Cocker Spaniel in dog coat winter time

10 Best Dog Coats For Cocker Spaniels

As the temperatures drop, the dog clothes come out. If you are looking for the best dog coats for Cocker Spaniels, you’ve come to the right place. Although Cocker Spaniels have a thick texture to their natural coat, the breed can benefit from apparel to keep her warm in colder months.

Technology has evolved in the human outerwear market, and the same holds true with our canine counterparts. Thin is the new thick in outerwear. Check labels and do research before making an investment. Heavier does not mean better; in fact, if a coat is too warm, dogs can overheat, so use caution.

A simple search of “dog coats” on Google merits millions of hits. We’ve been using, reviewing, and putting canine coats to the test for close to 30 years. Here are our favorite 10 dog coats for Cocker Spaniels plus some bonus tips on finding the perfect fit and where to shop for the best price.

Do Cocker Spaniels Need A Coat in Winter?

Some people take one look at a Cocker Spaniel and assume their hair will keep them warm. This isn’t the case.

Patricia Elkins, a long-time Cocker breeder/owner/handler/groomer says, “Cocker Spaniels are not a double-coated breed.” Examples of double-coated breeds include the Labrador Retriever and Siberian Husky.

Cocker Spaniels should wear a dog coat in the colder weather, as they do not have a dense, thick coat to protect them from the elements. That said, coats and sweaters should be worn when it is very cold outside and the dog needs warmth and protection.

Not all dogs need a coat or sweater to keep them warm when venturing outside, but shorter-haired breeds, senior dogs, puppies, and dogs with medical conditions do benefit from the additional warmth.

Any Cocker Spaniel I’ve ever shared life with has worn apparel for fashion and function like a pro.

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Cocker Spaniel Coat Sizing Measurements

A proper fit is essential so your Cocker Spaniel is warm, comfortable, and is not restricted from movement in any way. Here are the key measurements to gather from your Cocker Spaniel.

You might want to mark these measurements down on a piece of paper or keep them in our DogMinder for easy access throughout your dog’s life. You’ll need a measuring tape to get started.

Length: Measure from the base of your dog’s collar (neck) to the base of his tail. This is called the body measurement. This is a preference but you’ll want to be sure his core is covered.

Chest: This is called the girth. Measure over your dog’s shoulders, right behind his front legs, and back up again. Be sure to wrap the tape around the widest part of your Cocker’s torso, which is behind the armpits of his front legs. Add about two inches for comfort.

How to measure a Cocker Spaniel for a dog coat

Neck or Collar: In the same way you’d measure for a collar, run the measuring tape around your Cocker’s neck, leaving about two fingers’ worth of space for the gap. Not all dog coats require this measurement, but it’s nice to have on hand. Allow for some wiggle room.

Lower neck: Some coats sit lower on the neck, so you may want to measure across the lower part of his neck.

Don’t rely on your dog’s weight. Like people, every Cocker Spaniel’s body is unique. Accurate measurements are essential to a proper fit.

Carol Bryant

Groin area: I learned the hard way that if apparel brushes near my dog’s private parts, he sits down and refuses to move. I now know how many inches from my dog’s back legs to his penis area. Most garments don’t require this measurement, but I know how I’ll need to alter a garment if necessary.

Features of Dog Coats for Cocker Spaniels

FeatureWhy It’s Important
SizingDog coats should be snug enough to keep your Cocker warm and retain heat but loose enough that he can move and breathe comfortably.
WashabilityRead the label carefully. Most dog coats can be machine washed but pay attention to special care or drying requirements.
InsulationDoes the dog coat have a lining? What is that lining made of? Most dog sweaters, for example, are unlined. Consider the coat’s purpose.
WaterproofWet coats can make a Cocker Spaniel cold fast, and that’s a problem. His coat should keep heat in but keep moisture out. Material matters.
Potty accessThe dog’s coat should allow him to urinate and defecate without soiling the coat. This is why I measure the groin area and get a good look at the underside of any coat I am considering.
Age & HealthSome Cocker Spaniels may require a coat due to medical conditions. You want him to stay warm and not feel the chill or dampness to worsen things. Talk to his veterinarian about any special requirements.
RaincoatThere are specific dog coats made for wet weather wear. Consider a quality canine raincoat for rainy weather days.
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Waterproof & Windproof Winter Coat For Cocker Spaniel Dogs

Our Top Choice: Migohi Reflective Waterproof Windproof Dog Coat

Velcro dog jacket for Cockers

Why We Like It

Thousands of Amazon pet parents have purchased the Migohi preventative waterproof dog coat to percent their Cocker’s fur from getting wet. We love the terylene outer layer that is windproof and waterproof. The fleece and cotton inner layer provide comfort and warmth. The pullover designs make it easy to put on and the reflective leg straps ensure your dog is seen at night.


  • Hole for collar harness
  • Elastic rib fabroci and reflective striping
  • Affordably priced in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Strap adheres on top of the dog to prevent urine from touching it
  • Dogs may not be as averse to rainy days wearing a functional coat like this


  • This jacket/vest is sleeveless
  • Migohi suggests dogs with a lot of fur or that measures in between sizes should wear the larger size

Waterproof Reversible Style Dog Coat for Cocker Spaniels

Our Top Choice: Kuoser Waterproof Windproof Reversible British Style Plaid Vest Coat

plaid dog jacket for Cocker Spaniels is reversible

Why We Like It

You can’t go wrong with an affordable, durable waterproof coat vest with over 13,000 amazing reviews from pet parents on Amazon. This dog coat features a solid-color diamond quilt design on one side and a classic British plaid design on the other. Both male and female Cocker Spaniels look good and stay warm and dry in this dog coat.


  • Sizes ranges from XXS to 4XL to accomodate all dogs
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Seven color choices
  • Button hole for collar and harness
  • Easy hook and loop closure for simple on and off
  • Plain side is waterproof for rainy, snowy days
  • Made of polyester and terylene/cotton to keep dogs warm


  • The neck has a Velcro closure
  • Don’t go by your dog’s weight, go by your dog’s length and chest girth when ordering
  • Wide belly strap

Best Cocker Spaniel Snowsuit With Legs

Our Top Choice: Canada Pooch Dog Snowsuit Thermal Dog Snow Jacket with Full Body Coverage

Canada Pooch dog jacket to keep Cockers warm

Why We Like It

Canada Pooch does it again with this active thermal one-piece bodysuit that covers the body and legs. The water-resistant exterior ensures your Cocker Spaniel stays dry, and the side zipper closure ensures easy pull-on comfort. My Cocker, Dexter, takes a size 18 in this style, as that accommodates his back length and stocky chest. You always want a few extra inches in the chest area. If the chest is too tight, most dog coats will not fit properly and can cause your dog discomfort.


  • Polyester thermal foil lining for warmth
  • Button snap at the front and back legs with two different adjustment settings
  • Spot clean or machine wash inside out in cold water on the gentle setting, hang to dry.
  • Snowsuit ensures full body coverage without restricting your Cocker’s movement
  • Enviro-friendly; Canada Pooch uses no animal products, fur, down, or leather
  • Keeps your dog dry on wet days


  • Once again, size matters. Follow the Canada Pooch sizing chart for the right length and most importantly, chest girth of your dog
  • Lightweight but functional

Favorite Custom Coat For Cocker Spaniels

Our Top Choice: Winter Dog Coat Made By De

Custom made dog jacket for Cocker Spaniel

Why We Like It

Coats and hoodies do not need to be heavy nor look heavy to adequately protect dogs from the elements. De Hufford started her own company of making dog jackets and coats as an alternative to the big stores. We ordered the winter dog coat with tummy panel and reflective strips and choice of turtleneck/snood/hood/collar from Coats by De and love it for those in-between days when it’s not super snowy but Dexter still needs coverage.


  • Easy to put on; just pull over the head, pull panel between front legs and wrap at the “waist” with velcro or buckle closure
  • Waterproof outer shell of durable ripstop nylon
  • Reflective strips unless otherwise stated
  • Harness port or D ring (D ring for S or M only) on request
  • Machine wash and air dry
  • Adequate Cocker tummy coverage


  • Standard color is black- others available on request.
  • Each coat is custom made according to your measurements.

Winter Parka For Cocker Spaniels

Our Top Choice: Hurtta Expedition Parka, Winter Dog Coat

Dog Coats For Cocker Spaniels

Although it is designed for short-haired dogs and for pups without an undercoat, it can also help provide Cocker Spaniels with extra warmth in cooler conditions. We’ve owned this coat and accidentally left it behind on a winter trip. It kept my Cocker Spaniel warm, adequately covered, and it was easy to put on over his harness.

My dog is a stocky male Cocker Spaniel and he wears a size 18L in Hurtta outdoor apparel.


  • Made of a washable, laminate material that is both waterproof and breathable
  • Easy to put on and remove thanks to one buckle around the waist
  • Adjustable neckline, back length, and collar
  • 3M reflective piping for night visibility
  • Hurtta is from Finland and has been making dog gear for 20 years
  • Several sizes and color selections


  • This dog coat is not temperature rated
  • Back length is of utmost importance for coverage

Slush Suit For Cocker Spaniels

Our Top Choice: Canada Pooch Dog Slush Suit for Rain and Snow

slush suit keeps dogs dry in wet weather

Why We Like It

We are huge fans of Canada Pooch and have several dog coats from the brand. This is a full-body slush (translate yukky weather) suit with a water-resistant exterior so your Cocker Spaniel stays dry. The side-zipper closure means easy pull-on comfort and no struggling to get the slush suit on. The adjustable neck ensures your pooch gets a perfect fit. This is not meant to keep a dog warm, but it does adequately keep slush off your Cocker.


  • Wide range of sizes and colors for a perfect fit
  • Sporty side taping ensures visibility
  • Spot clean or machine wash inside out on gentle, hang to dry.
  • Opening for harness or leash attachment
  • Perfect for sloppy weather days and Cockers in the show ring
  • Lightweight and functional


  • Do not iron
  • Slush Suit does not have a foil interior for heat retention

Best Raincoat For Cocker Spaniels

Our Top Choice: Canada Pooch Rain Jacket

raincoat for dogs from Canada Pooch

Why We Like It

I fell in love with this Canada Pooch Dog Raincoat while vacationing in Maine. I was able to try it on my Cocker Spaniel in the pet supply store. I then learned all about the water-resistant yellow shell fabric, full belly coverage, snap-back hood with visor brim, and easy to fasten closure. My Cocker Spaniel wears a size 20 (19 to 20 inch back length). I did have to alter the groin area so it would not touch his main parts. This is the best raincoat ever on rainy, wet days, as Dexter stays dry on walks.


  • Made of 100 percent soft polyester with a 65 poly/35 cotton lining
  • Very secure Velcro under belly
  • Cute visor that we use more for fashion than function
  • Available in pink or yellow colors with reflective trim
  • Water-resistant shell fabric and functional pockets
  • Spot clean or machine wash inside out on cold gentle and air dry.


  • Sizing is incredibly important so your dog gets the perfect fit
  • If your Cocker is in between sizes, I recommend you go up

Functional Dog Sweater for Cocker Spaniels

Our Top Choice: Kyeese Dog Sweater with Leash Hole Turtleneck

Cozy dog sweater for fall

Why We Like It

This acrylic pullover dog sweater is designed for a cool fall day. Your Cocker Spaniel will look fashionable thanks to the vintage cable knitting and flannel hemline. The easy-access leash and harness hole mean you can walk your pooch without worry. The fit is stretchy, comfortable, soft, and machine washable.


  • Variety of sizes and colors for male and female dogs
  • Classic turtleneck design keeps dogs warm on fall days
  • Short-sleeve design and easy pull-on feature
  • Affordable and nicely priced
  • Great to wear indoors on cooler days


  • Dog sweater is a slim fit so size up for stout Cockers
  • Ensure you order the right size, as some reviews indicate they had to size up

Cocker Spaniel Winter Vest

Our Top Choice: Canada Pooch Dog Winter Vest with Water-Resistant Insulation Down Jacket

Canada Pooch hooded jacket

Why We Like It

This hooded winter jacket for dogs is made with a water-resistant exterior and faux-down insulation to keep your Cocker Spaniel warm on any winter walk. This vest is not full-body coverage, but that is why it is called a vest and not a dog jacket. Available in several colors and sizes, the reflective trim adds nighttime safety to this dog vest.


  • Leash slit on back for easy access
  • Comes with removable hood attached by snaps
  • Features a soft fleece lining and water-resistant shell


  • Velcro closure
  • Faux fur for added style

Budget Friendly Cocker Spaniel Winter Coat

Our Top Choice: ThinkPet Cold Weather Dog Coat

Dog parka keeps pets warm

Why We Like It

Not all winter dog coats need to break the bank to perform. For the more budget-conscious Cocker parents, consider the ThinkPet cozy and stylish dog coat. The coat is reversible, with one side warm and soft and the other side polyester, windproof, or water repellant. It’s like getting two dog coats in one. The elastic hook and loop fastener means you can adjust it to a custom fit


  • Waterproof zipper on back
  • Lightweight but warm
  • Adequate Cocker belly coverage
  • Reflective piping for nightime visibility
  • Easy to incorporate any harness underneath


  • Some reviews indicate it took a long time for the coat to dry
  • Doesn’t extend totally to the backside area
  • Some reviews indicate to size up, but we recommend accurately measuring your Cocker for ordering

Bonus Clothes For Cockers

Indoor Dog Pajamas

Dog pajamas serve many purposes. They keep dogs warm indoors on cooler days, make a great after-bath or blow-dry cozy option, and Cockers look adorable in photos with their dog-jamas on. I’ve tried dozens of dog pajamas and these are my two favorite brands:

dog pajamas for Cockers

Fuzzyard Dog Pajamas

I recently discovered the Fuzzyard brand of dog pajamas for my Cocker. He takes a size 5 and they run pretty true to size. Machine washable and made of 100 polyester, they are very warm and super soft. Features a snap button neck closure for easy on and off and a nice stretchy hemline. Your best bet is to shop on Amazon for various styles and sizes of the Fuzzyard pajamas brand.

Petrageous Dog Pajamas

Dexter owns over a dozen pairs of Petrageous dog pajamas. I love their cottony comfort, Velcro closures on the back, and adequate coverage. He wears a size large and I have to roll the rear legs up once so he doesn’t trip. The company hasn’t had too many new designs lately, but your best bet is Amazon.

Dog Pajamas help canines stay warm

Cold Weather Paw Apparel

When it comes to keeping my Cocker’s paws safe from ice, cold, chemicals, rock salt, and any other outdoor winter dangers, I’ve been using PawZ dog boots for over a decade. They come in seven sizes and a variety of colors. They make great rain boots and keep dogs’ paws safe in the winter. Dexter has large paws for a Cocker Spaniel, and he wears a size large.

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10 best dog coats for Cocker Spaniels


  1. Best article on dog coats ever! How many purchases have all of us made, only to find a fitting disaster covered in adorbs fabric? Keep it coming Carol!

  2. My loves have been shivering for a few days during the cold snap in SC. I never thought to buy them a warm sweater. DUH. You’re the Yoda of cocker spaniels!! Teach me! 😋
    Eva Smith, South Carolina cocker lover

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