser

Zymox Enzymatic Ear Cleanser to prevent dog ear infection

Zymox Ear Cleanser Solution

Quickly and effectively cleans non-infected ears

I am never without this product. Members of my Club Cocker Facebook group rave about the Zymox LP3 ear cleanser because it works. Cocker mom, Gayle Douglas says, “I appreciate your vast knowledge in particular relating to Zymox. It has helped my Daisy immensely. A few treatments and beautiful healthy ears!!!” No antibiotics involved.

Best Cocker Spaniel Medicated Ear Flush

Dechra TrizUltra Keto Flush

Antimicrobial and anti-fungal flush

This gentle ear cleanser was recommended to us by our veterinarian earlier this year. She uses it on her own dogs once a week. It is used to treat infections caused by yeast and bacteria. After Alvin was treated for an ear infection, we use this once a week as a medicated flush for good measure with fabulous results.

Best Dog Heartbeat Toy

Heartbeat toy for puppies

Calmeroos Puppy Heartbeat Toy

For puppies or adult Cockers

When you bring a Cocker pup home or adopt one, buy one, or otherwise share life with one, consider giving them a Calmeroos. Each plush toy comes with a real heartbeat sound and warming packs. Read our full review on the Calmeroos.

Singing Soccer Ball

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Ball

Soft ball for light indoor fun

When my Cocker Spaniel, Alvin, was a puppy I purchased this ball. He loved it and continues to play with it as an adult. It is soft and takes batteries to hear the sounds. Activated with touch, it is made for babies but is fun for curious Cockers. Supervise play when in use because Cockers are known to shred!

Probiotic for Sensitive Cocker Tummies

Nutramax Proviable DC Capsules

Helps promote GI balance

Like many Cockers, my Alvin is my Cocker Spaniel with a sensitive tummy. On the recommendation of our veterinarian, we started Alvin on a daily probiotic from Proviable. This is made by the same company, Nutramax, that makes Cosequin DS. I sprinkle one capsule on his food daily with success.

CBD Paw and Nose Balm for Dogs

CBD hemp oil topical for dog paws

Pet Releaf Skin & Paw Releaf

Soothing ointment to support cracked paws, etc

We use this product on Alvin’s nose and paws regularly. It keeps his skin protected and is 100 percent plant based. The easy twistable stick contains enough balm to last for months. Highly recommended for all the dogs on your shopping list.

Dog Tags

Yehanti Personalized Dog Tags

Affordable and durable

Choose from several styles, finishes and details on these high-strength stainless steel dog name tags. Engraved on both sides with four shapes and five colors from which to choose. Put your dog’s name where it can be seen on the tag. Super affordable, too.

Multipet Loofa Jumbo Dog Toy

loofa dogs fun

Multipet Original Dog Toy

Under $5 – get a few!

This 24″ jumbo oversized Multipet Loofa toy is a Cocker favorite. Stock up and watch your dog enjoy their new stuffed toys! Fun for tug-o-war, too.

Multipet Lambchop 11″ Toy

lambchop dog sale

Multipet Lambchop Stuffie

$5 bucks on sale

You cannot go with a Lambchop 11″ stuffed toy. Stock up now for holidays and anytime gift-giving to your favorite Cockers! Consider donating some to local dog shelters, too. Comes in Christmas versions, too!

Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Stuffed Puzzle

squirrels for dogs to play

Squirrels to Hide For Fun

Squirrel fun for 10 bucks!

Just fill the tree trunk with 3 stuffed squeaky squirrels, toss it, and let your dog’s natural hunting instincts kick in. My Cockers love these!

Indoor Agility Kit

Outward Hound Zip & Zoom Kit

Tunnel, weave poles, and adjustable jump bar

Our Cocker Spaniel, Alvin, used this kit to help him achieve his AKC Trick Dog Beginner and Intermediate trick dog titles. They are lightweight and meant for indoor use. Affordable and serves their purpose. This makes a great addition to your training time.

Fleece Dog Vest

Gooby Fleece Dog Vest/Sweater

Warm and affordable coverage for Cockers

Alvin, our Cocker, has been using this all season long and we love it. It is warm and nice for a fall day or evening. You simply pull it over your dog’s head and that’s all. No snaps, zippers, or Velcro. Alvin is 25 pounds and we ordered the size XL (chest up to 22″_

Winter Vest Jacket

Canada Pooch Dog Winter Vest

Fleece lined with Velcro closure

We love Canada Pooch products, and you will find two on our list. This fleece-lined dog winter vest is very warm, secures with Velcro closures, and has a slit on the back to run a harness through. Several color choices.

Raincoat for Dogs

Canada Pooch Rain Jacket

Adjustable, waterproof, and reflective trim

My second and third Cocker Spaniels both love this rainjacket. Perfect for days with mud, slush, or rain. You can snap the hood back or let it cover your Cocker’s head. Functional full-body coverage that goes on easily with Velcro underbody.

Dog Bandana

Fetching Friends Snap Bandanas

High quality and made with snaps for ease

I am revealing my big bandana secret: My favorite brand is Fetching Finds on Etsy. I’ve ordered for years and each bandana is double-sided with 2 snaps for adjustability. They are high quality and you get two designs for the price of one.

Paw and Body Wipes

Earth Rated Dog Wipes

100 unscented durable grooming wipes

This is by far my favorite brand of dog wipes. I use them on my Cocker’s paws, booty, and all over hsi body for a quick freshen up. Earth Rated wipes are plant based and hypoallergenic, which is great for sensitive Cocker Spaniel skin.

More Cocker Spaniel Gifts

Looking for some more ideas for gifts for a Cocker Spaniel or Cocker Spaniel lover? Here are some of our other gift lists to inspire more shopping fun:

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  1. Hi Carol! I have a question about what info you have found and sifted through for ear infections, diets that are good and ones to avoid, allergy issues and what you have found that really helps getting ears clean. He has been to the dermatologist and is on bimonthly allergy shots, but I wanted to know your experience what you’ve tried successfully and unsuccessfully. I’ve had limited success on trying different diets but nothing super effective. Would love some suggestions based on your experience.
    Thanks a bunch!
    -Lorrie and Ranger

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