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Museum Of The Dog Delivers Something For All Dog Lovers

Dog lovers of the highest order, we found a museum that oozes everything canine-related in the art world. The American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog officially opened its doggy doors in New York City on Friday, February 8, 2019. Fidose of Reality received a guided tour of the Museum of the Dog on Monday, February 11, the same time as the official Westminster Kennel Club … [Read more...]

Pet Friendly Lehigh Gorge Railway And Giveaway

How cool would be it to travel from sea to shining sea with your dog and stop at different pet-welcoming places along the way? Our pals at did just that and wrote a book about it called The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip. The dynamic duo of Rod and Amy Burkert live the life. They travel the country in their custom RV with their dogs, Ty and Buster. … [Read more...]

25 Things to Do With Your Dog in Summer Weather

The temperature is rising and your dog wants to go outside. When the thermometer is on the upswing and heat is an issue, what is a doting dog mom or dog dad to do? Here are 25 things to do with your dog in summer weather. Note: Always get clearance on your dog’s state of health before embarking (pun intended) on any sort of physical activity, but especially ones that involve … [Read more...]

Five Dog Friendly Eastern U.S. Fall Getaways

It’s the time of year when the falling leaves form a quilt blankets across nation’s landscape. Before the temperature plummets and snow falls, consider taking a dog friendly trip or two with your best furry friend. The eastern part of the United States has many day, weekend, and week-long fall getaways for pet parents who travel with a dog. Here then are five Fidose fall … [Read more...]

Pet Friendly Hotel Andaluz Is A Plus

Hotel Andaluz is an Albuquerque pet-friendly hotel which welcomes dogs of all sizes. They had us at welcomes dogs of all sizes.* While touring with the 2014 Fidose Across America dog-friendly tour of the United States, one of our stops was Albuquerque, New Mexico. We chose this town because we are fans of the popular television show, Breaking Bad, and the show was filmed … [Read more...]

The One Dog Travel Tote You Must Have

I am a dog mom who takes her dog nearly everywhere she goes, unless it’s a business trip for the two-legged variety. One of the questions I am most frequently asked is, “what do you use to carry all your dog’s essentials?” There is one dog travel tote that ranks high on my list of must haves. All of you dog moms who love purses and totes, raise a paw. And all you dog dads … [Read more...]

Pet Friendly Secret on Lake Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless, of course, you blog, and then the whole world finds out. We discovered a pet-friendly secret nestled deep within the heart of Lake Las Vegas, about a 30 minute drive from the famed Las Vegas Strip. If you are so inclined to travel with your dog, let us introduce you to one of the best kept dog-welcoming secrets around: The Westin … [Read more...]

Breaking Bad Trolley Goes to the Dogs

Breaking Bad fans with dogs, rejoice: The 2014 ABQ Trolley Tour season has begun and fans of the hit AMC series are gearing up to take to the Albuquerque roadways. The entire 38-mile, 3-1/2-hour tour geared specifically for the Breaking Bad mega fan is dog friendly! Since Fidose of Reality prides itself on finding dog-friendly things to do and we are mega fans of the show, … [Read more...]

Dog Travel Survey Reveals Surprising Results

  As we continue our dog-friendly Fidose Across America tour, the timing of the second annual State of U.S. Pet Travel study** from DogVacay could not have come at a better time. Are you one of those people who likes dog travel? The survey reveals several surprising results around the impact sharing life with a dog can have on travel. Here at Fidose of Reality, we … [Read more...]

Pet Bloggers To Bookmark Now

In two days, my family and I will pack up the Fidose-mobile and head towards the land of dice and showgirls, but not to partake in either: We are going cross country towards BlogPaws country. Pet bloggers are about to take over in many ways. (oh and you can meet us: just click here to find out how). Armed with a passion for pets, a Cocker Spaniel by my side, a laptop and … [Read more...]