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Exclusive Beverly Hills Dog Show Backstage Pass

The dogs have gone to the red carpet and Fidose of Reality has your behind-the-velvet ropes look into the 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show presented by Purina, set to air on Easter Sunday, April 1st. This dog show might just be the best kept canine secret around. When NBC Sports enlisted Fidose of Reality to give our readers a backstage pass to the show, what follows is the scoop we unearthed in our very intimate preview into the dogs who will own Easter Sunday. We traveled from Pennsylvania to Pomona, California, for this very exclusive backstage pass for you!

Beverly Hills Dog SHow BACKSTAGE PASS

Behind the Beverly Hills Dog Show Velvet Ropes

What you see on television when the Beverly Hills Dog Show airs is a condensed version of the electricity and magic that takes place if you attend the taping. The 2018 airing marks the second year in a row for the televised dog show event the whole family will enjoy watching. Since it airs on Easter Sunday evening, it makes for a fun way to end the day and gather together for an evening of dog loving fun. The official hashtag of the show is #BHDOGSHOW.

Ten Fun Facts About The Beverly Hills Dog Show

The club hosts two all-breed American Kennel Club dog shows on Saturday and Sunday, March 3-4,with the Saturday show being taped for presentation on USA Network on Easter Sunday, April 1, from 6-8pm (PT, ET). A rebroadcast is set for the following Sunday on NBC at 10am PT and 1pm ET.

Beverly Hills Dog Show
Let’s get ready for glitz, glam, and dogs galore!

What you won’t see on television are the other activities taking place during this coveted weekend, including dock diving dogs and visiting with the show dogs in the grooming area. You can actually walk up to the various owners, handlers, and groomers and talk to these people who are true fanciers of the breeds. Thanks to my assistant, Naomi Lukaszewski, we met many dogs and talked to a bevy of breeders and handlers.


Westminster Kennel Club’s Best in Show, Flynn (GCH Belle Creek’s All I Care About Is Love), a Bichon Frise, took center stage and we were there to watch as handler, Bill McFadden, took center stage with the now-retired non-sporting dog. (Yes, I got some selfies!)

Flynn Bichon Frise
Hamming it up with Flynn!

Two breeds who recently were recognized for competition made their inaugural appearances at this show: The Nederlandse Kooikerhondje and the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen. The “Kooiker” is a duck toller, meaning he is a gundog bred primarily for hunting. The GBGV is a French rabbit hunting hound.

Celebrities are invited to attend for the televised portion of the event, and yours truly had a second row seat behind said celebrities. Not that I’m name dropping or anything, but I cozied up for selfies, interviews, and even a Facebook Live “oops, I interrupted” moment with the stars.  I will be sharing more images and video soon. For now, check out this collection of dog-loving celebs in attendance and then see if you can find me at the 3:21 mark and the 8:22 mark on the Facebook Live of American Ninja Warrior’s co-host, Akbar Gbajabiamila:


And the resulting selfie:

Akbar and me
Say dog show!!!

Judges examine the dogs and place them according to how each dog compares to the breed “standard.” Judges are looking for the dog’s conformation of overall appearance, temperament, structure, and movement. The judge will watch the dog’s gait, looking for qualities that allow that dog to perform the function for which it was bred. This year’s Best in Show judge is Mr. James Reynolds of Ontario, Canada. He has been involved in the sport since 1956. What a joy to see him pick the dogs in person. Of course, what the dogs do off camera is one of my favorite parts of the show, see?

Dog at Beverly Hills Dog Show


The famous voices you hear calling the show and adding wit, intellect, and candor to the broadcast are familiar favorites David Frei and John O’Hurley. Frei spent the year tending to his full calendar of dog events and speaking engagements. He judged the first dog show ever televised live in China, the only judge for a prestigious invitational show in Shanghai. He was also honored as the 2017 inductee into the Dog Writers Association of America Hall of Fame, which I witnessed in person.  He continues his work on his third book, “The Mayor of Westminster,” a look back at his 27 years as the television co-host and media relations director at the Westminster Kennel Club. Online, he’s best known as David Frei the Dog Guy. Be sure to follow him on Twitter.

David Frei Beverly Hills Dog Show
Me with David Frei the Dog Guy, chatting media coverage

O’Hurley is no stranger to television, as many fans know him for his Seinfeld appearances. He spent much of the year touring with his one-man show, “A Man with Standards,” receiving universal praise for his retrospective of music of the Great American Songbook, as told by him in the perspective of his eclectic life and career. The show has been nominated by Broadway World for its Best Show award. His movie, “Swing Away,” got a lot of attention, as well. The winner of the first “Dancing with the Stars” competition, he continues to manage a huge schedule of appearances and charity involvement.

John OHurley at BHDS
Talking with John O’Hurley during a break in action

On Easter Monday, April 2, this blog will have an exclusive blog post with fun facts about each of the seven group winners. Look for facts and photos from the sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-sporting, and herding groups. By winning the group competition, that dog joins an elite group of winners of the seven group competitions that proceed to compete for the title of Best in Show.

Admission to the show was free! Can you imagine having access to dogs, handlers, owners, concessions, vendors, fun, red carpet, and celebrities? This dog blogger is here to tell you this dog show is elegant, well run, and embodies the spirit of dog. Here’s a quick interview we did with Dexter (of course!) the Corgi!


As an all-access media member, we obtained footage behind the scenes as the sets were arranged. Here is your exclusive online peek at the 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show preparations:


Talk To David Frei: Special Facebook Exclusive Event

In a very special Facebook event, we are hosting a Facebook Live on Fidose of Reality Facebook with the one and only David Frei on Thursday, March 22, at 3 pm EST. David will also be sharing a very special giveaway exclusive to those who watch live and on the replay of the Facebook Live. Mark your calendars.

Facebook Live for Beverly Hills Dog Show

More to Come

We have many more announcements, behind-the-scenes interviews, and exclusive content to share with you, so please follow along on our blog and social media with hashtag #BHDOGSHOW in these weeks leading up to the big event! We are so grateful for this opportunity and hope you enjoy your coverage!

Will you be watching the Beverly Hills Dog Show on television? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: We were compensated by NBC Sports for our time and coverage as a social media correspondent, but Fidose of Reality only attends events and shares news we feel that our readers will love! 

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    1. Oh goodness I believe meeting all the dogs and getting to touch them, talk to them, and hang with them. What amazing sweet dogs!

  1. It is so exciting to go behind the scenes. Looks like you had a great time!! We will be tuning in to watch and cheering on the Chihuahuas and the toy group! Looking forward to your Live too!

  2. i loved reading this article. how exciting for you to attend the beverly hills dog show. i hope someday i will be able to go to this show. i would love to be behind the scenes meeting all the dogs and handlers. i can’t imagine how fun it would be to watch the preparations of the dogs. wow, having the chance to meet david frei and john o’hurley must have been really exciting for you. thanks for sharing the pics and videos. i feel like i was there with you.

    1. David and John are so personable. They add such flavor, fun, and the wow factor to the broadcast. Wait until you see this year’s show on Easter Sunday: It’s paw-tastic!

  3. Wow what an amazing experience, for me would have been like a dream come true. That Bichon looks like my very own Hans that crossed the rainbow bridge few years back. I am attending BlogPaws and would love to meet David Frei. Such an icon. I am so sorry I missed the fun today but will be watching the FB live recording now.

  4. What an amazing experience and wonderful opportunity! I love seeing the behind the scenes photos. I can’t believe that admission was free! I will have to let my in-laws know, as I think they would definitely be interested in going in the future. I think their neighbor was actually at the show with one of their dogs (showing!).

  5. I am seriously one of those nutty people who run up to random dogs to pet and love them, before I ever acknowledge their humans lol! I think something like this would have been heaven for me. My husband actually helped his mom raise and show dogs throughout his entire childhood, so he would have enjoyed something like this!

  6. What a fantastic day and a great opportunity! We can see how much fun you had! Our favorite part would probably be seeing what the dogs do off camera. Our mom is a little jealous because she LOVES Seinfeld and John O’Hurley. You’re so lucky you got to meet him.

  7. OMG! How exciting. I love the chemistry between you and your assistant Naomi! (Hi Naomi) What a great trip AND you met John O’Hurley! Wow. I remember seeing him on various projects on TV. How cool is that dogs and celebrity meetings. Thanks for sharing this sneak peek behind the scenes access.

    1. Naomi is a doll – I am so glad we are friends. Thanks for saying that about her. It was a fab show and you will love watching it!

  8. You got backstage passes? Ever lucky! And you got to rub noses and wag tails with celebrities? MOUSES! Peep #1 wants to know if Lisa Vanderpump was there.

    What? What’s that, Peepers? FINE. I’M the one who wants to know ’bout the real housewife who loves dogs from Beverly Hills. MOUSES!

    1. EEP I was embarrassed, I don’t watch the Housewives shows so I wasn’t sure who the people were. Lisa V was there last year.

  9. Would you believe I have never attended a dog show? I probably should not say that out loud and call myself a dog writer. LOL. One of the years I really want to go to one!

    Glad you had some one on one and selfie time with Flynn! And of course, John O’Hurley. Big Seinfeld fans in our house.

    P.S.: Loved the Facebook live with David Frei yesterday

    1. I spent a lot of time traveling and it was a short visit but so worth it. The show was fantastic – Easter Sunday you can watch, too.

  10. What a fantastic backstage tour! What fun! I could not help but be captured by Flynn. What a beauty. My mother would have loved that baby! Thanks for sharing all the fun…you must be on Cloud 9! Best part of being a member of the media is getting to meet so many wonderful folks and, well, the best part must be meeting all the furry ones! A dream gig for sure! Thanks for giving us such a great peek behind the scenes!

    1. It was like a kid in a doggie candy store for me to be there. It was amazing and you will love it on tv, too!

  11. Well how cool is this!? Carol what a fab experience!! I have always wondered what goes on that we do not get to see on TV so thank you for sharing some of that with us!
    I would have loved to meet John O’Hurley!! He was my favorite character on Seinfeld!
    I can’t wait to see David Frei at BlogPaws!!

  12. How incredibly cool! At dog shows and horse shows I love going behind the scenes to watch the grooming and see the interaction between handlers & animals.

    I would have been star struck meeting John O’Hurley.

  13. This is so exciting!! and so cool and so fun!! Great pics and videos! I will surely be watching the Beverly Hills Dog Show…i love the commentary of the iconic David Frei (who i had the pleasure to meet a few times in NYC) and the wonderful John O’Hurley. Looks like you had a blast!

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