DogMinder Canine Health & Wellness Journal

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Track Your Dog’s Health From Anywhere For Under $10

Would you like your dog to live a long, healthy life?

The DogMinder can help.

DogMinder is the ultimate companion journal to track your dog’s daily, weekly, and monthly changes, as well as check-ups and medical appointments.


Every dog mom and dad needs a DogMinder

Packed with over 120 pages of journal pages plus:

  • 10 touches to keep dogs’ healthy
  • How to handle lumps and bumps
  • 25 pages of bonus content
  • Free reminder stickers with purchase

Keep track of your dog’s:

  • Veterinary visits
  • Food and treats
  • Lumps and bumps
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Reactions to Vaccines
  • Flea and tick medications
  • Emergency contacts
  • and so much more

Don’t get stuck without the DogMinder

Take it to every vet visit, emergency clinic, and when traveling

Perfect for giving the vet nurse for curbside visits

Be Ready For Vet Visits

Did something change in your dog’s behavior?

Where are new lumps and bumps?

Share It With Your Dog Sitter

Never worry about what to tell the dog sitter again.

Keep a permanent record of all instructions in the DogMinder.

Resource To Track Dog Health Records

Your dog’s second best friend.

One For Every Dog You Own

Keep all your dogs organized with each of their notes in one secure location.

Write each dog’s name on the cover for easy identification

Great for the New Dog Parent

Record their date of birth or gotcha day

Start new dog parents off on the right paw

cocker spaniel cute

Makes a perfect everyday or holiday gift for a dog lover

Get peace of mind for under $10.

Never leave home without it.

Take it on road trips, during emergency evacuations, & when staying with family or friends.

Here’s what dog parents say about the DogMinder

I’ve always used a 3-ring binder with an online spreadsheet for much of the information. Now I have a 6 x 9 booklet easily at my fingertips! It’s great for leaving with my dog sitter too! I highly recommend this item.
Paul Ramaker
california, USA
“This journal is a must-have for any dog mom! It’s filled with pages for you to keep yourself organized on when your dog gets shots, flea/tick meds, and has great information and tips on keeping your dog healthy! Take it with you every time you take your dog to the vet’s office.
Christine Aiello
The DogMinder is such a great thing! Thanks for doing this. Laila’s ITP and being seen locally and at the specialty hospital make it so easy to keep track of everything!
Flossie Walker
midwest, usa
I can document grooming, vet appointments, food, medications, supplements…and so much more. It’s especially important as I have a pup with a heart issue. Now I have a place to document his semi-annual results and be prepared for the vet visit.
Patty Troup
Las Vegas, NV

The little journal for big information

FAQs about the DogMinder

Sure, your dog’s veterinarian has their visit notes, but they don’t have the notes in your words and the everyday things that happen to your dog. 

When I went looking for a journal to track everything about my dogs, I couldn’t find anything comprehensive, thorough, and under $10 bucks, so I created the DogMinder.

The DogMinder is sold exclusively on Amazon.

During stressful times, especially at a vet visit, we may not always remember something that happened earlier in the day, the night before, or at an emergency vet visit. These are the times written notes in your own words come in handy.

Yes! Send the DogMinder journal home with the new family as part of the puppy or adoption kit. Rescuers and breeders can use DogMinder, too.

We recommend you customize a DogMinder for each of your dogs.

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