Household Item Danger to Dogs

All dogs are diamonds in the rough: They enter our lives and immediately begin adding a sparkle and glisten where once there was not. Then there are moments when the diamonds make things, well, rough. However,  there is a household item many of us have that poses a danger to dogs.

Just ask Jane Lyons, whose dog survived what could have been a nearly fatal household accident.

You know that paper shredder set in the corner of your office? Under a desk? Neatly tucked away but within paw’s reach? Move it, turn it off, unplug it. Diamond licked the paper shredder, and since it was set on automatic, her tongue was pulled inward toward the deeper blades.

Fortunately, Lyons was home and the dog was rushed to the vet where the shredder was successfully removed from his tongue. Lyons immediately disconnected the head of the shredder and carried it with the dog’s tongue still stuck inside. Vets anesthetized Diamond, reversed the shredder and ended up suturing the damage with over 100 stitches.

Though Diamond made a full recovery, she has a nick in her tongue. Vets told Lyons that the accident happens often. Dogs and cats innately like to lick things, so a shredder is an accident waiting to happen.

Never leave a shredder plugged in and even better, move it out of Fido’s reach.

Other household objects to be wary of prying dog tongues include snail bait, yarn, string, electrical cords, and even household plants. Vets who treated Diamond report life-threatening blockages after a dog eats a piece of clothing left lying around.

Better to be safe than sorry, especially when curious canines are on the prowl.

Has your dog ever ingested something inappropriate? Let us know.


  1. Yipes! This is scarey.. I never would have thought such a thing could happen. Am going downstairs right now to make sure our paper shredder is out of harms way. Thanks for the helpful advice.

  2. I heard of this happening to a dog in our neighborhood not too long ago. I keep our shredder unplugged until it is needed. I would much rather be safe than to see an accident like this happen to our furkid!

  3. I am Diamond’s human pet. Although she lost two inches off the length of her tongue and about 1/2 inch off of both sides she can still eat and drink with no problems. She healed much faster than both my husband and myself. I am grateful to “Fidose of Reality” for helping to get this danger with shredders out. Vets also told me that the dogs are drawn to the oils in the shredder and/or the oils from their master’s hands. My shredder is always unplugged now. I would not wish this to happen to any other pet.

  4. What an honor to have you comment, Jane. This is something I don’t think a lot of dog parents consider, so to keep the word out and have a watchful eye with these things is key. Thanks and give Diamond a smooch from us. *wags*

  5. I was always scared that my cocker’s long ears might get caught in the shredder, so I’m religious about keeping it unplugged. But wow – I never thought of the tongue!

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