The 50 Best Dog Holiday Card Ideas

Season’s greetings and wreck the halls with tennis balls of holly: It’s holiday season and Fidose of Reality has you covered for those Christmas and Hanukkah cards. Dog lovers of the highest order, if you want to include Fido on or in your dog holiday cards, you’ve stumbled onto the right post.

50 Dog Christmas Card Ideas

These creative card ideas are sure to make your holiday card stand out on someone’s mantle and are oh-so-perfect for framing, too. Here then are our selections for 50 of the best dog holiday card ideas. Some of these are poses, some are creative crafts with little effort, and others are permanent keepsakes to inspire the recipients:

Custom Paw Stamper

This is my dog, Dexter’s, actual paw print. I ordered a custom pawprint stamper from a gal on Etsy and was so thrilled with the results that I am going to have my dog sign our cards this year. The stamper features your dog’s actual full-scale pawprint. I’ll have this keepsake forever and can use the stamper on any sort of crafts, projects, at expos, and cards. See how how incorporated it into a holiday design? This was done in less than two minutes for free on Canva.

Custom pawprint holiday dogtcard

Let It Snow

Most of us have a photo of our dog running through the snow, outside in the snow, or in some capacity near or around the white wintery stuff. Edit a snow-themed dog photo, add some fun text using PicMonkey or Canva, upload to any of the popular photo card services (I like Shutterfly and they usually have coupon codes if you Google), and wha-la: Instant flaky fun. Take the snow theme to the next level and stuff a few mini snowflakes from the party/dollar store into the card. See?

Dog in snow on a holiday card


Paw Project

My friend Colleen O’Fallon, of Sweet Paws Bakery, does something very clever with her daycare clients. She does crafts with them for the holidays, so that when their parents come to pick them up later in the day, the dog is sent home with a personalized craft for mom or dad. She uses a dog-friendly safe ink to get an actual pawprint and then she draws something “around” the paw. So think Santa’s sleigh, a snowman, the paw as the center of a wreath, and so on. Here are a few ideas she used for previous holidays, and how adorable would these designs look on the front of a dog holiday card?!

Custom dog paw holiday card ideas


Customized Photo Ornaments

Trim the tree and gift your recipients with a personalized ornament “card” that becomes a permanent keepsake. Photo services offer these, like Shutterfly, or you can order the prints and make them yourself for a much lower price point.

We’re talking construction paper, cutting and pasting circular images of your photos, glueing them on the paper and inserting some ribbon into the paper for mailing.

Custom ornament photo card
Photo from Shutterfly.com

Photo Card Ideas

Some of us simple love to send photo cards but we are tired of the same old Fluffy on Santa’s lap image. Here then are 46 poses that you can recreate with your dog. Never put a dog in harm’s way, put apparel on a dog that causes discomfort, nor make a dog do something that makes him or her miserable. Put the joy into the holiday season and have fun with your dog. The best shots I’ve ever captured have been the ones that were not “posed.” That said, here are some of the very best Fidose of Reality fans ideas for dog holiday cards:

Creative Photoshopping: Frosty doesn’t need two arms after all.

Holiday card for dog lovers

Fans of the movie, “A Christmas Story” will love this recreation

A Christmas Story for dog loversInclude the dog in your baking plans, and wha-la, instant adorable photo for the dog holiday cards!

Dog chef for holiday card

Writing a canine letter to Santa: Creativity at its finest

Write a dog letter to Santa

“If we stay real quiet, Santa will shimmy down the chimney soon”

Dogs waiting for Santa

Three Wise Men: ‘Nuff Said

Away in a Manager dog scene

Simple says it all: A dog playing with ornaments on a clean white background

Dog playing with ornaments

Janice Bryant (no relation) never ceases to amaze with her Border Collie rescue dogs for her holiday photo

Border collie Christmas

Silent Night, Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in His Head

Silent Night dog

Somebody had one too many doggie biscuits for New Year’s: Creative and funny!

Happy New year dog

Just a little ribbon and a cute dog: Christmas Card fun!

Ribbon on Christmas Dog

Props from the pet supply store lend themselves well to this adorable Hanukkah photo

Dog celebrating Hanukkah

One part Santa hat, one part adorable dog, one part menorah: Holidays covered!

Close up of Great Dane

Check for Halloween clearance sales and make a fun costume like this, which was a previous contest winner!

Dog holiday card

Simple. Elegant. Beautiful. Easy to do with some ribbon.

Christmas themed card dog

The whole family can get in on the Christmas card fun!

Sleigh ride dog

A beautiful religious themed sentiment from Chico of Stella Panzarino

Dog religious theme card

 A family affair of Snowball fun: Why not? How clever is this!

Snowball dogs

You can’t go wrong with a photo of a cute dog, milk, and cookies for Santa

Santa milk and cookies dog

Make the dog the present by the tree: Coco’s mom, Christine Aiello, thinks outside the box on this one

Dog Christmas present

Let there be light

Dog with Christmas lights

Embrace your Surfin’ Santa if snow is not in your forecast

Beach dog Christmas photo

Dashing through the snow: Consider an action shot!

Dog in snow running

Merge the dog’s house with the Christmas tree

Dog by Christmas tree

Take a current popular character (or a timeless one) like Olaf next to your dog: We had this done at PetSmart last year

Disney Olaf with Cocker

Sometimes less is more, and these two elves are adorable and card ready

Dog elves

Think Pink (or another color) for a unique card!

Pink Christmas card dog

Take a familiar shot and snap it at a different angle: How precious is this?!

Santa Dog

You have to do an antlers pose

Dog Christmas card antlers

Take advantage of scenery for the holidays, as Ryan Jordan did with Quincy and Bentley

Posing in front of poinsettias


A cute background with dogs and scarves: Easy and totes adorbs!

Cute dogs for Christmas

Some photos are just made for cards

Picking up the Christmas tree


Some of us are naughty, others nice: You decide

Naughty christmas dogs

Holiday sweaters are everywhere these days: Grab one, pose your dog by the tree, and there you go: (thanks Jose and Rex)

Christmas dog

A hat and a beard: Instant Santa Paws

Santa dog

Cutest snow dog ever: Again, apparel can make a photo pop

Queen of Dog Christmas

A simple window photo says it all:

Dog waiting for Santa

White background, dogs in red: Winner winner!

Pugs ready for Santa

Humor for sure!

Funny dog Christmas card

Rudolph x5: Imagine how fast Santa will get his chores done (Judi G with the Tzu Kids)

Pack of reindeer dogsPhoenix and Gryphon represent a favorite Christmas duo

Freeze Miser Heat Miser dogs

Gingerbread is a fun photo theme (thx Colleen O’Fallon)

Gingerbread dogs

The Cattle Aussies have a great idea: Three different dogs, three different props, perfect pic!

Stocking time

A fantastic background with agility poles and holiday decor

Dog Christmas card

A cute Halloween costume makes a fantastic photo card for Christmas

Christmas card dog

All snuggled up, waiting for Santa – great background makes for a fantastic card

Dog Christmas card

So there you have them: 50 ideas for holiday cards for dogs. Do you include your dog in or on your holiday cards?

Watch for our big holiday contests coming up!!! Win prizes and gift cards!!

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  1. I was just smiling all the way through this post! The images are just great! Love getting the dog on a Christmas card.

  2. Too cute! I can’t get over the creativity of dressing the dogs up and posing them for pictures like this. My dogs would never sit still in a scene long enough to snap some of these shots.

  3. Oh my goodness! Some of those cards are killing me, lol. How do I sign up on the good girl list so I can get a Dexter signed card? 😉

  4. Oh My I love all the ideas!! Such a great article that gets the creative juices flowing for a holiday card this year! Thank you for including Abby and Parker in front of the gingerbread house and our doggy daycare paw art!

  5. Love al these ideas! My favorite is the idea to use the dog’s paw print and then draw something around it to make it festive — so adorable! I’ll have to look into the custom stamp you got too! I’ve painted my cats paw prints (with pet safe paint) and had them sign cards and stuff for my husband, but now that I have five cats, it is such a fiasco to get them all to “sign” a card. Having a custom stamp to do it is a great idea!

  6. i dont send out cards very much b/c dont celebrate christmas, but i have always included my dogs in my holiday cards. i know people that have new cards done every yr. i save them.

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