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Have Yourself a Personalized Dog Holiday

I am Christmas Carol and I am an anti-craftite. I was born on Christmas Day so I am a bit obsessed with all things Christmas including personalized dog gifts. That said, I am that woman in craft stores who spends $80 dollars to make something that ends up looking like a gluey oozy mess. Yet, I try. I have an inner crafter hidden somewhere inside of me, so I channel that … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Prevent Your Dog From Hating the Holidays

Ah, the holidays: Joy and tinsel, celebrating and presents, family and friends, and making sure the dog is a part of it all. What you think might be fun and festive could potentially be something your dog dislikes. Here then, in the true spirit of the Fidose of Reality season, are 8 ways to prevent your dog from hating the holidays and a bonus gift idea for dog parents. Feel … [Read more...]

Dex The Halls 2016 Dog Holiday Photo Contest

Happy Holidays! It’s time for the annual Fidose of Reality Dex the Halls Dog Holiday Photo Contest! We have $500 worth of prizes up for grabs!!! Here’s the scoop, how to enter, and where to send your photos PLUS check out all the prizes in Santa Fidose’s Bag below! CONTEST IS CLOSED - THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED - WINNERS ANNOUNCED BY 12/24! How Many Winners? Ten … [Read more...]

The 50 Best Dog Holiday Card Ideas

Season's greetings and wreck the halls with tennis balls of holly: It's holiday season and Fidose of Reality has you covered for those Christmas and Hanukkah cards. Dog lovers of the highest order, if you want to include Fido on or in your dog holiday cards, you've stumbled onto the right post. These creative card ideas are sure to make your holiday card stand out on … [Read more...]

Winners 2014 Fidose Dog Holiday Photo Contest

The Fourth Annual Fidose of Reality Holiday Dog Photo Contest with over $700 in prizes has come to a close, and bow wow wow, did you all set the bar(k) high for adorable photos: From dogs playing with toys to puppies on Santa's lap, one thing's for sure: Dogs are family and we include them in all our holiday traditions. Time now to announce the winners of the 2014 Fidose Dog … [Read more...]

Winners of Holiday Dog Photo Contest Announced

The Third Annual Fidose of Reality Holiday Dog Photo Contest winners have been selected!! We had almost 200 entries for the contest, and our judges had a VERY hard time selecting just ONE grand prize winner. So, we had to up the bar(K) even higher. Not only was one grand prize winner selected who will receive the nearly $600 in goodies as the grand prize, but our judges … [Read more...]

Should You Host a Dog Holiday Party?

Holiday parties are not just for the upright variety anymore. Pets are getting in on the fun, too,as it is trendy and fun to host a dog holiday party. It’s not too late to host a howl-i-day party for Fido and his friends. Here are some tips to getting it done with ease and without any er, dog fights. (trust me, I've been done, done that). Dog Proof Your Home Pet360 … [Read more...]

Holiday Warning to Dog Parents and Prize Time

With the holidays upon us, it is very alarming that we just found out a very sad statistic: over a third of Americans purchase holiday gifts for their pet. Yikes! We have a holiday warning to all dog parents and responsible pet moms and dads: Let folks know that this isn't the time to bring a pet into the family in most circumstances. A pet is a long commitment and not one to … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Help Your Dog Survive Holiday Visits

The holidays are a time of great comfort and joy and commiserating with family and friends. Fidose readers know that family includes dogs, so over the river and through the woods we all go ... until we skid on ice. There are many ways to help your dog survive holiday visits, though. Helping your dog survive the holiday visits is essential to family harmony. If your dog is … [Read more...]

Join Fidose for Celebrity Catwalk to Help Dogs

Every year in Los Angeles & New York celebrities hit the catwalk for charity and lend their time and talent, raising funds & awareness for National Animal Rescue. This year, on Saturday, December 7th, Fidose of Reality will be making our mark in New York at the  Celebrity Catwalk Tinsel & Tails event, and YOU and your dog are invited. If you are in and/or around … [Read more...]