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20 Best Matching Dog Mom And Dog Gifts

Dog moms are all about sharing and giving year round. We scoured the Internet and connected with some fab brands for this top 20 matching dog mom and dog gifts. After all, dog moms are parents, too. One for you and one for me. Take a peek at this list and let your inner twinsies flag fly. On Mother's Day and always, dog moms we salute you! All links are clickable to the … [Read more...]

Gift Guide: Dog Lover Items

My Heart Beats Dog®, does yours? Do you know someone who is a dog lover to his or her very core? Maybe you are a dog lover of the highest order (if you are, you are in good company here). Why not treat yourself and/or the dog lover in your life with some clever gift giving? One of the most fun aspects of being a dog journalist is discovering new items for dog lovers. One of … [Read more...]

Dog Lover Items You Might Have Missed

I’m coming out: To be a dog lover means dog products stop me in my tracks. Seriously, I could be walking the aisles of a pet supply store or doing some late night browsing online, and if I stumble upon dog-themed goodies for people, my credit card ends up smoking. In my dog-friendly travels, I’ve met many other dog moms and dog dads who have this same affliction, or is that … [Read more...]

20 Ways To Show Your Dog Love

Dog love, oh yes, ah, the season of love is in the air. For dogs, unconditional love is a year-round, 24/7/365 way of life. In fact, we love dogs so much, we coined the phrase, My Heart Beats Dog.® If your heart goes pitter patter for dogs, especially for your dog, then you'll want to sit, stay, and keep reading. Here are 20 ways to show your dog love year-round: PLAY … [Read more...]

The Bigot and the Butterfly

This is the story of the bigot and the butterfly and it does involve dogs. Why oh why do people who have nothing nice to say choose to verbalize disdain for my dog in a public setting? This dog blog is all about health, wellness, and a dose of humor now and then, too. This includes emotional and mental well being, so when a bigot recently crossed my path: First thwarting … [Read more...]

Stop Insulting My Dog’s Age

I want people to stop insulting my dog's age. It happened again and it will continue to happen: People are rude to my dog. I am not alone, as when I told the tale of my recent run in with “why do people say the off color things they do,” a bevy of “me, too” folks chimed in with similar experiences on Facebook. My Cocker Spaniel is turning 8 years young next month. My … [Read more...]

Squeeze The Puppies: Do Regular Breast Exams

Squeeze the puppies. Keep your ta ta's in line. Make sure you are lump free. If you want to stick around and be a dog mom to your pooch, please do regular self breast examinations and have mammograms as dictated by your doctor. As dog moms (and dads), we do so much to help keep our dogs healthy, and we owe it to our dogs to be around for the long haul. Fidose of Reality is … [Read more...]

Random Acts of Kindness Triumph Over Hate

Don’t choke on your Skittles. I’d like to name the person who recently shared that off-color (pun intended) prose with me, but I won’t: Because that would give a bully credibility. By now you know that marriage equality is for all in the United States of America. It was not always this way. In a piece for Harvard Magazine, Michael Klarman wrote, “Fifty years ago, every … [Read more...]

Dog is Good Patriotic Apparel and Giveaway

Dog is Good.® I know this because I am a dog lover of the highest order, and if you are reading this, you are and can relate. Dogs rock, right? The folks at the Dog is Good company feel the same way, so they offer an entire collection of goodies for dog lovers. From apparel and gifts to home decor, Dog is Good merchandise is peppered throughout my closet and lifestyle. With … [Read more...]

Why LGBT Dog Parents Need That Piece of Paper

"Does it really matter if you are married? I mean everybody knows you are together and you love each other, so who cares about a piece of paper?" These are the words said directly to my face recently by someone who shall remain nameless. I don't want to embarrass said person on this blog but I also believe nameless is not alone in this conclusion. A piece of paper holds a … [Read more...]