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Healthy Gifts For A Dog To Show You Really Care

One of the best ways to show a pet lover you care is by surprising them with a box of healthy gifts for a dog they love. As a pet influencer and journalist, we are pitched hundreds, if not thousands, of products to write about each year.

We only recommend gifts for dogs if they pass our three-part test: The products must be easily accessible, safe, and healthy for dogs, and are affordable. My dog and his canine pals are willing testers for healthy products that make our final cut.

Your dog deserves the very best for all the love, attention, and devotion he gives you every day. You probably have dog-loving friends on your shopping list. And by shopping list, we mean holidays, birthdays, congratulations, or best wishes and warmest regards to the best dog ever.

Here are some healthy gifts to stuff in a stocking, arrange in a gift box, or build a special care package for your canine BFF.

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Treatibles gift for dogs

For The Anxious Dog

Every now and then, many dogs need a little help getting through a rough patch. For dogs who get nervous during thunderstorms, fireworks, car rides, or vet visits, Treatibles has them covered. My heart beats dog, and I love the heart shape of these extra-strength CBD chewables.

With 7 mg of organic full-spectrum CBD and 100 mg omega-3 salmon oil in each bite, Treatibles support a dog’s immune system, enhance joint function, and help keep them calm and less anxious in stressful situations. Serve ‘em whole or break them in half; there’s no worrying about liquids or syringes.

Save 15 percent off your order of Treatibles Extra-Strength Soft Chewables for Dogs through December 31, 2021, with code TRTBBDOG15.

Cat treatibles gift

For The Anxious Cat

We are a dog blog, but we know many of our readers have multi-pet households. Treatibles has all the cat parents covered with a feline version of their hemp oil chewables.

Featuring 3 mg of organic full-spectrum CBD and 20 mg of omega-3 salmon oil in each chew, cats crave the delectable flavor. The next time your fearful kitty has to see the veterinarian, consider trying Treatibles to calm her frazzled nerves.

With the same benefits as the Treatibles for dogs, simply follow the dosing guideline imprinted on the packaging.

Save 15 percent off your order of Treatibles Extra-Strength Soft Chewables for Cats through December 31, 2021, with code TRTBBCAT15.

Nutrivet healthy probiotic for dogs

For The Dog’s Digestive System

The right probiotic can help a dog’s digestion, firm up the stool, and boost his immune system. The folks at Nutri-Vet combine probiotics with prebiotics to support a dog’s gut and immune health.

I’m fussy about what I allow my dog to try, but he went bonkers for the cheese and liver flavor of these chewable nuggets. Made in the USA and packed with naturally occurring micro-organisms, this container of goodness makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

Nutrivet healthy gluocosamine dog treats

For The Dog’s Hips and Joints

Promoting your dog’s healthy habits shouldn’t be a struggle. Nutri-Vet’s Hip & Joint Biscuits make it easy to maintain your dog’s normal, healthy cartilage. The generous bag of hard, crunchy treats is infused with vitamins and minerals. Spoiler alert: Your dog will have no idea something that tastes so yummy is good for him.

With 500 mg of glucosamine in every nutritious peanut butter flavored treat, give one-half biscuit per 40 pounds of your dog’s body weight. The moment I opened the bag, my dog’s senses went into overdrive and he buried his little snout right in.

healthy ear wipes for dogs

For The Dog’s Ears

My dog’s veterinarian advised me to keep his ears clean two to three times a week. He’s got long, floppy Cocker Spaniel ears that are magnets for bacteria and infections. Vet’s Best Ear Relief Finger Wipes are a “dog-send.” This is the first easy, safe, wipe I’ve used on my dog that actually slips over my finger for easy use.

Made without any parabens, each wipe is infused with all-natural ingredients like tea tree oil, witch hazel, and aloe vera. Perfect for on the go, in your dog’s travel or first aid kit, these finger wipes are a must-have for every dog lover. No matter what shape or size of ear, a clean canal is a happy canal.

toothpaste for dogs

For The Dog’s Teeth

The American Veterinary Dental Society reports an astounding 80% of dogs to have dental issues by the time they are three years old.  Establish a dental care routine by vowing to brush your dog’s teeth as you would your own. Thanks to Vet’s Best Dental Care Kit, it’s never been easier to get rid of doggy breath.

I always double-check the ingredients of any oral product I use on my dog. Vet’s Best dental care kit contains a combination of baking soda, enzymes, grapefruit seed extract, aloe, and neem oil. Your dog gets clean, shiny canines in between regular professional cleanings.

Bonus: The kit comes with a triple-head toothbrush that wraps itself around each tooth to clean and brush from every angle. Since Vet’s Best has been around for over 30 years, they know how to keep pets healthy and feeling good.

Carpet cleaner for pet stains

For The Dirty Dog Household

Okay, this product is for pet parents, but if you have a dog, dirt is bound to happen. At some point, dogs have an accident in the house or traipse around with muddy paws. Let’s also keep it real: We all love our dogs, but sometimes they stink.

Simple Solution destroys tough odors and organic stains like a boss. The professional strength formula is safe to use around pets. It engages a pro-bacteria/enzymatic formula to break stinks and stains down. Made in the USA, Simple Solution’s Extreme Stain & Odor Remover helps prevent repeat marking, too.

Bonus: The 3-in-1 sprayer can be adjusted to spray, foam, or mist depending on your preference.  Safe on carpets, upholstery, bedding, clothing, and any water-safe surface.

Why Healthy Gifts For A Dog

With all the unconditional love our pets give us year-round, show them you care with healthy presents. Dogs are good for our overall well-being, but they can’t ask us to give them what they really need: reciprocal love and products that are good for and to them.

Here’s to good health, healthy dogs, and happy, long lives!

gifts for a dog to stay healthy

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