Here are the best cocker spaniel bowls to try

Cocker Spaniel Bowls: Which Ones Are Best For Long Ears?

Cocker Spaniel bowls are essential to keep those long, floppy ears out of water and food. Cockers (and other Spaniels) are known for their flowing, gorgeous ears. However, the struggle is real when it comes to keeping them clean and free of debris.

The best bowls for a Cocker Spaniel keep their ears out of the contents while keeping the dog safe. Some materials are dangerous for dogs to drink or eat from (i.e., non-BPA-free plastic.) You want a floppy-eared dog bowl to be durable, safe, sturdy, easy to clean and keep ears out.

Over the past several decades in the pet industry, I’ve seen, used, and reviewed many water and food bowls. I attend industry trade shows and receive samples on a regular basis. It’s taken me a while to narrow down my top 10 Cocker Spaniel bowls, but here they are. Happy shopping!

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10 Best Cocker Spaniel Bowls

Best Cocker Spaniel Bowl for Travel

Our favorite: Kurgo Splash Free Wander Water Bowl

travel bowl for Cocker Spaniel dogs

I’ve used this bowl many times over the years traveling with my Cocker Spaniels. This portable water bowl is designed to be used in the car or while traveling. Made with food-grade silicone, the tapered lip helps reduce splashing while in the car or at rest stops.

You can also use the bowl for food, and it collapses down for easy storage. It comes in blue or red and is dishwasher safe. 

Things I Like 

  • Holds 24 generous ounces of water or food
  • Made from food-grade silicone, so your dog is safe
  • Keeps your dog hydrated while traveling
  • No worries of spilling, as the bowl lays flat on your car seat 
  • Perfect for dogs of all ages and especially those with long ears like Cocker Spaniels

Things to Consider

  • You may want to purchase two, so you have one for food and one for water while traveling.
  • Dogs who step on it or push at it may knock it off the seat, like any bowl

Best Stainless Steel Long-Eared Dog Bowl

Our pick: MPP Non-Tip Food and Water Dish

elevated bowl for cockers

The narrow top on this bowl makes sure your Cocker Spaniel’s ears won’t hang into the food or water. The bottom of the bowl is wide and non-skid so that it won’t be sliding all over the place. Since it is made of stainless steel, it is safe and will last for years to come.

Holds close to four cups, and the base measures 7 inches, the opening is 6 inches, and the height is 4 inches, so it is easier on your Spaniel’s spine.

Things I Like

  • Makes a great gift for the new Cocker mom or dad
  • The bowl is rust-proof and dishwasher safe
  • The bowls are BPA-free.
  • The rubber ring on the bottom is permanent for security. 
  • Holds up to 30 ounces

Things to Consider

  • You may want to purchase two if using them for food and water.
  • Not a heavy bowl 

Best Elevated Dog Bowl Set With Slow Feeder

Our favorite: Nertoele Elevated Dog Bowl Set 

double tiered bowl for dogs with long ears

I noticed this beautiful raised bowl set when visiting a fellow Cocker mom’s house. She loves the anti-splash and anti-skid features along with the ability to adjust the height of the bowls. The set comes with a stainless steel water bowl, a slow feeder bowl if your Spaniel eats too fast, and an adjustable stand. 

Since a raised bowl can help improve digestion and relief pressure on your dog’s cervical spine, this set is a nicely priced option. 

Things I Like

  • Anti-slip design so the bowls do not tip over
  • Spill trough around the corners to catch food or water
  • Incline design for spine and digestive support
  • Slow eater food bowl makes dogs take their time to enjoy the meal
  • Large 1.5 L water bowl 

Things to Consider

  • You still get the slow-feed bowl if your dog is not a fast eater.
  • Available in one color.

Best Designer Look Stainless Steel Elevated Bowl 

Our pick: Dogit Elevated Dog Bowl

Elevated stainless steel dog bowl for long eared dogs

This veterinary-recommended stainless steel dog bowl nestles perfectly in the elevated dish holder with anti-skid feet. Designed for dogs with long ears, senior dogs, and dogs with muscle or joint issues, this bowl is as functional as it is attractive.

We love that it is available in several color options to accommodate all themes and styles of decor. Available in small or large or a large combination.

Things I Like

  • I’ve gifted this bowl to Cocker Spaniel parents, and they all remarked on the perfect height for their dogs.
  • Good for indoor or outdoor use
  • Anti-skid feet hold the bowl in place while your pooch eats or drinks
  • Provides a comfortable eating or drinking position for your Spaniel.
  • Stainless steel will not leach dangerous chemicals 

Things to Consider

  • The small bowl is better for shorter dogs, so Cocker parents should consider the larger size
  • Medium size is not available

Best Earthenware Clay Dog Bowl

Our pick: Bauer Pottery Ringware Bowl

custom water bowl for cocker spaniel

This clay earthenware bowl is simple, elegant, and is perfect for long-eared Cockers. It is slightly elevated, measuring four inches tall, so that’s a bonus feature.

This dog bowl is handmade to order in California and is hand cast of earthenware clay. It is fired in-kiln and hand-glazed and then fired once more. 

Things I Like

  • Available in a variety of colors (13 as of this writing)
  • Love the “DOG” letter on the front of the dog bowl
  • Several Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parents commented in reviews on how perfect this bowl is. 
  • Handcrafted and made to order

Things to Consider

  • Heavy bowl, which is ideal for not tipping

Best Adjustable Flow Fountain For Cocker Spaniels

Our pick: PetSafe Drinkwell Gallon Fountain on Amazon or purchase the fountain on Chewy

Water fountain for long eared dogs

Many Cocker Spaniels love the flow of water, which will encourage them to drink. The adjustable water flow on this PetSafe fountain allows pet parents to control the speed and rate of water. Dogs lean into the water and keep their ears out of any bowl.

There is no assembly required, and the ramp feature reduces noise and splashes. This fountain is ideal for multiple dog households and encourages hydration. I’ve owned this fountain and it held up for many years.

Things I Like

  • Open-bowl design gives dogs access to water even if the electricity goes out
  • Easy to clean as it is dishwasher top-rack safe
  • Two-gallon water capacity is spacious 
  • Quiet operation with fountain flow to keep noise at a minimum
  • An activated carbon filter with a foam filter and fabric layer for a triple filtration system
  • No disassembly is required to customize or turn off water flow
  • The fountain is made of BPA-free plastic

Things to Consider

  • Power cord is three feet long
  • Must purchase replacement filters 
  • Carbon filters must be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks
  • Foam filters must be replaced every 1 to 2 months

Popular Among Cocker Parents Double Raised Bowl Set

Our pick: WeatherTech Double High Pet Feeding System

weathertech bowl for Cocker Spaniels

WeatherTech is a well-known brand, and their pet feeding system is highly recommended by members of my Club Cocker Facebook group. Each set includes two 64-oz (8 cups) bowls, one elevated stand, and a mat. 

Cocker parents choose the height of the desired stand, and all of the components are 100 percent non-toxic, NSF certified, and dishwasher safe. The stand and mat are made with durability and heavy usage in mind.

Things I Like

  • Ergonomic design and sloped surfaces, so food or water spills on the mat and not on your Cocker or the floor.
  • The unit locks in place thanks to raised position on the mat. It won’t move or get knocked over during use.
  • Made in the USA and includes safe, stainless-steel bowls
  • Elevated system is better for your Cocker’s back, spine, and neck

Things to Consider

  • Use the chart to find your dog’s correct size system 
  • Some pet parents complain the unit is too large

P.S. If you prefer the WeatherTech single raised dog bowl, that is available as well. 

Best Personalized Ceramic Long-Eared Dog Bowl

Our pick: BusyDaydreams Dog Bowl on Etsy

Cocker Spaniel ceramic bowl

Each ceramic bowl is made by hand and designed to keep your Spaniel’s ears out of the water. The bowls prevent wet ears and can be customized with several designs or your dog’s name. It makes a perfect gift or a gift to yourself. 

All materials used are dishwasher and microwave safe, and the artist guarantees the glazes, clays, and ceramics are food safe. The color will not fade over time, and no two bowls are alike. If you prefer a personalized bowl for your Cocker Spaniel, this is a favorite of ours.

Things I Like

  • Each bowl holds four cups of water
  • Ceramic material keeps water colder longer
  • Dishwasher safe so you don’t have to wash it by hand 
  • Made by hand in the United States
  • Wide variety of selections for glaze color in the bowl 
  • Several styles (name, the name with bone, pawprint, etc.)

Things to Consider

  • Artist indicates it takes about four weeks to complete each order
  • You should probably pair the bowl with a mat underneath to prevent slipping

Best Angled Elevated Cocker Spaniel Bowl

Our pick: Super Design Mess-Free 15-Degree Angled Dog Bowl

slanted bowl for cockers to eat from

The ergonomic 15-degree title of this dog bowl makes this dish hard to flip, turn over, or knockdown. The titled design keeps food concentrated and makes it easier for dogs to reach and eat. The stainless steel bowl is perfectly nestled inside the melamine stand, both of which are dishwasher safe.

Pet parents choose the size of cups and the desired color. The elevation makes it easier for your Cocker to eat and avoid any neck or back strain. Ideal for senior Cockers, too, who may have muscle or joint issues.

Things I Like

  • Easy to clean, keeps food in the bowl and not on the floor
  • Great for messy eaters 
  • The slanted bowl keeps food from being spread out during eating
  • Raised feature relieves stress from the dog’s neck and back
  • Several size and color sections

Things to Consider

  • This bowl is used best for food and meals

Cutest Stainless Steel Elevated Bowl 

Our pick: PETish Spaniel Bowl 

pink bowl for Cocker Spaniels

Brushed stainless steel in an adorable pawprint-themed design makes this one of our favorite selections for Cocker Spaniels. Not only does it do its job, but it’s an attractive design. The rubber pad on the bottom prevents the bowl from moving around. 

Stainless steel is rust-proof and easy to wash, and you can feel safe allowing your pup to drink from this bowl. Comes in medium and large sizes in yellow or pink. Most Cocker parents prefer the medium size. 

Things I Like

  • Medium bowl holds 17 ounces, large holds 27 ounces
  • Will not tip
  • Stainless steel is safe 
  • Deep, elevated bowl keeps water in and ears out 
  • Cute design scheme
  • Bowl is lightweight but durable and easy to remove from the base

Things to Consider

  • Color scheme may not match all home decor
  • Be sure you order the right size for your Cocker 

Bonus Dog Water Drinking Tips

Dogs need water to stay alive, just like people. Your dog requires at least one ounce (1/8th of a cup) of water per pound of body weight each day. If your dog isn’t drinking enough water, I can help.

Here’s my in-depth article on how to get your dog to drink more water.

Would you know how to tell if your dog is dehydrated? I wrote all about that, too.

I always carry a water bottle with me on walks in case my dog needs a drink. I cringe when I see dogs on walks with their dogs hanging out, and their mom or dad has no water. 

This is my favorite dog water/bowl combination product we use for local walks. For longer walks, I love the 

Finally, many Cocker Spaniel parents use a snood to keep their dogs’ ears out of water or food. This is a great alternative option if you want to use a snood during meals or bathtime (as I do).

Best Cocker Spaniel bowls for long ears

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  1. I like one made by Munchie Pets. The base is made of wood and it comes with two ceramic bowls. The thing I REALLY like about it is that you can adjust the angle of the bowls—they’re aren’t just elevated…the can be angled to suit your pup’s needs.

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