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Veterinarian Comes Clean About Dog Food and Vaccines

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As a dog parent and pet writer, two of the most commonly asked questions I receive include: “What dog food should my dog be eating?” and “What vaccines do I need for my dog and how often?” If you have a new puppy or know someone who does, you definitely want to stay tuned for a hot topic blog post on Monday, June 9th, here on Fidose of Reality.

In general, what dog food to feed and what dog vaccines are necessary are two very hot topics in the pet world. Good, reputable, solid healthcare information that can be trusted is hard to come by, as anyone with a keyboard and a mission can write whatever they want online.

We are very excited to announce that one of our favorite veterinary experts, practicing veterinarian, Dr. Laurie Coger, is hosting a FREE Google Hangout on Thursday, June 19th, at 7 pm est. We will be there and here is why you should come, too:

  • Dr. Coger’s practice and dog care philosophy emphasizes natural methods and care.
  • She regularly integrates chiropractic, low level laser, herbal, nutritional, and physical therapy techniques into her treatment plans.
  • She strongly believes in educating and empowering owners to make informed decisions for their dog’s health.
  • Her first book, “Vaccines Explained: The Wholistic Vet’s Guide to Vaccinating Your Dog” is currently available on Amazon, and her second book, The Healthy Dog Handbook, will be released near the end of the year.
  • Her newest project, The Healthy Dog Workshop, is under construction, and she genuinely cares about the welfare of dogs (and all pets).

We first encountered Dr. Coger after picking up a copy of her book, Vaccines Explained: The Wholistic Vet’s Guide to Vaccinating Your Dog. Our first Cocker Spaniel, Brandy Noel, developed a cancerous mast cell tumor at the site of yearly vaccine injection. This was back in the 90s when getting yearly vaccines was just what we did. When you have a dog who gets mast cell cancer – a lump that resembled a pimple – at the site of then “yearly vaccines,” a dog mom’s life never stays the same after that. My how times have changed.


Do you want the truth about dog vaccines? In the many years of research I have done since that cancer diagnosis, I also have talked to experts and follow the teachings of people like Dr. Laurie Coger and Dr. Jean Dodds as well as my dog’s own veterinarian, Dr. Steve Gloates. Here’s an eye opening article on the reality of dog vaccines.

I hope you will join me on Thursday, June 19th, at 7 pm est, for this very special Google Hangout. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and you can do this from the comfort of your computer or electronic Internet-ready device. It will be a very relaxed, conversation-like format, and not lecture style.  Dr. Coger plans to be on for at least an hour, but potentially longer. There will be a moderator and you are welcome to tell your friends to join, too.

Dr Coger

Google Hangouts are incredibly cool, for those who have never been to one. Below you can see a Google Hangout I moderated with the folks at BlogPaws so you have an idea of how they work. You basically listen in and watch what is happening and then type questions to be answered. It’s that easy.


And you can register below for FREE: (just click yes that you are going to watch)

By the way, my dog, Brandy, went on to live one week shy of 15 years of age. She never had another mast cell tumor in her life, but we visited the vet for lump aspiration with each new occurrence. Sometimes, they turned out to be lipomas and benign, other times they were sebaceous cysts (one needing to be surgically removed).

What healthcare topics do you wish you knew more about as a pet parent?


  1. I’m very excited about this! I have several questions that I would like to ask about vaccines vrs natural preventatives. I have an older Vet and he is really great but not very knowledgable about holistic approaches so it will be great to talk to an expert. I have added this to my planner and am looking forward to it.

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