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Is Hemp Oil Good For Dogs?

Many of the pet parents who visit our site want to know, “Is Hemp Oil Good For Dogs?” I get asked that several times a month, and the bottom line is yes, it can be. But not all hemp oil products for dogs are created equal. 

When my second Cocker Spaniel, Dexter, was alive, I wanted to give him CBD hemp oil or hemp oil products as he transitioned to his senior years. Dexter had noise-related anxiety, arthritis in his back, and lipomas on his skin. 

I threw myself into researching everything I could learn about CBD hemp oil, the various products for dogs, and which products I could actually trust. 

You’ll often see the terms hemp oil and CBD oil used interchangeably. Hemp oil is also called CBD oil, full-spectrum hemp oil, or broad-spectrum hemp oil. 

Here’s what you need to know before buying hemp oil for your dog, what brand I love and use, and how CBD hemp oil can benefit your dog.

Stress releaf hemp edibites for dogs

Disclaimer: I am being compensated for an honest review of Pet Releaf products. I am also a Pet Releaf affiliate. Fidose of Reality only shares products we use and believe in.

As always, check with your dog’s veterinarian before adding any supplements. I cannot guarantee the same results for your dog, but I can share with you everything I know, everything I learned, and help you be a more informed pet parent. 

Plus I have a giveaway below for three lucky winners and a savings code, too.

What Is CBD Hemp Oil For Dogs?

CBD (cannabidiol) is found in both cannabis and hemp. In most cases, CBD does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects), which is the compound in marijuana that leads to a “high.” CBD is not psychoactive, so there is no end result “high.” 

Using the right product, your dog will not get high. Never give your dog marijuana or any product that contains more than 0.3% THC. 

In very simple terms, here’s what CBD hemp oil for dogs is: 

  • CBD is one of the most beneficial cannabinoids, which are natural compounds in the cannabis plant family. 
  • CBD is predominantly found in hemp plants. 
  • Animals and people have an ECS, or endocannabinoid system. When a dog consumes CBD hemp oil, it activates his ECS. The ECS then gets a two-way communication going between the dog’s brain and other parts of his body (like the nervous system, digestive system, and others). 
  • CBD hemp oil can help many different conditions and parts of your dog’s body because of this two-way communication system. 

Is CBD Hemp Oil Good for Dogs With Anxiety?

In addition to helping ease arthritis pain, reducing seizures, and many other things, hemp oil can help dogs with anxiety. 

Canine anxiety can be triggered by things like separation, car rides, veterinary or grooming visits, thunderstorms, or fireworks. 

Some dogs get really upset when their pack life is disrupted. Kids go back to school, pet parents are returning to in-office work, and they may not understand. 

As the temperatures change and dogs spend more time indoors, they may start to feel holiday stress, not being able to see their dog friends, and need something to help regulate their mood.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the only constant in life is change. Dogs feel it, too.

Dog with Pet Releaf

My Personal Experience With Pet Releaf Products for Dogs 

I’ve been using Pet Releaf products for many years on my dogs. I tried other brands but never saw the same positive outcome as I did with Pet Releaf CBD hemp oil. 

I talked with my dogs’ veterinarian prior to administering Pet Releaf products to make sure it was okay. 

I started my Cocker Spaniel, Dexter, on Pet Releaf’s hemp oil. Since Pet Releaf is a plant-based brand that has helped over four million pets since the early 2000s, I felt comfortable giving it to my dog. 

I used a higher mg of hemp oil because of his age, weight, and conditions: severe osteoarthritis in his back and a history of an immune system disorder, IMT. He also was very anxious during thunderstorms or fireworks. 

In addition to cold laser treatments, a nutraceutical, and the Pet Releaf, my Cocker Spaniel never took NSAIDs or any sort of dangerous prescription medications that could affect his organs. He stayed mobile until his dying day. 

Of note, it takes about an hour for CBD hemp oil to have any type of effect on your dog, according to Dr. Patrick Mahaney, a holistic veterinarian in Los Angeles. 

I also tried the Pet Releaf hemp edibites on my Cocker Spaniel puppy, Alvin. I groom my dog at home, but he isn’t fond of having his front legs clipped. I noticed a difference in Alvin’s mood when I gave him two Pet Releaf hemp edibites about an hour before grooming. 

I am very patient with my dog and allow him many breaks during grooming. I want the entire experience to be a positive one. Since Pet Releaf offers hemp edibites in a few flavors, we tried the peanut butter and carob. They also offer a peppered bacon flavor we will try in the future. 

Changes to the Pet Releaf Line

Since I started my beloved Dexter on Pet Releaf many years ago, the company has undergone a few changes. Namely:

  • More powerful plant-based ingredients to help the CBD hemp oil do its job
  • Two new functional hemp oils for dogs and cats: Stress Releaf and Hip & Joint Releaf. Stress Releaf is a USDA Organic product that includes ingredients like organic ashwagandha and organic hemp oil, including CBD, to help promote calming and ease situational stress. Hip & Joint Releaf includes ingredients like Devil’s Claw in addition to organic hemp oil to promote healthy joints and smooth movement.
  • Edibles contain more CBD potency per chew and the shelf life of the products have been extended to two years. 
  • Family pack of edibles for multi-dog households or those who prefer a larger size.
  • Canna Care can be used on dogs and cats
  • A brand new line of Skin & Coat Releaf shampoos and conditioners for dogs, cats, and horses
Hemp oil good for dogs

What To Check Before Buying Hemp Oil For Your Dog

We do know that CBD is metabolized by the liver in dogs, very much the same way it is in people. Quality control is very important, which is why you should do your homework before making any purchase. 

CBD is not a regulated industry, so it’s up to you, the pet parent, to know what to purchase for your dog. Here’s what to check:

  1. Is the product sourced from United States-based farms?
  2. Do the farms use sustainable and regenerative practices? 
  3. Is the product free of pesticides and herbicides?
  4. Is the CBD oil a full-spectrum product? If so, your dog is getting all the beneficial cannabinoids from the hemp plant, including CBD, 
  5. Is the product third-party testy by independent laboratories on a regular basis? You will find this information on the brand’s website to see what product tests and certifications are posted.

Fortunately, Pet Releaf meets and exceeds all of the above criteria. Pet Releaf also received program certifications from the three most trusted organizations in their industries, including the National Animal Supplement Council, U.S. Hemp Authority™, and USDA Organic on some of their products. 

If organic products are as important to you as they are to me, the USDA certifications on Pet Releaf’s standard hemp oils guarantee they are 100 percent certified organic. I love that their products are veterinarian-recommended. 

View all of Pet Releaf’s product testing and results.

How Are Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Products Administered?

Not all dogs like an oil and they may prefer a chew. Like people, all dogs are different. Decide which method of administration you prefer and then choose from Pet Releaf’s:

  • Edibites (chews) in a variety of flavors and sizes for various conditions. Note: Edibites are not the same as edibles that people use. Hemp Edibites from Pet Releaf are for dogs and cats.
  • Hemp oils (liquid) in a variety of dosages for various conditions.
  • CBD capsules 
  • New to the Pet Releaf family of products are SENTESA tri-active capsules
  • Topical skin and paw relief

Pet Releaf says you’ll follow the recommended usage amount based on your dog’s weight. You can slowly increase the amount until the desired result is achieved.

Since each dog metabolizes differently, what may work in 30 minutes for one dog may take longer or a higher dose in another. 

From the Pet Releaf website:

 While you should monitor your pet’s response to determine the ideal amount of product to use, rest assured that there are no known or documented overdoses on a full spectrum CBD hemp product. You can find all the daily recommended usages for your pet directly on our packaging or by contacting our customer service team at or calling 1-844-646-1646. 

What The Experts Say About CBD Whole Hemp Oil

Fact: Hemp-based CBD contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive component in marijuana. Unlike cannabis, hemp is now legal in all 50 states. In December of last year, Congress passed H.R.2. Titled the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, the bill effectively removed hemp from its previous classification as a Schedule I drug. According to the federal government, Schedule I drugs have no recognized medical benefit.

Fact: Here’s what the FDA has to say about it:  “The FDA is aware of some cannabis products being marketed as animal health products. We want to stress that FDA has not approved cannabis for any use in animals, and the agency cannot ensure the safety or effectiveness of these products.”

Fact: Cornell University did a study and the results are very encouraging with regard to CBD and dogs. “The results were significant, according to the researchers with over 80% of the dogs taking the CBD oil showing “significant improvement in pain levels and quality of life” without discernible side-effects.”

Fact: Colorado State University shared a release on the preliminary data from the (pilot) study looking at CBD as a treatment for epilepsy in dogs. Bottom line? “Based on her research, she found that 89 percent of dogs who received CBD in a clinical trial had a reduction in the frequency of seizures.

CBD hemp oil topical for dog paws

FAQs About Pet Releaf Hemp Oil For Dogs

Are Pet Releaf products safe for puppies?

Pet Releaf says its CBD products are safe for dogs and puppies of all ages. They recommend starting around six months. For puppies, they suggest a low dose. All packaging comes with a suggested dose, and the customer service team can help with any questions at or by calling 1-844-646-1646.

Can I use Pet Releaf products before grooming my anxious dog?

Yes! Pet Releaf reports having many customers that find success in administering Stress Releaf before grooms. We recommend administering at least 15 minutes after mealtime and at least an hour before a stressful event. Before a super stressful event (like fireworks) you could even start administering a day or two before, and re-administering, as needed, based on your dog’s behavior.

Can a young pup use the Canna Care on his paws?

Absolutely! Pet Releaf actually rebranded our Canna Care products to be Skin & Paw Releaf, and the new formula is even safe for cats, too (previously it was just for dogs).

Should I talk to my veterinarian before starting my dog on Pet Releaf products?

Yes. Although there are no known contraindications to administering these products with your pet’s current medications, you should always consult your vet when starting any new product, including Pet Releaf.

Are there any side effects with CBD in dogs?

Although there is no scientific data on the side effects of CBD in dogs, there are potential side effects as to how humans react. Be sure to follow the dosage instructions and watch for dry mouth, lowered blood pressure, or excessive drowsiness.

Does Pet Releaf have more information?

Yes, Pet Releaf has its own FAQ page. They also have a customer service department that can be reached at or by calling 1-844-646-1646.

Do I give Pet Releaf hemp oil with food?

The oil can be given with food or on an empty stomach, although it is most powerful when given on an empty stomach! So if a dog gets extra stressed, it might be a good idea to give them the oil at least 30 minutes after a meal, for example.

Where to Purchase Pet Releaf Products and Save

Pet Releaf products are available for purchase online at to anyone in the U.S. Pet Releaf is also available to purchase in hundreds of stores across the U.S. ( and in Petco stores. 

SPECIAL SAVINGS: Use code FIDOSE20 to save 20 percent at checkout when you purchase through Plus free shipping on all orders over $75.

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Is Hemp Oil good for dogs?


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  3. I’d love to try this for my 14 yo girl, Macy. She has some arthritis and also some grooming anxiety as she’s getting older. I’ve been researching brands and I appreciate the info.

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