dog birthday party ideas
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Fun Ideas to Host a Dog Birthday Party

dog birthday party ideas

Dogs are members of the family, and every dog deserves his or her day, especially when that day is full of celebrating, cake, biscuits, games, presents, and cake! One of the most fun times a dog mom or dad can engage in involves hosting a dog birthday party. No one will think you have lost your marbles for wanting to host a birthday party for your dog; in fact, if they think you are a bit off kilter, then don’t invite that friend or relative. They don’t deserve any cake anyways, right!?

Dog birthday parties are all about getting creative. You can opt for a basic but memorable birthday party for your dog and his canine buddies or consider organizing your dog’s birthday party around a theme. Either way, the sky, budget, and memories are limitless. As an event planner, the most important three things to remember before getting started are:

  • Where do you want to host the party (indoors, outdoors, in someone’s back yard, your own basement, rental of a facility, what happens if it rains, etc)
  • How many guests will be invited of both the human and canine variety
  • Are the invited dogs, including your own, well behaved and accepting of other pets, people, and situations?

With those three questions answered, here are some ideas so that you can host a dog birthday party, make memories, and have an event that will long be talked about as the dog years roll along.

dog birthday party
Coco and Dexter having fun at the party

Location Location Location

When hosting a party where dogs are included, location is everything. Keep in mind that even the most well behaved dogs may mark their territory, so an outdoor location keeps this issue at bay. Some possibilities for a dog birthday party location include a backyard, the dog park (if they allow closed parties), or a training/daycare facility that rents space out. You’d be surprised how many facilities do this to bring in an extra income and to help serve the people in their community.

If you are worried about dog scuffles, ask people to keep their pets leashed and nearby.

Wherever you have the party, keep in mind that the area should be gated (preferably doubled gated) and the perimeter should be assessed so that dogs cannot escape. Things get hectic at parties, and I know this from hosting and attending dozens of dog-themed parties over the years.

Dog birthday party
Think ahead and know where to plan your dog’s birthday party.

Party Theme

A theme is probably one of the most fun elements of a birthday party. I happen to personally love a traditional birthday theme: Let the party and its activities speak for themselves.  You can visit your local party supply store and get ideas by walking the children’s birthday party aisle. If you do prefer a theme, here are a few ideas:

  • Snoopy or other dog cartoon characters
  • Bones and pawprints
  • Puppy love: Hearts and paws
  • Hawaiian luau
  • Royalty: Think kings, queens, princes, and princesses
  • Disney theme: Frozen anyone?
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Monster Trucks and Cars

Some of the greatest finds for dog birthday parties I purchase at party stores right around the holidays. Halloween is a great time to get supplies and themed items.

dog party
Parties for dogs can be a lot of fun.

Guest List

Once you have the guests determine, realize that you might want to put a limit on how many human guests, canine guests, and yes, kids, that you allow to the party. To be honest, I’ve had issues at events only when smaller children show up who may scream at, lunge towards, or frighten a dog. Be honest and direct in your invitation about kids and age limits. There are a variety of online invitations you can send out, but I love a good old fashioned hand written invitation on a cute card. Give folks an RSVP and let them know the theme, unless it’s a surprise.

dog birthday present
Expect lots of laughs when dogs open presents!

Plan the Events of the Day

Much like a child’s birthday party, you’ll want to keep the canine guests occupied at a dog birthday party in activities that won’t generate conflict. The last thing you want to do is allow dogs to gnaw on bones around each other. Dogs are notoriously nosy by nature and a seemingly innocent sniff towards a dog who is chewing on a bone may be misinterpreted and growling or snapping can ensue. Treats can be given to the dogs, and that is encouraged. But they should be shared by the pet parent and not given where scuffles can ensue. Always ask other pet parents if their dog can have a treat before feeding it. Some dogs have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients.

Dog birthday party ideas

Determine what games you will play. Here are a few dog games and activities to get the creative juices flowing:

Dog Limbo
Using a standard agility hurdle, dogs get their Caribbean groove on with this variation of “How low can you go?” fun. Let the music play while dogs walk under the limbo stick, lowering the bar a notch each round. The last dog to successfully go under the limbo stick without knocking it off wins.

Magical Mutt
Have each dog line up for some slight of hand and treat. Place a treat into one closed fist, keeping the other fist empty. Ask each dog, “Which hand?” When your dog touches its nose to the fist that contains the treat, reveal the treat and reward your dog. For a competitive spin, time each dog. The quickest canine is dubbed the winner.

Musical Mats
Set up a few mats on the floor, just as you would when playing the human counterpart version. Dogs must go to their mats and sit when the music stops. Before the music starts again, remove one mat. Owners may encourage their dogs, but no pushing or pulling is allowed. The last dog with a mat wins.

Scooby Says
Remember the childhood game “Simon Says”? Dogs form a line in front of the “barker.” As commands are given, each dog reacts. Use fun, basic commands like “Sit,” “Down” and “Stay.” The last dog remaining is named the champ.

Paint Like “Paw-casso”
Dogs channel their inner Rembrandt with this activity. Mix together cornstarch, flour, water and food coloring to a thickened consistency. Or alternatively, use nontoxic acrylic paint. Put paint on art paper, place plastic wrap on top of it and let Bowser walk all over it. Remove the plastic wrap, allow to air-dry, then proudly display.

Dexter says, “Let’s play the treat game, Mama!”
Take Home Goody Bags
Do this at the end so that guests can leave with a goodie bag and dive into it with their dog when they get home. Also, even the nicest and most well behaved of dogs might get a bit territorial when it comes to sharing their goodie bag items. I’ve been at a get together where each dog was given a bully stick but there were snarls and growls that ensued. Sometimes, dogs get a bit possessive and/or of the “Hey, I want what he’s eating” mentality. It’s best not to give treats to dogs in a group setting if those treats require chewing on for any period of time. Stick to biscuits and easily chewed/enjoyed snacks.
With that, here are some really unique dog party bag items that are sure to be a bit and will long be remembered. In fact, you’ll end up being “top dog” and guests will talk about them long after the last balloon is popped:
PetHub smart tags: I adore these tags and have several of them in different styles. With PetHub, you will have peace of mind that your pets will be protected with a QR code pet tag. If your pet goes missing, anyone with a smart phone can scan their tag, view your pet’s profile and get in contact with you.
And if you change addresses or phone numbers or want any number of things included in your dog’s profile, then you update the info online, and wha-la no need for a new tag.
Here are the customized tags PetHub created for my dog’s recent 7th birthday party with his littermates:
PetHub identification tags
This year, we opted for a low-calorie superfood treat from the folks at SMARTCOOKEE Company.

When selecting a treat for my dog and one we recommend to our readers, a six-stage approval process takes place:

F: Formed. Must be made in the USA.

I: Ingredients.  They must be easy to pronounce and something I would feed to my own dog and  his friends.

D: Digestible. The treats needs to be easy on the stomach, so free of preservatives and artificial colorings.

O:  Others. What are other folks in the pet world saying about the treats: We read the reviews others are writing, having tested the treat themselves.

S:  Selection. What is the variety offered, are there wheat/corn/soy-free options? Are there an array of flavors?

E: Eat it Ourselves. Would I consider eating the treat and recommend other humans on team Fidose do the same?

The SMARTCOOKEE Company treats are one calorie, made in the USA, infused with healthy chia seeds, and they are so good, even I eat them: Seriously, according to founder, Kelly Ison, you can microwave the treat for a few seconds for a yummy snack. It curbs my appetite for a cookie snack! And get ready for this: look at the packaging they designed for the bash. Consider a bag of these treats for your dog’s next party.

healthy dog treats

You can also fill the bag with a toy or ball.

Plan for down time at the party where folks can mingle, eat, and the dogs are not constantly in motion having to do something. Flexi-leashes are generally frowned upon at events because people may not realize the dog has so much slack. The bulky handle of a flexible leash has also been known to get dropped and the dog can dart away. When I host larger events, I do not allow Flexi-leashes for safety reasons.
Dogs who have never met before should not randomly meet in small quarters at a birthday party. Some dogs are possessive of their property, while others could care less. Use caution when introducing dogs and know the tell tale signs that a dog is stressed. Click here to learn how to prevent dog bites.
Be sure pets are kept with their parents and that counter and table surfing is avoided by keeping food indoors, allowing guests to come inside, get their food, and then return to tables outside. Alternatively, keep dogs at a safe distance from the food. All grills, barbecue equipment, alcohol, caffeinated products, etc should be safely away from dogs.
Beware the Sun
Not to be a party pooper, but dogs can and do get sunburn. Prevent this issue by having a canopy or covered area outside. I’ve been to parties where there are doggie pools, sprinklers, and cooling bandanas available to prevent overheating. If the party is during the fall or winter months, chances are it will be hosted indoors.
Let Them Eat Cake
Each year, we have a human cake and a doggie cake for our canine guest(s) of honor. Steer clear of sugar and chocolate if you plan to make a cake, and never use something like Xylitol as a sugar substitute, which can kill dogs.
I prefer to skip the baking and leave this task to the experts at Sweet Paws Bakery. We purchased a customized birthday cake that was both affordable and adorable (plus this dog mom tried it: YUM!).
Colleen O’Fallon does a fab job infusing Whole Wheat Flour, Baking Powder, Carob Chips, Peanut Butter, Eggs, and Honey into a tennis ball birthday cake for under $20! See:
dog birthday cake
Sweet Paws Bakery is located in Gainesville, Florida, but Colleen ships to arrive with ample time!  Check out the Sweet Paws Bakery Life’s a Ball cake here. There are a variety of cakes available, so be creative and let these folks do the work.
dog birthday cake
Dexter “blows” out his birthday cake candle

All Canine Guests Should Have

  • Access to fresh, clean water
  • Place(s) to relive themselves
  • An area to get away from the other canine guests if desired and just chill out: From a stress relief perspective, ensure dogs have a spot to get away and know what your dog is stressed or is being disturbed by another doggie guests. Diffuse any stressful situations before they escalate. It is best for unleashed dogs who are mingling to be familiar with coming to you when called


Have you ever hosted or attended a dog birthday (or other) party?

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  1. Looks like a great party. We have had friends over for birthday parties before and hold them in our yard with our homemade treats or cake. I am not so keen on it anymore, since the last time was my 7th birthday where a bunch of GBGV’s came to visit but Bailie stayed and never left. I’ve come to the conclusion after two years, she is here to stay, but I will have to always watch who we invite to parties from now on!

  2. That cake looks awesome! And I love all of the game ideas. 🙂

    Ginger (my mom’s dog) turned 10 this year and so she got extra treats and presents and we celebrated a bit more than usual!


    1. The cake was oh so good and even this dog mom had some – yummy frosting, too.

      Happy Belated Birthday to Ginger!!!

  3. Yes, Dogs are one of the cutest members of our family. The outdoor location is the best option with an organized theme. Goody Bag, Magical Mutt, Dog Limbo all are great ideas to have an amazing dog birthday party. Thanks for sharing.

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