Publication List

I have written articles for many publications and online digital properties. Some of these include: 

PetLab Co

When Is a Dog Really Considered a Senior?


How to Make Your Office Pet-Friendly

How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

Shell-e-bration Time: Top Tips for Turtle Care

Pet-Friendly Travel and Adventure Tips

Digging Deep Into Skin and Ear Challenges in Cats and Kittens

Pet First Aid Essentials: Building Your Emergency Kit

How to Combat Spring Allergies in Pets

How to Encourage Your Pet To Drink Enough Water

Why Guinea Pigs Are Amazing Small Pets

How to Encourage Your Pet to Drink Water

10 Signs of Dental Disease in Pets You Might Be Overlooking

How to Perform Dental Care on Adult Dogs

Unleashing Innovation: ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Ear Wipes

Mindful Holiday Care For Pets

Top 5 Common Thanksgiving and Holiday Hazards for Pets

Leading Dermatologist Reveals Help for Ear Infections

Birds as Popular Pets: The Rising Trend of Avian Companions

Falling Leaves, Changing Seasons, and Itchy Pets

Caring for Small Animals and Exotics 101

The Reptile Revolution: Understanding the Appeal of Reptiles as Pets

Warm Weather Grooming Secrets For Dogs

20 Hot Ideas for Warm Weather Fun With Your Dog


Purina Pro Plan Sport Dog Food Review

How to Soothe a Scared Cat: 9 Cat Calming Solutions

11 Allergy Supplements for Dogs: Top Picks for Itch Relief

Fresh Step Crystals Health Monitoring Cat Litter Review

What to Give Dogs for Diarrhea: 7 Best Products

8 Best Fiber Supplements for Dogs

7 Best Supplements To Help Soft Dog Poop

Does Pumpkin Help Dogs Poop?

SmartBones Rawhide Alternative Review

Best Allergy Tests At Home: 6 Options to Consider

Pet Air Purifiers vs Pet Air Filters: What’s the Difference?


Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care for Dogs Review

Banning Major and Champ From The White House

Rover The Dog People

A Species-Specific Music Company Crafts Comforting Sounds Just For Pets

Guide Dog Helps Mom Complete College Degree, Graduates with Honors

With Eye-Popping Custom Canine Couture, High Fashion Has Gone To The Dogs

Move Over Mayberry, Wagtown is the Friendliest Town for Dogs

Rockstar Cocker Rescue Fills A Need To Help Neglected Cocker Spaniels

Veteran’s Special Bond With Service Dog Inspires Legacy of Giving Back

AKC Family Dog Magazine

So You Want To Be An Instagram Influencer

A Tick Nearly Killed My Dog

Why Start a Dog Blog

Dogster Magazine

Insider Secrets To Canine Social Media Success

Great Pet Living

30 Pictures of Dogs Celebrating Pride Month

20 Things Your Deceased Pet Wants You To Know

6 Incredible Dog Glow Ups That Will Melt Your Heart

Dolly Parton Launches Sassy Line of Pet Products

Katherine Heigl Launches New Dog Food

Cats Cuddling: 21 of the Cutest

32 Labrador Retriever Quotes to Celebrate Loyalty and Love

Tiny Pup Wounded by Gunfire Fights For Her Life

Dog Groomer Cuts and Colors His Way To The Top

43 Dog Sleeping Puns and Snoozy Sayings

Dog Side Eye: 23 Dogs Who Have Mastered the Shady Gaze

30 Cute Beagle Quotes to Celebrate Your Best Friend

Star Wars Quiz: Which Movie Character Would Your Dog Be?

50 Rescue Dog Quotes to Celebrate Second Chances

Quiz: Match Professional Athletes to Their Pets

How to Support Pets in Ukraine

50 Old Dog Quotes to Honor Gray Muzzles

75 Puppy Puns That Will Keep You Barking

Quiz: What’s Your Pet’s Love Language?

Puppy Shot In Face Is Beating All The Odds

40 Dog Mom Quotes for Devoted Pet Parents

26 of the Cutest Sleeping Dogs Online

Dogs in Snow: 32 Pups Winning at Winter

Quiz: What Celebrity is Your Pet?

37 Dog Valentine Puns and Sayings to Show Your Love

Great Pet Care

Nationwide Pet Insurance Cancellations Leaves Pet Parents Scrambling

Brooklyn Vets Save Dog Stabbed on New York City Streets

Partying Pooch Swallows 15 Jell-O Shots Left On Kitchen Floor

Golden Retriever Poisoned After Eating Thanksgiving Bread Rolls

130 Space Names for Dogs That Are Universally Loved

40 Corgi Mix Breeds You Can’t Help But Love

How to Choose a Pet Vacuum: 7 Best Options for Picking Up Pet Hair

Natural Ear Cleaner for Dogs: A Review of Great Ears

7 Best Prebiotics for Dogs

Dog Tear Stain Wipes: Review of Great Eyes

7 Best CBD Dog Treats

Dog Shampoo For Dry Skin: A Closer Look

The Anxious Pet: Review of the Line of Products

Dog Multivitamin: A Closer Look at Daily Great

Probiotic Chews for Dogs: A Closer Look at Great Poop Digestive Support Supplement

Dog Wipes: A Closer Look at Great Clean Aloe and Oatmeal Cleansing Wipes

8 Dog Food Toppers To Mix Up Mealtime

High-Protein Dog Food: 7 Best Formulas to Try

Best Dog Shampoo: 8 Great Options for Every Coat Type

6 Best Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

How to Find a Pet Sitter: 6 Best Pet Sitting Services to Know

Frozen Dog Food: 7 Great Options To Consider

9 Best Calming Treats for Dogs in 2021

19 Best ID Tags To Keep Dogs Safe

22 Best Dog Gate Options For Every Need

Pet-Safe Weed Killer: 5 Options To Protect Your Lawn

20 Dog Memorial Gifts To Remember Lost Pets

7 Best Joint Supplements For Dogs

19 Luxury Dog Accessories For Posh Pups

8 Best Pumpkin Dog Treats For Fall Flavor

10 Peanut Butter Dog Treats Pups Need To Try

7 Best Odor Eliminators For Your Household

Best Orthopedic Beds For Senior Pets

Best Dental Chews For Dogs

Five Easy Ways to Exercise Your Pet


5 Signs You Shouldn’t Own a Dog

7 Things You Should Never Say To A Dog Owner

Pet Age Magazine

Equalizing the Pet Industry

Pet Product News International

Why Industry Brands Should Love Pet Bloggers


7 Ways to Unwittingly Break a Dog’s Spirit

The Truth About Pet-Friendly Hotels

Insider Tips for Pet-Friendly Road Travel

The Scoop on Dog Poop: How to Dispose of It 

True and False About Pet-Friendly Travel


Read all my posts for BlogPaws Social Media and Pet Blogger Conference, Community, and Media

Prior to Pet360 being sold to Chewy, I penned a weekly Pet360 Dog Appeal column on Dog Lifestyle, Dog Products, and Dog Adventures!

Hamptons Pet Magazine

Winter, 2014: Home Sweet Home

Winter, 2014 Best in Shelter with Jill Rappaport

Fall, 2014: Interview with Sony Schotland


* Foundation and Primer for Every Skin Type

* Anti-Aging Makeup to Turn Back Time

* Are You Obsessed With Your Pet?

* Adding Another Cat to Your Home

Dogster Online

The Dog Daily

  • Optimal Protein Requirements for Dogs by Life Stage: 09/12
  • Top 10 Movies About Dogs: 08/28/12
  • Day Trips with Dogs: 06/25/12
  • Pet Pajama Party: 06/18/12
  • Cutting Canine Costs: 05/28/12
  • Crafts to do with Your Dog: 05/14/12
  • Old Wives Tales About Dogs: 04/23/12
  • Budget Vacations for Dogs: 03/26/12
  • My Dog Wants to Blog: 03/19/12
  • Animal Psychics: 03/19/12
  • Spring Cleaning for Dogs: 03/05/12
  • Off the Beaten Path Dog Careers: 02/20/12
  • Strange Dog Rituals: 02/06/12
  • Dog Bathroom Options: 01/09/12
  • Foster a Dog: 12/12/11
  • Winter Holiday Party Dog Games: 12/05/11

The Daily Cat

  • Top Ten Short Cat Videos: 08/28/12
  • Cat in the Wedding:  06/12
  • Turn Your Feline into a Social Media Star: 05/14/12


Experts Tell All: Top Tips for Traveling with Pets

Pet bloggers harness great power for brands: MultiBriefs

Dog is Good: How to Help Your Overweight Dog Lose Weight

Chewy: 10 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Dog Loving You

FIDO Friendly magazine

July 2012:

  • Day Trip: Water Sports
  • Fido Al Fresco
  • Interview with TLC’s “The Little Couple”
  • NFL Players and their Dogs in Off Season
  • Retail Therapy
  • Fido Hits a Home Run: Dogs and Baseball
  • How to Keep Fido Calm from Fireworks
  • Bowser on a Budget: Travel Savings

March 2012:

  • Day Trip: Snowshoeing and Skijoring
  • Fido Al Fresco
  • Embassy Suites NC Hotel Review
  • Barking Into Show Business
  • Get the Dog On the Blog
  • Honoring Fido’s Memory
  • Sleeping with the Pack

December 2011:

  • Day Trip: Holiday Light Displays with Fido
  • Dog Talk with Harrison Forbes: Tackling Travel Troubles
  • International Canines: How Dogs Celebrate the Holidays Internationally
  • Top Ten Naughtiest Dogs of 2011
  • Feature Interview with Petfinder founder, Betsy Banks Saul
  • Impress Your Veterinarian – FIDO Friendly Glossary column
  • Bowser on a Budget – Holiday Savings – regular column

October 2011:

  • Day Trip: Winery Visiting With Fido
  • Dog Talk with Harrison Forbes
  • Mendocino County Dog Travel feature piece
  • Whistle in the Bark: Coast Blackcomb Suites at Whistler
  • Trump Soho Welcomes Dogs: Review
  • Mad Men, Happy Dogs: Carlton Hotel Review
  • A-Sailing We Will Fido: Delamar Greenwich Harbor Review
  • Rock Star Rescue: Rock Star Rob Thomas and Pets Alive No-Kill Sanctuary
  • Sherlock Bones Meets Paw and Order: Detective and Sleuthing Dogs
  • Facebook Dog Celebrity Boo Interview and Book Review
  • Tailgating Mascots: Dogs Go Gridiron
  • The Backyard – Euna Bella Vita – Italian Dog Changes Lives
  • Fido Al Fresco – regular column
  • Bowser on a Budget – Halloween on a “Boostring” budget – regular column

August 2011:

  • Best in Show: Interview with Canine Crusader Bernie Berlin
  • Day Trip: Arlington National Cemetery
  • Paths Less Traveled: Dog Travel Reaches New Heights
  • O Say Can You Sea: Carmel by the Sea
  • Fetch the Truth  – regular column
  • Fido Al Fresco – regular column
  • Girlfriend Getaways: New Hope and New York City
  • Baltimore Hilton Inner Harbor Travel Review
  • Bowser on a Budget – Affordable Getaways – regular column
  • Fifty Best Of: Cities, Daycares, Explorers, Cuisine, Hotels

June 2011:

  • Fido Forges Into Destruction and Out of Devastation: Japanese earthquake
  • First Class Fido: How to fly with your dog
  • Big Dogs and the People Who Love Them
  • Fact or Fiction: Unraveling Mutt Myths and Purebred Prevarications
  • Courtroom and Reading Therapy Dogs
  • How to Make the Garden Green: Westminster Kennel Club Show Experience
  • What Are You Feeding Fido: Simple Solutions to Common Feeding Dilemmas
  • Fido’s Bucket List
  • Canine Glamping: Destination
  • Life is a Highway: Keeping Fido Healthy at Every Life Stage
  • Sea of Puppy Love: Inn by the Sea, Maine Travel Review
  • Ritz Carlton New York City: Travel Review
  • Fetch the Truth  – regular column
  • Fido Al Fresco – regular column
  • Bowser on a Budget – Haute Products for Cool Dogs – regular column

April 2011:

  • Paw & Hand United: Banfield Charitable Trust
  • Call to Action: Fido’s Disaster Management and Prevention Plan
  • What Makes a Doghouse a Home?
  • Fido Finds: Search and Rescue Dogs
  • Bed & Breakfasts for Fido: Ten Quick Tell-Tale Signs a B&B Rocks
  • Mountain Decadence: Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City: Travel Review
  • Aloft Philadelphia: Travel Review
  • Fetch the Truth  – regular column
  • Fido Al Fresco – regular column
  • Bowser on a Budget – Pinching Puppy Pennies – regular column

February 2011:

  • Lifestyles of the Rich & Furry
  • You’ve Come a Long Way, Sparky: Fido’s Changes Over the Years
  • Land of Lineage: Truth About Breeds
  • Top 10 Luxe Hotels for Fido: Spread
  • Top 50 FIDO Friendly Reader Destinations: Spread
  • Eventi Hotel New York City: Travel Review
  • Bed, Bark & Beyond: Westin Denver Downtown: Travel Review
  • Sun of a Beach: SurfSand Resort Oregon: Travel Review
  • Fetch the Truth  – regular column
  • Fido Al Fresco – regular column
  • Bowser on a Budget – Pinching Puppy Pennies – regular column

December 2010:

  • Ho Ho Oh No: Keeping Holiday Pounds off Puppy
  • Which Doggy in the Window: How to Decide Which Dog is Right for You
  • Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner: One Woman’s Triumph Over Domestic Violence
  • Fido First Aid: What to do in a Doggone Emergency
  • Top 10 Ski Resorts with Fido: Spread
  • Inn at Lake Joseph Catskills: Travel Review
  • Fetch the Truth  – regular column

October 2010:

  • March On: Solider and Dog Walk Across America for Troops
  • Slowly but Insurely: What to Ask Before Buying Pet Health Insurance
  • TV Tattooed Rescuers Leave Their Mark: A Day Spent with TV’s Rescue Ink
  • Zelda Wisdom: Carol Gardner and Dog Legend Zelda
  • Rainy Day Schedule: Things To Do When its Raining Cats and Dogs
  • Empty Nest Fido: How to Help Fido When A Family Member Leaves the Nest
  • Top 10 Leafy Destinations with Fido: Spread
  • Ink48 New York: Travel Review
  • Fetch the Truth  – regular column

August 2010:

  • On the Move: Pet Relocation Services
  • Special Needs Dogs Hit the Road
  • Flicks, Fries and Fido: Drive-In Movies
  • Sleeping with the Enemy: Bedbugs Exposed
  • Top 10 FIDO Friendly Beaches: Spread
  • State of Affairs: Dogs and Vermont: Travel Spread
  • Woodlands Meets Wooflands: Nemacolin: Travel Review
  • Admiral Fell Inn Baltimore: Travel Review
  • Fetch the Truth  – regular column

June 2010:

  • Interview with Olympian Greg Louganis
  • Fido Fur-ever: Getting a Dog-Related Tattoo
  • I Believe I Can Fly: Ready for Liftoff with Fido
  • Origin of the Species: Unravelling the mystery of dog DNA
  • Call Him Codski: Skiing Cocker Spaniel Triumphs (*DWAA nominated)

April 2010:

  • A Green Cardinal: Eco-friendly Cardinal Labs
  • Hearts of the Ocean: Titanic Museum and Dogs
  • Georgia on My Mind: State Travel Spread
  • Vegas Style: Las Vegas Goes to the Dogs

February 2010:

  • Virginia is for Dog Lovers: State Travel Spread

August 2009:

  • Bark is the New Black: FIDO Friendly Fashion Program at FITNY

October 2008:

  • Road of Ethics: Top Tips for Fido Travel


* Becoming a Canine Good Citizen – August 2011 – Cover Story

* Dogs in Jeopardy Find True Daily Double – 2010

* Ten is the New Five – November, 2009

Dog Fancy magazine

Dog travel tips, 2008