Latest Dog Trends in the Pet Industry

We came, we saw, we roamed, we conquered the dog trends. At Global Pet Expo, more than 1,000 companies from around the world showcase the latest and greatest products available for all types of pets including dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, small animals and horses. The Show features 13 football fields’ worth of pet products, more than 3,000 product-launches and 150 … [Read more...]

Dog Alternatives to the Cone of Shame

At some point or another in the life of most dogs, a minor to major surgical procedure will take place. The cone of shame is a go-to apparatus for most veterinarians; after all, it’s what they were taught in veterinary school to put on a dog to prevent licking, infection, or otherwise scratching at a wound that needs to heal. Dog alternatives to the cone of shame do … [Read more...]

10 Dog Lover Products To Make Life Easier

Are you a dog lover? Recently, we had the pleasure of attending a pet-welcoming conference geared at pet bloggers and social media influencers. The conference is BlogPaws and the location varies from year to year, much like a game of tennis ball with your pooch. This year, it was located in sunny and oh-so-gorgeous Chandler, Arizona, located near Phoenix. I, along with 500 … [Read more...]

13 Items to Make Dogs Happy and $100 Amazon Giveaway

Dogs ask for nothing more than to be loved, cared for, played with, and fed. There are a lot of ways to make dogs happy. One of the ways we make dogs happy at Fidose of Reality is through the fundraising arm of our blog, which is Wigglebutt Warriors. To date, we've hosted three gala fundraisers and have raised close to $80,000 for dog rescue groups. We've had Wigglebutt … [Read more...]

Products to Help Extend Your Dog’s Life

This post was not paid for, I have no reason to share it other than these products work, and if you love your dog and want him or her to live a long, healthy, happy life, these are the kind of products to use on your dog. Some brands just absolutely "get it" when it comes to making products for dogs that have an impact. They don't deal with nasty ingredients that require a … [Read more...]

Ten Fun Dog Products You Need to Own

One of the coolest parts of being a pet blogger and dog writer is that I discover new products and get to share them with dog lovers of the highest order: YOU! At the BlogPaws Conference in Nashville recently, over 500 pet brands, bloggers, and social media rock stars gathered for the pet industry's original pet blogger conference. Since the conference is pet welcoming, Dexter, … [Read more...]

What Do Wine and Dogs Have in Common

What do wine and dogs have in common? Well, does curling up with your dog, a good book, and a glass of your favorite beverage sound appealing? What if that glass was custom painted with your dog’s likeness, like this: I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to dogs, and especially my dog. Fidose of Reality is a health and wellness dog blog, and that means sharing … [Read more...]

Hollywoof Dog Lover Savings and Discounts

It’s Fidose Friday Finds time! Every Friday, we reveal savings, discounts, and/or a favorite product or two that crossed our desk and captured our hearts. We have dog lover savings and discounts to share! This week, we dive into the swag bag that all attendees of the recent Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof gala received for attending the benefit to help raise funds for the homeless … [Read more...]

Five Secret Dog Products Uncovered

Some of the best products for dogs and dog parents are little gems hidden amongst the bigger brands. For this reason, I love attending trade shows and conferences like the one I recently attended in Portland, Oregon.  I absolutely love discovering dog products I previously knew nothing about. The Women in the Pet Industry (WIPIN) Conference was held August 13-16 in Portland, … [Read more...]

Five Swoon Worthy Made in America Dog Products

Made in America has a particularly extra emotion-inducing element to it these days. Buying products made in the United States means jobs are stimulated, we reinvest our money into the American dollar, and perhaps more companies would want to bring jobs back to the United States. Pet-centric companies that make their products here in the United States are a growing breed. … [Read more...]