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Is JustAnswer Legit? I Decided To Find Out

Is JustAnswer legit? In one word: yes. I had a few questions about my Cocker Spaniel puppy’s health, so I decided to find out if JustAnswer is legit or not by asking their experts a few questions.

I visited and selected a veterinarian to answer my question. I repeated this process two times on two different occasions within one week.

Once the expert responded, you are able to see their photo and given a first name and last name initial. The expert responded to my initial query, which I will outline in detail below.

My goal in reviewing this service was to discover if JustAnswer is legit and if their experts are knowledgeable and trustworthy. I would not use this service or any other if my dog had an emergency such as bleeding, car accident, etc.

However, JustAnswer lets customers ask as many followup questions as desired. I was also given a bonus offer, which popped up on my screen after my initial question.

Disclaimer: I am being compensated for sharing my honest experience with my readers. Fidose of Reality only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers on the products and services we use. JustAnswer is not responsible for the contents of this post.

What Is JustAnswer?

JustAnswer is a San Francisco-based company that launched in 2003. For a fee, users are able to ask questions and receive answers from experts.

It is easy to use, simple to register, and there are experts available to help answer questions at any time of day or night.

Experts range from veterinarians to lawyers, technical support, and human doctors. Members have access to all of these experts, whom JustAnswer claims are put through an 8-step quality process, with credentials confirmed by a third-party verification firm.

The JustAnswer experts cover more than 150 categories and 700 specialties, so you can use this service for more than pet-related questions.

If you opt for a JustAnswer membership, you will be given access to hundreds of experts in their respective fields, 24/7 peace of mind to the experts, an exclusive members-only app for iPhone or Android, and two free phone calls (through the iOS app).

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My Personal Experience: Is JustAnswer Legit?

Since I had a free membership to try this service, here’s what I experienced. Hopefully, this will guide you in your journey to decide if JustAnswer is right for you.

After asking for a veterinary expert, I was connected with a veterinarian within six minutes. He had the opportunity to read my question prior to connecting with me.

We discussed my puppy’s car sickness and what might help. This is how the conversation ensued:

I also called my dog’s veterinarian, who prescribed Cerenia, and Alvin is no longer vomiting in the car as he did those first few months. He loves car rides, but he was diagnosed with puppy motion sickness. I like that the JustAnswer expert confirmed my veterinarian’s advice.

I asked a second question about puppy teething, and again I received wonderful advice within a few minutes from another veterinary expert. I was able to upload images to correspond with my questions.

Yes, JustAnswer is legit, and I have a nearly flawless experience using the service from start to finish.

When Should Pet Parents Use JustAnswer?

There are a few circumstances I can think of where JustAnswer would be helpful for pet parents:

  1. You want to double-check on something.
  2. Your veterinarian isn’t available or is booked solid, and you aren’t sure if the situation requires immediate attention.
  3. It’s the weekend, and you can’t get ahold of any veterinarian professionals to ask a pet-related question.

What If I Need More Assistance After The JustAnswer Response?

A pop-up window appeared at the start of my Q&A session with the JustAnswer expert. I was asked if I would prefer a phone call for an additional fee of $29. I declined, but that is available to non-members and members (who get two calls with membership per month.)

After my initial session about my puppy’s motion sickness, a chatbot appeared, asking if I needed more information. I did not, but I was misunderstood. The next day, a complete and more intensive response appeared in my inbox from another veterinarian.

If you need more help, JustAnswer offers it. Here are some screen shots from my chat:

justanswer screen shot 3
justanswer screen shot 2
justanswer screen shot

How Much Does Membership to JustAnswer Cost?

JustAnswer customers pay a monthly fee which is automatically charged to your credit card. An account is required for 24/7 access, which costs anywhere from $32 – $125 per month, depending on the category with which you need help.

The cost per month for access to veterinarian help is only about $32. Doctors and lawyers are almost double that amount – They cost more on the site, just like in real life. There are over 150 different categories of experts, so prices vary depending on the help you need. 

If you prefer to ask one single question, the process is as follows:

1 Paying the join fee, which ranges between $1 and $25, depending on the category.

2 Become a monthly member, where the fee is always clear. (of note, the monthly membership fee for a veterinary question is always $31)

3 Ask your single question and then cancel your membership after you have the answer.

Monthly charges will occur unless you cancel.

You are always able to see the join fee and monthly membership fee on the JustAnswer credit card page, as seen in these two images below:

There is no annual membership option available, only a monthly membership-based option at this time. You are charged a one-time joining fee plus the monthly fee when you first register for the monthly service.

Of note, I was granted a free account with unlimited questions to unlimited experts, but the process of signing up and asking questions was smooth and seamless.

Learn more about JustAnswer pricing.

How Do I Sign Up For JustAnswer? 

The registration process is easy and user-friendly. The first step is to create an account and then you can begin asking questions.

JustAnswer members have access to their account 24/7/365. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to and click on “Login” at the top right side of the page
  1. Enter your username or registered email address
  2. Then click on the login button

If you have questions, JustAnswer customer service is available via email, online chat, or phone.

Pros and Cons of JustAnswer

There are pros and cons to everything, and here’s what I discovered working with JustAnswer’s veterinarian experts:


  • Peace of mind. You can ask questions when your veterinarian is not available and get an answer in a relatively quick period of time.
  • It is a monthly membership-based service, but there are no contracts, and you can cancel anytime. 
  • Second opinions and further information are included. If you didn’t get enough information or need a second look or deeper dive, that is offered after your session.
  • Previously asked questions are available. You can always Google a question and add “JustAnswer” on the end to see if someone else asked it already, thus saving you a fee.
  • Expert ratings and reviews are transparent. When you are connected to an expert, his or her reviews and rating are prominently displayed.
  • 24/7/365 availability. If you sign up for the monthly membership, you have access to hundreds of experts in a variety of fields. Share with your family members!
  • Read community replies. You can read answers to other members’ questions. User names are not revealed.


  • Turnaround time varies depending on the time of day, who is available, and when. Some questions may take up to 24 hours to answer.
  • The quality and depth of the answers vary from expert to expert. Just like veterinarians in real life, some go into great detail.
  • If you choose not to purchase a monthly membership, users must register for an account and pay a fee to ask a question. These fees range between $5 and $90. (Of note, users will know the amount before asking the question.)
  • Nothing replaces talking directly to your veterinarian, including talking online.
  • Some reviews complain about the difficulty in canceling the membership, but we didn’t have that issue.

What Does TrustPilot Say About JustAnswer?

TrustPilot’s average rating for JustAnswer is 4.3 out of 5 stars. TrustPilot is a highly respected review platform that allows consumers to share their experiences.

Is JustAnswer legit?

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