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What is Uggie like in person

Uggie fur-ever. Those are the words that spun through my head after I met this legendary pooch at the Betty White Friars Club Roast last week in New York. BlogPaws and Nature's Variety were kind enough to send me to the roast and after party, where I scooped an exclusive interview with Uggie's owner and trainer, Omar Von Muller, who is an absolute doll, too! Read my complete … [Read more...]

Island advice on visiting Hawaii with a dog

By: Tiffany Keeth World-renowned beaches (and bods!), Luaus, Pearl Harbor, Diamondhead, catamarans, secret coves, surfing, beach-cruising, zip lining, whale-watching, volcanoes, Polynesian culture, coffee, Dole plantation, and Mai Tai’s are just a few of the heavenly splendors Oahu has to entice. You don’t have to be from Iowa to have heard this famous movie quote “Is this … [Read more...]

Being Betty White: A dog's eye perspective

Last week, an invitation to the Betty White Friars Club Roast crossed my desk and after the profuse wagging commenced (from both me and the dog), I gleefully accepted, packed a bag, and headed for the rhythm of New York City. Why me? As the PR Manager (and a pet writer/blogger), BlogPaws was invited by Nature’s Variety to cover the event. This made paw-fect sense for me, since … [Read more...]

Get on the dog rescue bus and enter to win

Want to help rescue animals but not sure what you, one person, could possibly do? Fidose of Reality knows. The Mommy Bus is proud to announce a new initiative to encourage the rescue and adoption of animals in need. The “RESCUE ME” contest will run from May 15, 2012 until June 17, 2012 when the winners will be announced. Heidi’s Helpers has donated original works of art (such … [Read more...]

What would you say to Betty White?

Apparently, I am about to find out, as I will be covering the Betty White Friars Club Roast in New York City this week for BlogPaws. Betty White is not only a Saturday Night Live sensation, with throngs of a new generation flocking to the comedic genius she is, but for those of us over 30, er 35, or more, we look to this era-defining animal guru with respect and a shared sense … [Read more...]

Is it good to be a dog mom?

Yes, it's good to be a dog mom (or dad)! This shirt stopped me in my tracks... totally loving it and a fave find for me this rainy Monday. Dog is Good is such a wonderful company, and I've been a fan of their products for many years of wags. On my "must get" list. Get the shirt here: Dog is Good Dog Mom Shirt *No financial gain here, just sharing for the sake of one dang cool … [Read more...]

Gilda Radner's tale inspires dog moms

In her autobiography, It's Always Something, the late great Gilda Radner, closed her masterfully told life's journey with this story of how one dog mom had a profound lasting effect on her litter of puppies. It is with great joy and pride that on this day to celebrate moms, Fidose of Reality shares this tale. For all who care for a dog, may the sun shine extra bright on your … [Read more...]

Two new dog television shows to hit the air

The Disney Channel has announced a new live-action multicamera series slated to air in the fall of 2012. The series is dubbed “Dog with a Blog” and is a live-action comedy series from creator and executive producer, Michael B. Kaplan. Kaplan’s television history includes “Frasier,” “Roseanne,” "Girlfriends", and "Doogie Howser, M.D." The series focuses on a family who adopts a … [Read more...]

New treatment for canine lipomas revealed

Finding a lump on your dog can be a very upsetting experience; as someone whose dog has had more lumps than a unmixed batch of mashed potatoes, I can attest first hand to this feeling. When those lumps appear "a watch and wait" demeanor does not occur. I've learned that any lump can be concerning, as even something as simple as a "pimple-like" growth can be a mast cell … [Read more...]

Eight tips for better tweeting

As dog lovers and dog people, many of us are engaging in and on Twitter. Did you know that millions of pets have Twitter accounts and "tweet" in the language and character of that pet (aka family member)? Twitter can be overwhelming to a novice but is also an ever-changing e-landscape even for heavier users like myself. I spoke at a recent New York city-based conference of the … [Read more...]