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Top 25 Gifts for Cocker Spaniel Moms

Looking for gifts for Cocker Spaniel moms? You’ve come to the right place. If you love Cocker Spaniels or know someone who does, we have a list of 25 gift ideas that are sure to make them smile.

Whether for Mother’s Day, the holidays, a birthday, or just because, there’s something for every Cocker Spaniel lover you know. Of course, if you swoon for Cockers as I do, then you’ll find plenty of goodies on this list to treat yourself.

We own and have tested or used every item on this list. We only recommend items we like and with which we have had success. In a few cases, Cocker Spaniel-loving friends gifted these items to me.

There’s something for everybody in our Cocker Spaniel lovers gift guide – some practical, some fancy, some apparel, some jewelry, and some wish list items you can start nudging your friends or family about.

Top 25 Gifts for Cocker Spaniel Moms

We’ve made this list easy to browse. Simply scroll through this guide and click on the BUY ON button to learn more about the products.

As a bonus, be sure to watch our YouTube video below, which breaks down every item so you can see it and decide which ones you must have (or be like me and get them all):

Gift ideas for Cocker Spaniel moms

Happy shopping!

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Affordable Indulgences for Cocker Spaniel Moms

Cocker Spaniel lovers deserve to have a favorite glass of wine. What’s better than cuddling up with your Cocker Spaniel and a glass of Merlot, Rose, or dessert wine in your hand?! You’ll also need something to tote and carry your supplies and goodies. Oh and dog bed made for humans; I’ve got you covered.

Here are some wine-related, tote, and snuggle-related products to pamper yourself, dog mama!

No More Wine Headaches Wand

No more wine headaches product

PureWine Wine Wands Purifier

Pack of Wands to Say Bye Bye to Wine Headaches

Histamines and sulfites naturally found in both red and white wines are known to cause headaches, congestion, or skin flush. These wands filter out histamines and sulfates without adding anything to the wine!

Vegan Leather Dog Mama Tote #1

Hanging bag from Mazie Days for dog moms

The Millie from Mazie Days

For dog walks, a night out, or everyday

Maizie Days gifted me with this bag and a few others, and I am in love. Made with vegan leather, there is plenty of room for everything you need AND a discreet poop bag holder inside. Fits a large mobile phone and more!

Vegan Leather Dog Mama Tote #2

Tote from Mazie Days for dog moms

The Mazie from Mazie Days

Uniquely styled tote/pouch/modern fanny pack

Look good and feel good with the Mazie. Wear it one of many ways, comes with a clip on the inside for keys, pockets on pockets, and so much more. You can attach the Good Pup Treat Pouch to Mazie Days bags, too!

Vegan Good Pup Treat Pouch

treat pouch for dogs

Good Pup Treat Pouch: Mazie Days

Stash it away with ease

Match Your Mazie Days pouch to your dog’s treat pouch…but you can also use it to store ear buds, change, keys, credit cards, poop bags, and more. I use mine for treats, a small flashlight, and my keys.

The Original Human Dog Bed

Plufl human dog bed with dog and dog mom

Plufl Human Dog Bed

Several color choices

The Plufl is an investment piece. It’s not cheap and neither is the construction of the bed. This isn’t a passing fad nor a whimsical purchase. This is something in which you invest and enjoy for years and years to come.

Wearable and Shareable for Cocker Moms

Wear your Cocker love on your neck, wrist, ears, and everywhere in between.

Customized Watch Band

Customized watch band for a dog mom

Custom Pets Engraved Silicone Band

Carry your Cockers everywhere

I am so obsessed with this customizable watch band for your favorite Apple watch. I had our Brandy Noel, Dexter, and Alvin put on a watch band then bought more for gifts. They are a treasure.

Sterling Silver Cocker in Motion

Cocker running pendant silver

Large Sterling Silver Cocker Pendant

Breathtaking Sterling Silver piece

This large, stunning pendant is made with very high-quality solid sterling silver. It is large and looks lovely on the neckline. I was gifted this piece and wear it often. Highly recommended. Necklace is next.

Sterling Silver Necklace for Pendant

Cocker running pendant silver

Necklace to Match the Pendant

Sterling Silver beauty

This is a 2.4mm, 16″ cable chain. This particular seller offers only one because he calls it “one of the most durable chains”—and I agree.

Stainless Steel Earrings

Cocker earrings

Stainless Steel Cocker Earrings

1/2-inch studs for Cocker lovers

I adore these stainless steel small but mighty Cocker Spaniel earrings for pierced earrings. They are affordable, durable, and make a statement on the ear without being overpowering.

The Nose Knows Necklace

Nose print necklace of dog

Dog Nose Print Impression Necklace

Made from your dog’s actual nose

When I was gifted this necklace, I cried happy tears. I love a Cocker’s snout, and now I can wear my Dexter’s nose print permanently around my neck. You get the kit take the impression (it’s easy) and then send it in so magic can happen. I love touching it and having him close to my heart.

Cocker Spaniel Coin Purse or Fob

Chala Cocker Spaniel tag

Chala Coin Purse or Fob

Decorative and practical

Hold all your keys together with Cocker Spaniel style. Featuring a black Cocker and made of faux leather, I have mine dangling off a purse. People always stop me to ask where I got it. Nice and affordable.

Must Haves for Cocker Mamas

These are the things you reach for when gifting someone (or yourself).

All You Need is Sign

All you need is love and a Cocker Spaniel office decor

Desk or Office Wooden Sign

Great for gifting

I have gifted this wooden sign more times than I can count because it says it all. Ideal for a table, mantel, or hang it on a wall thanks to the built-in-hook. All you need is Love and a Cocker Spaniel – so true!

Magnet for Mom

Gifts for cocker spaniel moms magnet

Cocker Spaniel Mom Magnet

Under $10 – get a few!

This high-quality fridge magnet is professionally printed on 3.125″ x 2.125″ metal shell with a clear mylar/UV cover. Makes a great gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day, or just because.

Memorial Gift for Cocker Moms

Memorial angel gift for grieving cocker spaniel moms

Candle Holder Pet Loss Gift

Remember your Cockers always

Once a dog mom, always a dog mom. No one can ever take that away from you. I bought this for myself and keep it next to my beloved babies’ urns. It holds a votie candle, which looks so lovely inside it.

Tote for your Dog’s Belongings

Gifts for cocker spaniel moms tote

Mobile Dog Gear Tote

A Must-Have bag for all dog moms and dads

This is a steal of a deal for a very durable tote with paw prints printed all over it. This large travel tote bag conveniently holds you & your dog’s essentials while on the go! It includes clear zip pouch that can be used as a wristlet & 1 lined food carrier for food/treats

Keep Track of Your Dog’s Health


DogMinder Journal/Tracker

Ideal for every dog

I created the DogMinder for pet parents to track their dog’s health and wellness in writing. There is plenty of space for veterinary visits, notes, tracking medications, and much more.

Books for Cocker Moms

Book lovers, unite. I love staying educated on how best to help my Cocker Spaniels live their best lives. Here are a collection of some of my favorite dog books.

Get to Know Your Cocker’s Nose

Being a Dog book

Being a Dog

You will be fascinated

Author Alexandra Horowitz teaches at Barnard College, where she runs the Dog Cognition Lab. I own all her books on dogs and love Being a Dog. As you come to understand how rich, complex, and exciting the world around us is to the canine nose, Horowitz will change your perspective on dogs forever (she sure did for me).

Mandatory Reading for All Dog Lovers

Forever Dog gifts for cocker spaniel moms

The Forever Dog

Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker, authors

This is the type of book that teaches you, whether in one full reading or throughout your dog’s life, as you reach for it again and again. Written by two of the most trusted pet care advocates, it reveals new science to teach us how to delay aging and provide a long, happy, healthy life for your dogs.

If You Love Dogs, Read This

For Love of a Dog makes a good Cocker Spaniel mom gift

For The Love of a Dog

by Patricia McConnell, PhD

I’ve referenced and quoted this book countless times. If you adore your dogs but are sometimes baffled by their behavior, For the Love of a Dog will serve as a revelation–a treasure trove of useful facts, informed speculation, and intriguing accounts of man’s best friend at his worst and at his very best. 

Learn What Food Does to Dogs

Canine Nutrigenomics makes a good gift for Cocker Spaniel moms

Canine Nutrigenomics

W. Jean Dodds, DVM and Diana R. Laverdure

One of my most reached-for resources when it comes to feeding a dog. Nutrigenomics (a combination of the words nutrition and genome) studies how the foods we and our pets eat “speak” to our cells to regulate gene expression. Dr. Dodds is a visionary and a legend in veterinary medicine.

Potpourri of Items for Cocker Moms

These are some of my favorite go-to’s when it comes to must-have items for Cocker moms. They each are unique and things you will ooh and ahh over.

Throw Away All Your Lint/Hair Removers

Chom Chom roller

Chom Chom Roller Pet Hair Remover

The last pet hair remover you’ll need

I am obsessed with this pet hair remover. No more lint sheets. No more sticky tape. Simply roll back and forth along any surface to trap fur and lint into the built-in receptacle. When you’re all done, just press down on the release button to open the dog hair remover and empty it out completely.

Dog Mother, Wine Lover Cap

Gifts for cocker spaniel moms cap

Baseball Cap for Dog Mamas

Wine and dogs: Check!

I love wearing this to pet-friendly wineries. This distressed cap features Dog Mother Wine Lover with a paw print and a wine glass embroidered on your choice of cap. It looks worn and weathered but classy.

Cuddle Up Time

Cocker Spaniel moms gifts

Perfect Petzzz Realistic Cocker Spaniel

Sleeping Cocker is very realistic

My wife gifted me this adorable tri-color sleeping Cocker Spaniel. It really looks like it is about to wake up AND it resembles our Alvin so much.

Lady and the Tramp Fun

lady and the tramp dog figurine

Lady and the Tramp Figurine

Celebrating 60 years

This figurine will look as good on your coffee table or desk as it does mine. Designed by Jim Shore and made of hand-painted resin, and it celebrates the 60th anniversary of Lady and the Tramp.

Cockers Drinking Wine Giclee

Cockers art print

Sara England Cocker Giclee

Ready for framing

This print sits above my office desk, and I smile every time I look at it. Sara England is a whimsical artist who captures the essence of dogs. This is an original 11×14 Matted Giclee Paper Art.

Bonus Item: Cocker Tote

Cocker Spaniel in tote bag

Cockers with a Cause Tote

For all your goodies

How cute is Sasse, sister to my Alvin. She does not come with the tote, but you will want this awesome fabric tote. It is covered with Cockers patterned after Sasse’s pack of Cockers, and it is roomy and fun to show off.

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