In Celebration of Dog: Why My Heart Beats Dog

My heart beats dog® so very much that I trademarked that saying. Years ago at a pet blogging conference, I approached a mural. There we stood, dozens of us, waiting to etch a sentiment about our affection for animals on a 2×3 or so piece of paper. My heart beats dog rolled off my fingertips. “Did you just make that up,” the gentleman behind me quipped. “Well, yes, it’s … [Read more...]

Healthy Desserts People Can Share With Dogs

When it comes to cooking, Carol Can't Cook. I want to make healthy desserts to share with my dog, but some things are just not meant to be. For those who have been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I am somewhat of a distracted cook. I was even considering being on the television show,  Worst Cooks in America. When the folks at Yonanas connected with … [Read more...]

Stop Insulting My Dog’s Age

I want people to stop insulting my dog's age. It happened again and it will continue to happen: People are rude to my dog. I am not alone, as when I told the tale of my recent run in with “why do people say the off color things they do,” a bevy of “me, too” folks chimed in with similar experiences on Facebook. My Cocker Spaniel is turning 8 years young next month. My … [Read more...]

Visiting Valley Forge Pet Friendly National Park

I love pet friendly day trips and vacations. As I progress through life, I find that I am taking a deeper interest in historical things. I want to know what came before so I can more appreciate where we are today and anticipate the amazingness of tomorrow. That said, I enjoy and embrace traveling with my family, which always includes our dog. In looking for things to do … [Read more...]

25 Things to Do With Your Dog in Summer Weather

The temperature is rising and your dog wants to go outside. When the thermometer is on the upswing and heat is an issue, what is a doting dog mom or dog dad to do? Here are 25 things to do with your dog in summer weather. Note: Always get clearance on your dog’s state of health before embarking (pun intended) on any sort of physical activity, but especially ones that involve … [Read more...]

The #SecretLifeofPets Packs a Pooch Punch

Pets who aren’t wanted anymore end up in a lot of unsavory places. The lucky ones get adopted to a forever loving home. This is our wish: For all pets to be loved, doted upon, fed, given proper health checkups and care, and snuggled with human goodness. The Secret Life of Pets gets it. The movie premiered this weekend at theaters nationwide, and this dog lover of the highest … [Read more...]

How to Go on Road Trips With a Dog

I’ve been traveling with a dog on road trips for 23 years. The only time a dog has not accompanied me and my spouse on a trip is when it doesn’t involve the road. I will never fly with a dog unless he could have his own seat next to me. I digress. Going on road trips with a dog is a fun, bonding experience but not for the unprepared.  I’ve learned quite a few things over the … [Read more...]

10 Things to Do With Your Dog at a #BlogPaws Conference

Do you look for things to do with your dog? Are you the proud pet parent of a dog, cat, or any other animal? Then perhaps you've heard of the BlogPaws Conference that takes place every year...and if you haven't, then this is your licky lucky day! If you are trying to grow your social media accounts, become an influencer online, or just want to learn more about how to help pets … [Read more...]

Things That Dog Parents Say Proud and Aloud

“How was the dog's poop today, honey?” “Good, fully formed and no mush. What time do you want to grocery shop tonight?” This is an actual exchange of words between myself and my spouse. Recently, years ago, and probably tomorrow, too. We are not alone. See how many of these conversations and quips you’ve said aloud, perhaps to a friend or co-worker, or maybe even to the … [Read more...]

How to Get Your (Pet) Business Noticed Online

Ever dream of getting your business noticed? Making a drastic change in one's career is something that many dream about: I know because I was one of those people. I always wanted to have my very own business: Something I felt good about doing, calling it my own, being able to help dogs, and keeping current on the social media and marketing skills needed to make it happen. A … [Read more...]