How to Get Dogs Involved In The Oscars

One of the most engaging things you can do to keep your dog feeling young and happy is to keep him or her mentally stimulated. One of our favorite things to do is to network and go face to face with other dog lovers. As a movie buff, I recently learned how to get dogs involved in the Oscars. If you are a fan of the Oscars, of movies, or just want some ideas for how to have a … [Read more...]

How to Host an Oscar Party for Dogs

Planning a dog friendly event is no easy feat, but Susan Godwin and Jennifer Jo-Moyer rocked the house with The PupScouts 2nd Annual Pre-Oscar Red Carpet Event, for which Fidose of Reality received an exclusive media invitation. Indeed, this Oscar party for dogs was a hit! As part of our goal to provide the latest and greatest news and info in the health and wellness world for … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Super Bowl Game Day for Dogs

The big game is coming! Regardless of what team you are cheering for or if you are into football or not…there are ways your pooches can celebrate the pigskin in a safe, fun, and enjoyable way. Fidose of Reality proudly presents your down by down play book for the Ultimate Super Bowl Game Day for Dogs!! Penalties: Things NOT To Do With Dogs Around Noise: If you are having … [Read more...]

Fun Ideas to Host a Dog Birthday Party

Dogs are members of the family, and every dog deserves his or her day, especially when that day is full of celebrating, cake, biscuits, games, presents, and cake! One of the most fun times a dog mom or dad can engage in involves hosting a dog birthday party. No one will think you have lost your marbles for wanting to host a birthday party for your dog; in fact, if they think … [Read more...]

How to Host a Dog Pajama Party

Looking for something fun, unique, and different to do with your dog-loving friends? Ever consider a dog pajama party? This can be a lot of fun, makes for a clever way to host a get together, and is a fun way to spend a summer afternoon. I am also asked how to host a creative fundraiser. A doggie daytime (or early evening) pajama party is a great way to fundraise and have fun … [Read more...]

Should You Host a Dog Holiday Party?

Holiday parties are not just for the upright variety anymore. Pets are getting in on the fun, too,as it is trendy and fun to host a dog holiday party. It’s not too late to host a howl-i-day party for Fido and his friends. Here are some tips to getting it done with ease and without any er, dog fights. (trust me, I've been done, done that). Dog Proof Your Home Pet360 … [Read more...]

Join Fidose for Celebrity Catwalk to Help Dogs

Every year in Los Angeles & New York celebrities hit the catwalk for charity and lend their time and talent, raising funds & awareness for National Animal Rescue. This year, on Saturday, December 7th, Fidose of Reality will be making our mark in New York at the  Celebrity Catwalk Tinsel & Tails event, and YOU and your dog are invited. If you are in and/or around … [Read more...]