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Treat the Feet and Other Dog Paw Problems

I have a paw fetish. I don’t know what it is: from the tip of their nose to the base of their tushes, my heart beats dog.™ There is something about a dog’s paws that pretty much melts me. I love dog’s paws so much that there are two of them permanently tattooed on my outer thigh (more about that another time). Dogs also can develop paw problems. A common myth in among dog … [Read more...]

How To Exercise a Lazy Dog

My dog hates to exercise. I have a lazy dog who doesn’t want to move or go for walks. Why won’t my dog play with me anymore? If you’ve said (or thought) any of the above, this information is for you. Sometimes dogs aren’t lazy: It’s us pet parents who aren’t engaging our dogs and motivating them to do things, have fun, and enjoy their time on earth. Here's how to exercise a … [Read more...]

Fidose of Reality is Going to Health

Fidose of Reality is going to health! We asked you, our loyal readers, what topics you are most interested in reading more about in the dog world, and your voices are loud and clear: Dog health and wellness that tells the truth! The words “fido” and “reality” are in our title, Fidose of Reality, so it makes perfect sense to embrace who we truly are: A health and wellness … [Read more...]

Preventing 9 Little Known Dog Poison Emergencies: Fall Edition

Tis the season, falling leaves, and dangers lurking everywhere. With the holidays upon us, there are clear and present dangers to our dogs: We all know about lighted candles, chocolate, mistletoe, and Xylitol by now. But what about the lesser-known dog poison emergencies that rear their ugly heads throughout the fall season? Here's a dog poison prevention guide to fall safety: … [Read more...]

Why Does My Dog Need a Muzzle

Why oh why does my dog have to wear a muzzle at the vet’s office? I cringe when the muzzle comes out. If you are a dog parent who has a dog that has faced the dreaded “face trap,” this post is for you. Time for another installment of Medicine Versus Mom. Every few weeks, we’ll be focusing on a topic and presenting it from a veterinary “medicine” perspective with Rachel … [Read more...]

Help for Smelly Dog Mouth #SmoochYourPooch

Help for Smelly Dog Mouth My dog’s mouth smells. This is not a fact I am proud of and the reason for the stench is not because of poor oral hygiene. On the contrary:  I am a once to twice a day brusher of my dog’s teeth and have done so for over 18 years. Not once did my last Cocker Spaniel need a professional under-anesthesia dental cleaning in her entire 15 years of life. … [Read more...]

Four Easy Ways to Keep Dog Teeth Clean #SmoochUrPooch

What’s really the big deal about keeping a dog’s teeth clean? I mean, as long as they have treats, hard food, a bone to chew on, and the occasional dental cleaning at the vet, they are fine, right? Absolutely not. It is NEVER too late to start a healthy dog dental health routine. No sermons, no “hey get to it,” here’s your Fi-DOSE of reality for dog dental care with four … [Read more...]

Medicine Versus Mom: When Dogs Undergo Surgery

What exactly happens when dogs undergo surgery?  Is my dog okay? Does he miss me? Is he being monitored?  These are the things that run through my mind when I’m trying to fall asleep. Taking your dog to the veterinarian and leaving without him or her is one of the lowest, emptiest feelings a dog parent experiences. If your dog has ever needed surgery, teeth cleaning, or any … [Read more...]

How to Stop Dog Grief

The worst part of being a dog parent is knowing you will more than likely outlive your dog. There is no magic way to stop dog grief and if you are a pet parent reading this who has lost a dog, it is with great sadness yet openness that I welcome you to this article. “Carol, you seem so self-assured and were able to get past the loss of your dog. How did you do it?” That … [Read more...]

7 Dog Myths That Lead to Mayhem

Why is it that dogs are often at fault and take the blame for human ignorance and/or error? There are some commonly held dog myths that are simply old wives tales, urban legend, or perhaps a combination of both. Here are seven: Myth: Petting a Dog Because He’s Cute Fact: Well, not always. I recall a dog trainer friend asking me one time if I liked strangers to hug me … [Read more...]