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Dogs of Hurricane Maria One Year Later: A Personal Story

With the one year anniversary of Hurricane Maria here, it brought me back to when food, water, cash, power and communications were nearly impossible to come by. Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017. Once the Hurricane passed, the real pain set him. Streets that were once well lit and safe became dark and dangerous. There was looting. There were random … [Read more...]

The Bigot and the Butterfly

This is the story of the bigot and the butterfly and it does involve dogs. Why oh why do people who have nothing nice to say choose to verbalize disdain for my dog in a public setting? This dog blog is all about health, wellness, and a dose of humor now and then, too. This includes emotional and mental well being, so when a bigot recently crossed my path: First thwarting … [Read more...]

Dog Healthcare Headlines For Pet Parents

Fidose of Reality strives to bring you current dog healthcare and wellness use you can use. There have been quite a few stories generating interest in the dog world of late, many of them involving keeping dogs healthy, both physically and mentally. How many of these stories have you heard about? Read on, and then go hug your dog...or weigh in: Science Says Dogs … [Read more...]

How Don Draper is Like a Dog

Don Draper is a dog to be exact, but a dog nonetheless. With the historic vintage-inspired step back in time show, Mad Men, coming to a close, Fidose of Reality can't help but notice the similarities between Don Draper, ad man extraordinaire and Dexter Bryant, PR pooch magnate. Here then, we draw the eerie similarities between the cool, sophisticated Don and the … [Read more...]

How to Stop Puppy Mills

"Green beans, peach pie, Akita puppies." If only I had my cell phone with me when I recently came upon that sign outside of a picturesque Amish country road leading up to a seemingly charming house. Journalism Rules 101: Have a camera with you at all times. Which I had failed to do. The words etched on that sign, however, are an eternal snapshot in my mind. Seeing that … [Read more...]

Dogs Love Gays and You Should Too

“She’s staying home alone with the dog while her significant other visits her family on Easter,” my friend shared. “Well, at least she has her dog with her and won’t be totally alone,” I reassured. “Carol, they’ve been together 15 years, it shouldn’t be this way.” Her significant other is a woman, and I was asked that if I blog about them, not to reveal their names. I … [Read more...]

Royal Fever Goes to the Dogs

Royal fever has gone to the dogs! Her Majesty is famous for the love she has for her two favorite corgis Holly and Willow. She is often pictured with them and  likes to take care of them herself. They usually accompany the Queen to her various residencies and are, on rare occasion, left to the cares of Her Majesty’s staff. The Queen has been very passionate about her Corgis … [Read more...]

Could Your Dog Have Panniculitis?

In an ongoing effort to share real news from real dog parents in order to help Fidose of Reality readers, today we proudly present a true story of a life-threatening illness that plagued Thurmie, the Dachshund of Devri King of Kansas. Here, in her own words and pictures, Devri shares the tale of Thurmie's panniculitis diagnosis. In early April of this year, I noticed a large … [Read more...]

Something is Wrong in the Dog Pound

I am a fan of pro football. I love sitting down on a Sunday with my family, which includes our dog, and watching pro football. I do not enjoy dogs being used as mascots for football (or any other sporting) games. And now something is wrong in the dog pound. I am glad I am not a Cleveland Browns fan.  It is with great sadness that the Browns revealed their new mascot, since … [Read more...]

Ten Creative Ways to Save Dogs Lives

This year alone, 4 million pets will wind up in a United States shelter this year and sadly, more than a million of them will die. Something needs to be done, as this is an epidemic of the most horrific proportions. Here's what you can do that is actionable and doable: Be creative.  Ask any shelter worker who watches the faces of dogs in need day after day what it takes to get … [Read more...]