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20 Best Matching Dog Mom And Dog Gifts

Dog moms are all about sharing and giving year-round. We scoured the Internet and connected with some fab brands for this top 20 matching dog mom and dog gifts. After all, dog moms are parents, too. One for you and one for me. Take a peek at this list and let your inner twinsies flag fly. On Mother’s Day and always, dog moms we salute you!

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This post contains some affiliate links for which I earn a small income if you click through and purchase something on the links. Please see my disclosure policy for details. Special thanks to Cinnabon and BarkEssentials for the shirts and bed to try. 

Cinnabon Matching Dog Mom And Dog Shirts

I’m a bit of a Cinnabon addict and if you’ve indulged on their gooey cinnamon rolls, you “get it.” Cinnabon reached out to Fidose of Reality to let us know they sell dog mom and dog matching Cinnabon shirts. But wait, when you read what’s on the shirts, you’ll melt like one of their rolls in the oven. 

Available for purchase on Cinnabon’s Swag Shop.

dog mom gifts

Dog Bed and Dog Lover Pillow

Our friends at BarkEssentials have a new BarkBox bed and it is dreamy! This is an orthopedic plush memory fun bed that comes in four sizes, four colors, has a removable cover to machine wash, and comes with the most adorable squeaker toy as a gift. Dexter has been sleeping on the BarkBox bed all week in his man cave, see? We travel with this one for in-car comfort and portability in hotel rooms. Great for dogs of all sizes and ages. 

For the dog moms, curl up next to your dog with this adorable pillowcase cushion cover that reads “My Favorite Place In the World Is Next to You.” Made of durable cotton linen, hidden zipper closure, print on one side. Snag a pillow insert here, too. 

dog on barkbed

Best Friends Dog Bone Shaped Necklace and Tag

This pendant set is worn to signify the bond between dog mom and dog. You wear the necklace, your dog wears the charm. The words best friends makes it that much more meaningful. Affordably priced stainless steel. 

Sweet Paws Bakery Dog Box

Each month your dog receives a goodie box personalized to his or her attention. Inside each Abby and Parker’s Sweet Paws Bakery gift box are:

  • 2 different packages of flavored treats with 6 treats per bag
  • 2 decorated themed cookies for dogs
  • Activity card for dog games
  • Monthly bonus coupon

The treats are baked in the ovens of Sweet Paws Bakery in Florida. We have been subscribers for years and highly recommend them!

Personalized Dog Mom And Dog Matching Shirts

PajamaGram has been delivering adorable matching pajamas for the whole family for years. We gift each other the holiday pj’s every Christmas. This means our dog gets to match our pj’s for photo ops and social media sharing. We love wearing their flannel pajamas all winter long.

Friendship Collar Dog Mom Bracelet Dog Collar Set

Your dog owns your heart, so why not wear a matching bracelet and collar set? These are drool-worthy and the type of set people stop to ask you about. The design is printed onto super soft, animal-friendly vegan leather. Many styles and colors to choose from. 

dog mom matching bracelets

Art With Heart

Sarah Renee Creative Digital Art: What better way to show your love by giving a custom pet illustration to someone or yourself.  This custom illustration is created digitally and can be printed to whatever size you want. Sarah creates beautiful digital illustrations featuring your dog, you, or you with your dog. This is truly art with heart. 

Sun Protection For Dog Moms and Dogs

From the practical but necessary side of things, snag a sunscreen for you and one made for your dog. It’s super important that you only use types of sunscreen that are specifically intended for use on dogs. They should not contain zinc oxide or para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), as these ingredients are toxic to dogs if ingested, and dogs will often lick their skin and accidentally ingest the sunscreen.

Warren London makes a dog-safe sunscreen spray. It is great for white-colored dogs and all types of coats. For dog moms, Banana Boat is a longtime favorite of this dog mom. 

Matching First Aid Kits 

Let’s stay safe out there with matching first aid kits. For pets, there is a treasure trove of them available, but we like this dog first aid kit as a basic overall kit. We add a few extras to it, too. For dog moms, keep a human first aid kit fully stocked, too. 

first aid kits

Magnet Set For Dog Mom And Dog

We love nicely priced items that induce warm fuzzies. This is the cutest set of magnets from Primitives by Kathy. Three magnets in the set for dog moms to display the love. 

Then, for the dog to gift to mom, this is a mega bargain. The first time we ordered these, we were floored by the quality and quantity. 24 dog-themed magnets at under $12 bucks. #stealofadeal

matching dog mom and dog gifts
matching dog mom gifts


  1. I love the matching t-shirts, especially the Cinnabon shirts, that is right up my sweets-addicted alley! We share a first aid kit w/ our dogs, but maybe it’s time we humans got our own, huh? Thanks for sharing!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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