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Cocker Spaniel First Aid Kit 21 Emergency Items For Dogs

While on a dog-friendly road trip last year, a sebaceous cyst on my Cocker Spaniel’s paw burst open. There was no warning but I knew the blood and cottage cheese type material oozing from the cyst required emergency care. My spouse pulled the car over, and I grabbed my Cocker Spaniel first aid kit from the glovebox. I always keep emergency items for dogs in the car along with a first aid kit at home.

My Cocker Spaniel first aid kit is a bit different than other emergency kits because Cockers have specific issues that pop up without warning. I’ve got at least 21 items in my dog’s first aid kit including wound and skin care treatment, gauze pads, a tick key, hydrocortisone topical spray, hydrogen peroxide, eye flush, antibiotic ointment, paw protector, and even urinalysis test strips.

Thanks to the bottles of fresh water to flush the exploding sebaceous cyst on my Cocker’s front leg along with hydrogen peroxide to clean it, gauze wrap and nonstick medical tape to secure it, my dog recovered and the rest of our trip was uneventful. I called his veterinarian to be sure I did the right thing. She indicated I had and to keep an eye on the cyst in the event it filled back up, but that never happened. A well-stocked first aid kit is something every dog parent should have ready just in case. I’ve assembled 21 emergency items for dogs that every first aid kit should contain plus a few bonus items and a giveaway of items to put in your dog’s emergency kit.

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cocker spaniel first aid kit

What Goes In A Cocker Spaniel First Aid Kit

Whether you buy a premade first-aid kit like this medical kit for dogs from Amazon or you make your own, there are at least 21 items that are must haves. Not every first aid kit for dogs has every single item needed, so we’ve got you covered step by step.

Tip: If you already have a first aid kit, be sure any items with expiration dates are disposed of properly and replenished in case of emergency. This includes ointments, medicines, peroxide, creams, and gels.

Cocker Spaniels tend to have a lot of allergic reactions and itchy skin. While diet plays a role, environmental factors like grass, mold spores, or tree pollen can flare up a Cocker’s delicate skin. Since the skin is the biggest organ of the body (in people, too), I keep several Zymox brand products in my dog’s first aid kit. As I mention these products, I’ll provide links so you can take a peek at them on Amazon.

For everything from hot spots to itchy skin conditions, the Zymox Topical Spray and Zymox Topical Cream contain 0.5% hydrocortisone. There are no antibiotics in these products yet they work on bacteria, yeast, and fungi, which Cockers have a strong tendency towards.

zymox first aid cream for dogs

If you are out and about and your dog suddenly has a skin reaction or hot spot, the LP3 enzyme system in the Zymox spray and cream get to work without stinging or burning. When Dexter’s sebaceous cyst exploded, I kept the area clean and protected with the Zymox topical spray. Bonus points on this product because it is anti-itch.

Whether you choose the cream or the spray, it can be used on your dog once or twice without any painful pre-cleaning necessary. The enzymes in the Zymox products react to organic matter in your Cocker’s skin to better help manage irritation, infections, and hot spots. I’m giving a prize pack of Zymox goodies away below thanks to the folks at Pet King Brands.

Cockers are also prone to ear issues, so I keep an ear flush and ear treatment in Dexter’s first aid kit and emergency home kit. For minor inflammation, dermatitis, or minor skin irritation, I use the Zymox Enzymatic Ear Solution with 0.5% hydrocortisone. You don’t want to flush first when using this product due to the enzymes.

While on a cross country trip with our Cocker Spaniel about five years ago, he developed itchy ears with a slight odor. We spent time in a dry climate with a lot of humidity. Since Cocker ears hang low to the ground, it’s no wonder he ended up with itchy ears. After a week of using the Zymox enzymatic ear solution, his ears looked and smelled great. On return from our trip, we visited the veterinarian to be sure he had no ear infection. I am happy to report his ears were clean and free of debris.

cocker spaniel emergency medicine
Dexter is prepared with Zymox.

Should your dog have non-infected ears and perhaps something is bothering him or you wish to flush ears after a hike, walk, or spending time outdoors, Zymox LP3 Ear Cleanser works quickly and effectively. I’ve been using the Zymox products for close to 20 years on my Cocker Spaniels and always make sure they are in our first aid kit for dogs.

Emergency Kit Eye Products For Dogs

Every dog should have an eye wash in his first aid kit. Cocker Spaniels have a higher number of eye issues versus other breeds, so I keep an antimicrobial eye wash on hand. If you dog ever gets debris, dirt, pollen, or any number of irritants in his eyes, an eye wash comes in handy.

Two of the brands I’ve used with success are the Vetericyn Plus antimicrobial pet eye wash and  the Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Liquid for dogs. Whichever canine eye flush you choose, be sure to clear its use with your dog’s vet if he has any pre-existing eye issues. Most eye rinses for dogs contain a gentle solution designed to flush a dog’s eyes.

21 items for a cocker spaniel first aid kit

Emergency Kit Paw Products For Dogs

The only time my Cocker Spaniel had a paw emergency was the time he stepped on a bee. He yelped and lifted his front paw in the air to reveal a nasty stinger protruding from the pad. I hurriedly opened our first aid kit and used a pair of tweezers to remove it.

After the stinger was removed, I applied Dr. Harvey’s Organic Healing Cream. I swear by this stuff, which contains a holistic blend of organic shea butter and herbal extracts to soothe wounds and promote healing. It’s safe if licked and is good for a variety of issues, including sunburn!

Tip: In a pinch, you can generally use an eye wash to flush off debris from the bottom of dog’s paw until you have access to water.

No Cocker Spaniel first aid kit is complete without styptic powder to stop bleeding fast. If your dog ever has a nail injury and the quick is involved, it could end up looking like a crime scene. The quick is the blood supply portion that runs down the center of a dog’s nail. Sometimes during nail trimmings, a groomer may nick the quick. Always have this on hand for any canine nail emergencies.

Emergency Staples For Dog First Aid Kits

In addition to the above items, here are staples no dog first aid kit should be without. I’ve linked each one out to Amazon where you can purchase yours plus a free printable you can download below.

Sterile gauze pads

Self-adhesive bandage wrap

Syringe – to administer medications or peroxide in the event of emergency

Tick key

common places ticks hide on dogs

Bandana – to cover wounds, apply pressure, apply cool water to dog

Hydrogen peroxide

Benadryl – an antihistamine can come in handy for allergic reactions and bee stings. Talk to your dog’s veterinarian about dosing.

Alcohol preparation pads

CBD in the event your dog has a seizure (I am a fan of the Pet Releaf brand) < === not an affiliate link, it just is really good stuff

Triple antibiotic ointment

Portable cold compress

Pet thermometer

Bonus Canine First Aid Kit Items

There are some additional items we highly recommend you keep on hand. Most basic canine first aid kits don’t come with these. No matter what breed of dog you have or if you have an all-American mutt, keep these at arm’s reach just in case.

Urinalysis test strips: Test your dog’s urine anywhere and get a baseline, determine if a urinary tract infection might be happening, and share values with your dog’s veterinarian

Portable trimmer – to get things out of fur or items stuck on hair/paw hair

Portable mini flashlight – in case the sun is going down or it’s dark outside

Magnifying glass – to get a good look at things

QuickClot – I keep this on hand just in case of a bleeding accident

Adaptil calming spray – Our vet sprays this on a bandana and then puts the bandana on our dog at every vet visit. Very calming and worth traveling with in case of travel fears, thunderstorms, fireworks.

Poison control number – put in your phone and in the first aid kit

Pet First Aid emergency guide – In a pinch, this has most major emergencies in dogs listed. I own this one.

21 Items For A Cocker Spaniel First Aid Kit

Here’s a handy summary you can print and keep in your dog’s records. Make sure you toss out any expired items and replenish the emergency kit as needed. We’ve listed the bonus items as well. Click to download a copy and print it, hang it on your fridge and keep one with your dog’s supplies.

Cocker spaniel first aid kit

Enter Our Zymox Giveaway

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Complete rules here.

Good luck and be sure to keep your dog’s first aid kit stocked up!


  1. I have both dogs and cats, so you know I’m always in need of something for one of them. Currently, my sweet Coonhound boy, Kenji, just started on his chemo treatment for lymphoma. I’m so worried about him, but one of the side issues is he has been having issues with his eyes. Lots of tearing and staining. I’d love to try the eye wash with him.

    1. I am in the process of making a doggy first aid kit. I am adding Thuja to mine and arnica. Also adding some essential oils. (Young living). Those zymox items would be awesome to add.
      I currently have 5 cockers

  2. Stella goes camping with me and I try to have some medical supplies on hand. This would help a lot.

  3. Lambchop is a deaf and blind double merle Cocker Spaniel. He is extremely independent and very capable of mapping his environment inside as well as outside, but is vulnerable to tree branches that have fallen, holes in the ground, or stepping on an object that may cause injury. He also is oblivious to bees and wasps that are buzzing around that he cannot see or hear. He is also at risk for sunburn because of his white fur, pink skin and nose.

  4. sparky has had skin issues in the past and has ear issues ?. he has had an ear ablation on one ear so we use Zymox regularly to keep the remaining ear healthy.I have never had an ekit for him but it should be something I should have.

  5. I definitely need one with my two. Never thought about having one made up. Thank you, this was an eye opener

  6. Snooki and I could have used the tweezers this weekend to remove some burrs. Its one thing missing from our current 1st aid kit.

  7. Falco would benefit from such a first aid kit, as he tends to get into everything. He also has some mild skin allergies that show up between his toes.

  8. Starting kayaking with my 3 furbabies, so I definitely need a good First Aid Kit! Thanks for the opportunity and helpful information! Lisa , Charlotte, Keesha, and Zoe

  9. I have 3 pups who would benefit from this. Junebug is 15 years old, Cain is 6 years and Whitley is 3 years old.

  10. 7 yr old Eli and 1 yr old Bentley. I have used the Zymox shampoo and conditioner (recommended by Carol) and I love it. the Shampoo lathers nicely and the conditioner is leave in. Smells good and both pups look great. I would be very interested in trying other products by Zymox.

  11. Harley and Titus would benefit from this targeted first aid kit. I have not heard of Zymox but I will be looking it up now. Is there any assembled first aid bag available?

  12. Bailey and Bella could use these products. We are frequent visitors of Door County, WI. they love riding in the car, but especially love it when we arrive, because they know that means they will be going for a lot of walks!

  13. this is a great list of things to have in the emergency kit. it is hurricane season and we have been hit with so many bad storms this week. i also live in an area that is hard to get out of in an emergency. both of my girls would need this, Tressa since you only said one day. Tressa is eleven and has some health issues. thank you

  14. Our Sugar would be a prime candidate for this pack! She gets to be such an itchy mess this time of year

  15. Our sweet girl is Belle. I would defer winning to Lambchop though because I have fallen in love with her online and her story is inspirational.

  16. Georgia and Splash would love to have the kit handy should anything happen on one of their adventures.

  17. I would use these products of my 5 dogs. Annie, Buddy, Freckles, Minnie and Brown. If I win I would prefer Lambchop parents receiving the prize. ❤

  18. Jay & Chess get into more things than toddlers and at 13&18 they should know better but Momma keeps a close eye on them although she has never thought of doggy first aid kit.
    PLEASE help get us started

  19. Very comprehensive list of dog emergency kit items. I’ve had one for years too, but you mentioned a couple of things I’d like to add. I Love Zymox products too, my kit has Zymox topical cream, soothing shampoo and rinse, & their ear wash. I also travel with their pet dental products!

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