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Choosing the Right CBD For Dogs: Dosage and More

Choosing the right CBD for dogs dosage can be tricky and confusing. I know because I’ve been there. There’s no one set of perfect guidelines or charts to follow. Each CBD company’s potency, formula, efficacy, and quality differ. 

After researching CBD hemp oil for dogs, using different CBD brands on my dogs, and discussing the topic with our veterinarian, we started using Pet Releaf CBD hemp oil for dogs many years ago. Our experience has been phenomenal, but we know pet parents have questions.

When I started my journey to find the right CBD for our Cocker Spaniels, I had a ton of questions, too. You can read all about our experience finding the right hemp oil for dogs and why we chose Pet Releaf. 

Disclaimer: I am a Pet Releaf brand ambassador and am compensated in this role. I am also a Pet Releaf affiliate. Fidose of Reality only shares products we use and believe in.

Determining CBD For Dogs Dosage

Once you are on the Pet Releaf website, find the perfect products for your dog for your pet by using their product filter.  You will receive custom product recommendations based on your dog’s age, weight, and health status. 

Always talk to your dog’s veterinarian before starting anything new, especially if your dog has pre-existing conditions or is on other medications.

Once you receive your product, read the product package’s recommended usage amount based on your dog’s weight. Slowly increase the amount of product used until you reach desired results.

Like people, every dog is different and has a unique metabolism rate and body. What impacts one dog may not have an effect on another, just like people. Results differ from dog to dog, which is why you will titrate (increase) the amount slowly. 

Some dog parents will see results within 30 minutes of giving their pet the Pet Releaf product. Some people don’t see a difference until their dog has had a few days of dosing. 

Here are step-by-step instructions when using Pet Releaf’s Product Finder for your dog:

  1. Select ‘dog’ from the Pet Choices
  2. Select your dog’s weight 
  3. Select the need (i.e., calming, digestive support, grooming, etc.)
  4. Choose the form (i.e., chews, oil, capsules, or topical)

How Often Can I Give My Dog Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil?

Following the guidelines on the packaging, monitor your dog’s reaction and how much of each dose it took to see an effect. I like to write this down in my pup’s DogMinder journal

Be cognizant of your dog’s behavior and whether additional doses are needed. Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil can be dosed daily, with some dogs seeing results after several daily doses. 

Each dog differs in the amount, how quickly they will respond, and their overall metabolism, chemistry, and health. 

I take comfort in the fact that major veterinary universities are proving the safety and efficacy of CBD hemp oil for dogs IF it is the right product.

Example of Pet Releaf Product Packaging and Dosing

I used several Pet Releaf products on my second Cocker Spaniel, Dexter. I also use several Pet Releaf products with my current Cocker Spaniel, Alvin, who is under a year old. Pet Releaf recommends using the products on puppies and dogs over six months old.

My Cocker Spaniel isn’t fond of having his nails trimmed and legs groomed. To help take an edge off and promote calmness, I give him two Stress Releaf Edibites an hour before grooming. He is cooperative and never appears “high” or “drugged.” 

Two Pet Releaf products we use regularly are the Daily Releaf hemp oil and Daily Releaf hemp edibites. This is what the packaging and dosing looks like:

If you are concerned about dosing or need more help, contact Customer Service byt emailing or calling 1-844-646-1646.

Which Pet Releaf CBD Product Does My Dog Need?

Pet Releaf Full-Spectrum CBD products do more than promote calmness and decrease anxiety. Here are some of the benefits by product to help you choose your dog’s Pet Releaf items: (and check out the reviews associated with each product)

Anxiety and nervousnessStress Releaf Edibites, Stress Releaf Hemp Oil
Hip and joint discomfortHip and Joint Releaf Edibites, Hip and Joint Releaf Hemp OIl
Digestive supportDigest Releaf Edibites
General WellnessDaily Releaf Edibites, Daily Releaf Hemp Oil, Daily Releaf Capsules, Ultra Releaf Hemp Oil, SENTESA Tri-Active Capsules
Skin and Paw CareSkin and Paw Releaf Topical
Grooming Shampoos and Conditioner coming soon

Calming CBD Products

Stress Releaf Edibites: I love these because dogs think they are tasty. Organic full-spectrum hemp extract, chamomile, and baobab are infused into each chewable. Available in several flavor varieties for small, medium, and large dogs. 

Stress Releaf Hemp Oil: Pet Releaf oil supplements are designed specifically for calming and managing situational stress. From separation anxiety to veterinary visits and grooming sessions, Stress Releaf Hemp Oil comes in 300 mg and 600 mg dosages (meaning 300 mg per bottle, and 600 mg per bottle, respectively.)

CBD For Hip and Joint Discomfort

Hip and Joint Releaf Edibites: Support mobility and promote healthy joints with a combination of full spectrum hemp extract, chondroitin, glucosamine, and noni. We plan to use one to two chews per day with our dog. Available in peanut butter and banana flavor for dogs of all sizes.

Hip & Joint Releaf Hemp Oil: Use the handy dropper to dispense the hemp oil into your dog’s mouth. Made with organic full-spectrum hemp extract and organic devil’s claw. Easily split the dose between morning and evening. There’s a version for smaller dogs and one for medium to large dogs.

Digestive Support CBD Products

Digest Releaf Edibites: Pet Releaf edibites can help with nausea, irritable bowel issues, transitioning to new food, and other digestive support. Available in sweet potato pie flavor, helps balance your dog’s gut with a combination of organic full-spectrum hemp extract, marshmallow root, ground ginger, and sweet potato.

General Wellness and Long-Term Health

I’m a huge fan of a balanced body for a long, healthy life. Administering Pet Releaf products on a daily basis supports your dog’s long-term health. 

Daily Releaf Edibites: An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. Just one or two Daily Edibites per day support mobility, digestion, skin, and more. This powerful plant-based formula is infused with organic full-spectrum extract. 

Daily Releaf Hemp Oil: For pet parents who prefer a liquid version, the Daily Releaf Hemp Oil supports long-term health and is designed for dogs with more chronic issues. Administer by placing the dropper in the dog’s mouth. 

Daily Releaf Capsules: Some dog moms and dads prefer a capsule to help with overall good health. 

Ultra Releaf Hemp Oil: I reach for it before grooming sessions. If your dog freaks out at thunderstorms, fireworks, or other stressors, Ultra Releaf Hemp Oil liposomes work three times faster than traditional oils. Give it with or without food 10 to 15 minutes before the desired effect. Every dog’s metabolism and needs differ, so take note.

SENTESA Tri-Active Capsules: Obsessed is an understatement when I describe how much I love SENTESA. This product is new to the Pet Releaf line and comes in capsule form. Developed by a world-renowned scientist, this capsule is the trifecta of overall dog wellness. It supports the immune system, enhances bone health, and supports a healthy brain. 

Pro Tip: Hide the capsules in cream cheese or pet-safe peanut butter or sprinkle the contents into your dog’s food. 

Skin and Paw Care

Skin and Paw Releaf: From itchiness to irritation on paws and skin to bug bites and pollen reactions, this topical product is infused with organic full-spectrum hemp extract and other soothing ingredients. These include andiroba oil, calendula flower extract, coconut oil, and grape seed oil.


Pet Releaf is rolling out a line of CBD-infused shampoos and conditioners in early 2023, but you can catch a sneak peek now. 

Daily Releaf products for dogs
Alvin loves Pet Releaf

Which Method of Pet Releaf CBD Should My Dog Take?

Pet Releaf CBD products are available in several forms. Depending on your dog’s personal preferences and your desire, choose from:

  • Oil via dropper
  • Edibite chewables
  • Skin and Paw topical product
  • Capsules

Dogs, like people, have receptors in their mouths that are even more sensitive than ours. Administering CBD oil directly to the mouth allows for faster, more convenient absorption. 

However, some dogs prefer a treat that pet parents can easily administer. When I take my daily CBD oil, I place it under my tongue for maximum absorption and keep it there for 30 seconds before swallowing. 

If you choose Pet Releaf hemp oils, place it on your dog’s tongue, onto their gum line, or have them eat it from a spoon or plate. Some people place it on a treat.

I prefer to wait 30 minutes before feeding my dog if I give him Pet Releaf oil. This allows some of the cannabinoids to bypass his digestive system and liver, so more compounds get absorbed into his system. 

Where to Purchase Pet Releaf Products and Save

Pet Releaf products are available for purchase online at to anyone in the U.S. Pet Releaf is also available to purchase in hundreds of stores across the U.S. ( and in Petco stores. 

SPECIAL SAVINGS: Use code FIDOSE20 to save 20 percent at checkout when you purchase through Plus, free shipping on all orders over $75.

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