Mom and dog in human dog bed

Is The Plufl Human Dog Bed Worth It? I Bought One To Find Out

When I told my friends that my wife and I gave each other the Plufl Human Dog Bed, they laughed but did not seem too surprised. We’re dog lovers of the highest order. At least that’s what Gayle King called me on Oprah Radio. I digress.

If you’re anything like us, you start watching television on the couch or in a recliner. Your dog wants to lay next to you or on top of you. Of course, we allow this because our dogs are family.

Sooner or later, your leg falls asleep or there’s not enough room to stretch out. My spouse and I gravitate toward the floor where we often rest our heads on our dog’s bed. All of our dogs over the past 30 years love sleeping or resting next to us.

It’s never comfortable to lay on the floor, even with pillows and blankets on and around us.

When the Plufl Human Dog Bed appeared on the Shark Tank television show, we were hooked. Invented by two then-college students, Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita, they got two ‘shark’ investors to extend them a deal.

My wife and I gifted each other a Plufl Human Dog Bed for Valentine’s Day this year. Our napping and family television time is forever changed. Let me explain what happened.

Mom and dog in Plufl
Alvin and Mama Carol in the Plufl

What Is The Plufl Human Dog Bed?

Drop any notion you have of a human lying down in a typical dog bed. This is not the type of dog bed you buy in a pet supply store. This is the Rolls Royce of comfort experiences for people.

I preface the following by telling you there are many knock offs of the Plufl Human Dog Bed on the market. I got ripped off by one and had to report it to my credit card. It’s the original only if it is called Plufl.

Here’s what makes the Plufl Human Dog Bed different and why we purchased two:

Safe, non-toxic, mattress-grade orthopedic Certi-Pur foamXNO
Mega soft, Oexo-Tex machine washable, vegan fur cover XNO
Built-in 360° pillow bolster to cradle your headXNO
Handles for easy storage and transportXNO
Huggable plush pillow bolstersXNO
Convenient side pocket (for phone, remote, snacks, etc.)XNO
Weighs 25 pounds for maximum comfort XNO
Gel-infused cooling topper over the orthopedic mattressXNO
14-inch bolsters to serve as pillows or armrestsXNO
Super-sized at 68″L x 25″ W x 14″ H (about 5’7″)XNO
Folds in half for easy storageXNO

It’s called a Human Dog Bed because the founders, Noah and Yuki, wanted a napping experience they could curl up in and relax. They saw dogs at peace enjoying their naps in dog beds, and wha-la the Plufl was born.

Do yourself one favor: Be sure you are ordering from Plufl and the bed says ‘PLUFL’ on it or it’s a knockoff. You’ll be super disappointed in anything less than this dreamy human dog bed.

The Plufl is an investment piece. It’s not cheap and neither is the construction of the bed. This isn’t a passing fad nor a whimsical purchase. This is something in which you invest and enjoy for years and years to come.

We purchased our two Plufls, but we are now an affiliate and sharing a discount code with our readers. When you make a purchase through my link, I earn a small commission.

Alvin dog loves the Plufl

Plufl Human Dog Bed

World’s first dog bed for humans

Soothing comfort for better sleep, a perfect spot to cuddle with your dog, and a comfort experience unlike nothing I’ve ever felt when napping.

Putting the Plufl Human Dog Bed Together

We received our Plufl human dog beds, each packaged in their own large cardboard box. Inside, the contents were inside vacuum-sealed bags.

Once you open the seal on the bags, remove the contents and allow the bolsters and mattress to puff up for about 24 hours.

The hardest part of putting the Plufl together was waiting 24 hours to see if the beds hold up to their hype.

Rather then tell you how to assemble the Plufl, here’s founder Noah Silverman:

Testing the Plufl Human Dog Bed

After assembling our two Plufl human dog beds, we placed them near each other on our living room floor.

“I may never leave this bed,” is what my wife said after 10 minutes in her Plufl.

The Plufl is the sort of experience you need in your life without realizing you missed it. It feels like a combination of emotional heaven, pure bliss, plushness personified, and the right balance of comfort and firmness.

Plufl human dog bed with dog and dog mom
Alvin and Mama Dar in the Plufl

I agree with my wife, Darlene. I never want to leave the Plufl with its faux fur cover.

Our Cocker Spaniel, Alvin, feels the same way.

We’ve had our Plufl beds for almost three months, and they are the go-to furniture in our living room when it’s time for a nap, television, chatting, or to get some laptop or Ipad work done.

It’s the ultimate napping experience ‘fur’ sure.

What We Love About Our Plufl Beds

In no particular order, here’s our honest feedback on what we love about our Plufl:

  • Back and torso support
  • Perfect for spooning next to your dog
  • Luxurious feel of the material against our skin
  • Ideal firmness of the orthopedic cushion
  • Ability to fall asleep faster than Superman leaping over a tall building*
  • Optimal space – nice and roomy
  • Easy-to-wash cover
  • Even tall people have room
  • The little nook at the base where you can tuck your feet
  • The mattress stays in place and doesn’t shift around
  • After nearly three months and tons of use, it performs like the day they arrived
  • Oh-so-soft experience (we can’t stress this enough)
Alvin is sitting pretty in human dog bed
Alvin sez, this is mine now!

I’m about to launch my second pet industry-related business, so I’ve had quite a few long days and nights. As a result, I have a hard time ‘turning my brain off’ to get some sleep.

Darlene suggested I try sleeping in the Plufl to see if that helped.

Oh. My. Dog. Yes. It not only helped, it lulled me to sleep with a snoring Cocker Spaniel curled up by my side. I now take power naps in it throughout the week.

I wish I had the Plufl years ago when we did a lot of cross country traveling, but I am sure it will come along with us for future road trips.

We have nice furniture in our living room, and my wife has exquisite taste in home decor. We both gravitate toward our Plufls every night. We also tease each other about which Plufl the dog will settle into.

Spoiler alert: It’s generally mine.

What I Wish I Could Change About The Plufl

Like all great experiences, there’s always a few things you wish could be different.

  • While you can fold it in half, it is a bit heavy for me to lug around with ease
  • It took several weeks to deliver. Be sure they aren’t backordered.
  • Assembly is easier with two people, but it can be done by one.
  • The price. It isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for.

There is nothing I would change about the actual construction of the Plufl. To say we are obsessed with them would be an understatement.

Who Would Benefit From A Plufl Human Dog Bed

There are many people who would benefit from a Plufl bed, but here are the ones that come to mind and would find it a welcome, comfortable addition to their lives:

  • Pet parents who want to share a bed with their dogs (or cats)
  • College students who need a comfortable bed in their dorm
  • People who work from home and need a place to take a nap
  • People who have a loved one in the hospital and want to lay next to them
  • For sleepovers
  • Anyone with sore joints
  • To take on vacation for more room or for a better bed experience
  • People who love to lay on the floor but don’t like the back pain that comes with it

Once you get your Plufl, there’s a special private Facebook group for Plufl owners to join.

Final Plufl Test With Friends

One of my neighborhood friends, Katie, stopped by with her dog, Eily, to test out the Plufl. I placed the Plufl in our foyer area for Katie to try. She is 5’10”, and at her height, she had doubts about how it would feel but was eager to try.

Katie not only loved the sensation of being in the Plufl, but she kicked off her shoes and was ready for a nap. Of course, my Cocker, Alvin was all too happy to join her. Instead of lying by her side, he sat on top of her.

Her dog, Eily, wanted to join the fun, so she curled up next to her mama, ready for an afternoon nap. Katie has an order in for a Plufl and is eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Cocker spaniel in human dog bed
Katie and Alvin in the Plufl

My Overall Plufl Ratings




Ease of assembly

Would recommend to others

Overall Plufl rating

FAQs About The Plufl

What is the firmness level and can I adjust it?

It is perfectly firm and the company sends extra material it case you want it firmer in the bolsters. You cannot adjust the firmness of the actual mattress.

What is the return policy if I am not happy?

You can view the Plufl return, refund, and exchange policy on their website.

What colors is the Plufl available in?

Right now, it is available in Arctic Grey or Biscuit

Is there a warranty?

Plufl offers a one-year warranty for any potential defects outside normal use.

Does the Plufl hold its shape with time?

So far, so good with us. We use it daily.

Where do I put the Plufl when not in use?

We have ours stored in the office or master bedroom when not in use.

How long does it take to arrive/what is the delivery time?

It took several weeks for our Plufl human dog beds to arrive. However, Plufl indicates orders will ship out within 5 to 10 business days from the date of your order.

Are there replacement covers for sale?

Yes, there finally are replacement covers or if like us, you want a different color now and then. They are available on the Plufl website and you can save $20 off with my code, CAROL51976.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free to U.S. orders.

Does Plufl ship to Canada or outside the U.S.?

Per the official Plufl website, “In addition to the US, we ship to Canada and the European Union.  Import duties and taxes are not included in the product price or shipping and handling cost. It may be collected upon delivery from the carriers for certain packages. You may check with your country’s customs office to determine these additional costs.”

Plufl human dog bed review


  1. It looks awesome and I’m sure I would love it. I’m all about the plush, cozy and comfy. But we would need a double Plufl! My husband would be horrified at the idea of sleeping in separate ones. Seriously. I’m sure we won’t both fit in one with the dog.

  2. That thing looks AWSOME! I want one! My dogs each have a memory foam bed that is similar to this and I’ve always kind of envied them when they are snuggled up in them in the evenings lol.

  3. I wish they could add the recline system like floor loungers have so you can sit up with back support.

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