Gifts to give a new puppy

21 Fun Gifts For New Puppy Parents

So you got a new puppy or know someone who did. There are plenty of fun gifts for new puppy parents, but which ones are the best? As new puppy moms, we’ve been gifted many cool items that are too good to keep to ourselves. 

New puppies should always have the basics, which we included in our new puppy checklist. Just like human babies, however, there are so many great gifts you can buy for a puppy.

We found a fun collection of new puppy gifts on Amazon, Etsy, and Chewy that any dog mom or dog dad would love to receive. Click on each link below to shop.

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Decorative Gifts for New Puppy Parents

New Puppy Milestones Engraved Wooden Disc Set

Puppies grow way too fast. These 18 different circular discs feature one milestone on each side. Each lightweight wooden disc features a small hole so you can hang it from your puppy’s collar for photos. The Etsy seller, DoodleDogTown, gifted us with a set so we could capture our Cocker Spaniel puppy’s milestone moments. Tip: Hang it from a split ring dog clip for easy on and off.

Shop for the New Puppy Milestones Engraved Wooden Disc Set

puppy in a new gift
Alvin with his new wooden disc

New Puppy Photo Frame Ornament

This precious new puppy ornament can be placed on a Christmas tree or displayed year-round. Featuring a doghouse to insert a photo, the text reads, “New to the Crew” with the year of your choice. The puppy’s name is featured on a bone above the doghouse. Measures 4.5” x 4.5”, and comes with a satin cream ribbon.

Shop for the New Puppy Photo Frame Ornament

new ornament for puppy

New Puppy Birth Announcement

Whether used as a cherished keepsake or puppy birth announcement, these are actual rustic paperback books that are ready to ship in less than a week. Customized to your specifications, the books are tied off with twine. 

Shop for the New Puppy Birth Announcement

new announcement of puppy

Primitives By Kathy Rustic 2-Piece Treat Tins

If you purchased any of the smaller items above, consider placing them in the rustic 2-pice treat tin set. Each treat tin is designed with a slatted wood printed background. One tin reads “Eat Sleep Bark Repeat” and measures 5.9” x 9.64.” The smaller tin measures 5.12” x 8.25” and reads “Treats for a Good Dog. Who’s a Good Dog?”

Shop for the Primitives By Kathy Rustic 2-Piece Treat Tins

treat jars for puppy parents

Wooden Sculptures Handmade Figurines 

Gift the new dog mom or dog dad with a thoughtful wooden sculpture featuring a nuzzling embrace between dog and parent. Choose from a variety of styles and gender. My wife gifted me with a few of these sculptures over the years, and they are beautifully crafted and designed. Comes in a sweet gift box and makes a perfect new puppy present.

Shop for the Wooden Sculptures Handmade Figurines 

wooden sculpture of new puppy and mom

Pawprint Imprint Kit

Every puppy should have their pawprint preserved. For under $6, the clean-touch pad never gets ink on puppy’s paws. Perfect for holiday cards, framing, ornaments, and more. This product is 100 percent pet safe and accommodates a paw up to 2.25” wide x 3.5” high. I tried this kit on my puppy Alvin with paw-fect results. You get two impression cards in each box.

Shop for the Pawprint Imprint Kit

puppy pawprint
Alvin’s pawprint from the kit

New Puppy Practical Presents


Start puppy off on the right paw with the DogMinder Canine Health and Wellness Journal. DogMinder is the ultimate companion journal we created to track vet visits, medications, emergency contacts, and daily records. Every dog mom and dad should have a DogMinder when visiting the vet’s office and for tracking any changes in their dogs. 

Shop for the DogMinder

Resource To Track Dog Health Records

Puppy Pawprints Keepsake Kit and Picture Frame

This kit is the ultimate keepsake to capture a puppy’s pawprints and photos. The 9” x 11” wooden frame comes with a clay mold for paw prints and a bonus stencil for personalization. Each frame features two spots for your pup’s favorite photos. Comes in a gift box with easy-to-follow instructions. 

Shop for the Puppy Pawprints Keepsake Kit and Picture Frame

new puppy gift frame

Top Dog Pet Gear Travel Bag

Whether it’s a veterinarian visit, to the groomer, or on a day trip, every new puppy parent should own a canine travel bag. This bag from Top Dog Pet Gear won’t break the bank, and it has everything a new dog dad or mom needs. Features a water bottle holder, zipper side pocket, two lined food containers, two collapsible bowls, front magnetic pocket, adjustable shoulder strap, and more. 

Shop for the Top Dog Pet Gear Travel Bag

dog tote set for new pup

Customized Dog Feeding Tracker

Never worry about overfeeding your puppy nor wonder if puppy was fed. This customized dog feeding tracker is made with a natural wood finish. Place it next to your pup’s bowls, on the fridge, or anywhere convenient using a 3M command strip. Custom sizes and messages available. Simply flip the paw after your pup has been fed.

Shop for the Dog Feeding Tracker

dog reminder feeder for new pup

Puppy Potty Training Fire Hydrant Target

Potty training is one of the most difficult parts of puppyhood. Make it easier with the Puppy Potty Target Training fire hydrant. Place this near the area where the puppy should pee. Puppy will mark their spot, it easily washes off, and stands 7 inches high by 4 inches wide. Choose from a variety of colors. 

Shop for the Puppy Potty Training Fire Hydrant Target

fire hydrant training for new puppy

Poochie Bells 

Help the process of potty training along with 100 percent American-made PoochieBells. Easily train your puppy to paw at the bells when they have to go outside to do potty. Comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Place the bells on a door or any location where puppy can ring them when it’s potty time. 

Shop for Poochie Bells 

poochie bells for new puppy gift

Fabric Toy Bin

Every new puppy parent needs a fabric toy bin or two. Nicely prized, these cute bins feature dog-inspired words and dog bone handles. The canvas exterior is easily cleaned, and they can be used on shelves, floors, countertops, or anywhere puppy’s toys and supplies are kept. Each bin measures 14.5” x 10.75” x 10”. 

Shop for the Fabric Toy Bin

bin for puppy toys

New Puppy Blankets and Bandannas

New Puppy Customized Bandana

Most puppy bandanas are of the tie-on variety, but the folks at WhoaDogE realize puppies grow, and not everyone likes tie-ons. Each bandana comes with two snaps on each side that allow for sizing adjustments. Available in 8 colors, you can customize it with a puppy’s name or a cute saying. 

Shop for the New Puppy Customized Bandana

best gifts for new puppy parents
Baby Alvin in his custom bandanna

Personalized Puppy Blanket

Every new puppy deserves a personalized blanket to call their own. This anti-pill brushed fleece blanket measures a generous 50×60 inches so it grows with your pup. Simply choose the color and style font you want and let Embroidery by Sharon work her magic. I gifted this to my dog’s furry friend, Holly Noel, and her mom loved it.

Shop for the Personalized Puppy Blanket

new puppy blanket gift
Baby Holly with her new blanket

New Puppy Toys

Personalized Starbarks Dog Toy

You love Starbucks, and your dog will love Starbarks. This soft dog toy is available in two sizes and is made with fleece and stuffed with super-soft polyester fiber fill. This is for a non-aggressive chewer but oh so cute for fun and photo shoots. Choose from Grande (small) or Venti (large). 

Shop for the Personalized Starbarks Dog Toy

dog toy starbarks for puppy

Personalized Dog Bone Toy with Squeaker

Every new pup deserves their own personalized dog bone toy. Imagine how cute photos will be as your pup plays with and carries this customized fleece toy around. The toy is made for small to medium-sized dogs and is available in several colors. Measures 4” x 6” inches.

Shop for the Personalized Dog Bone Toy with Squeaker

personalized toy bone for puppy

14-Pack Puppy Toys

Squeaky toys are a luxury but an absolute puppy necessity. This cute pack includes 10 squeaky plush toys and four durable rope toys. Ideal for puppies or small dogs, you’ll receive a variety of squeaky toys with different themes, and a few cotton rope toys for teething pups. 

Shop for the 14-Pack Puppy Toys

14 piece set puppy toys

Edible Gifts for New Puppy Parents

Three-Month Subscription to Abby & Parker’s Treat Box

Imagine puppy receiving a new puppy welcome box of homemade treats, a game, and surprises every month. Most treat boxes are the same old boring things, but not Abby and Parker’s Treat Box. Made with love and care in the kitchen of Sweet Paws Bakery, gift them with a 3-months subscription. They’ll thank you and think of you when each box of homemade goodness arrives every month. Bonus: No chemicals, additives, or preservatives, and each box is customized!

Shop for the Three-Month Subscription to Abby & Parker’s Treat Box

Alvin with his Sweet Paws Bakery gift box
Baby Alvin with his Sweet Paws Bakery present.

Dog Bone Cookie Cutter Personalized

Pair this cookie cutter with Puppy Cake Cookie Mix for Dogs, and you’ve got a fun goodie pack for new puppy parents. Pick your size, color, the thickness of treats, and the word or name you want to be included in the cookie cutter. Maximum 8 characters for the name and let the recipient bake puppy treats to their heart’s content. 

Shop for the Dog Bone Cookie Cutter Personalized and Puppy Cake Cookie Mix for Dogs,

cookie cutter for puppy

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  1. These are such great gift ideas! I really like the Paw print gifts & the travel bag – we travel so much with our dog, we’ve gone through 2 bags so far LOL!

  2. There are some great options here! We’ve never tried the potty bells but we do use the talking buttons and Lucifer is quick to let us know when he wants to go outside (or on the couch, or to bed, or to cuddle, or to play… hahaha). I love anything like that in terms of gifts that encourage owners to be actively involved in training their new puppies. After all, it’s the perfect time to set some good habits.

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