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Dealing With Guilt From The Accidental Death Of My Dog

When a dog dies, often times the ones left behind feel full of guilt. The death of my dog forever changed me. When my Brandy Noel was euthanized, it took me many years to stop feeling like I failed her and ultimately killed her. After all, I knowingly allowed a veterinarian to end her life while I stood by, signed the papers, and watched as she drifted away … [Read more...]

My Deceased Dog Connected With Me In The Twilight Zone

If you believe in miracles and dogs who have passed on sending us postcards and signs from the Rainbow Bridge, then stick around. Recently, my deceased dog came to me through the Twilight Zone. Anyone who has ever suffered the loss of a beloved dog, or any animal for that matter, I empathize, sympathize, and walk this path of hell with you. Wounded warriors we are: All this … [Read more...]

How to Get Over the Death of a Dog

If you arrived at this post, your dog has either died or at some point, like all living beings, he or she will pass away. You want to know how to get over the death of a dog and the fact of the matter is this: You don’t. Your identity as a loving dog parent evolves from the physical presence of a dog in your life to the eventual understanding, albeit it kicking and screaming, … [Read more...]

The Miracle of Dog Mountain and Dog Chapel

In the heart of Vermont, dogs are welcome to explore the green, lush land of Dog Mountain and its accompanying attractions that are Dog Chapel and the Stephen Huneck Art Gallery. There are miracles on this property: I recently witnessed not one, not two, but three miracles on Dog Mountain. If you are a dog lover, add this destination to your must visit bucket list for both … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Dog with Irritable Bowel Disease: Final Chapter

These are the final pages of the diary of this dog mom who stood in a state of shock, disbelief, and numbing silence as my Cocker Spaniel of nearly 15 years was ushered out of her body. This is the final blog post in this 5-part series about having a dog with irritable bowel disease (IBD). I look back over pages and pages of notes. I read through the dated entries in a log … [Read more...]

How to Stop Dog Grief

The worst part of being a dog parent is knowing you will more than likely outlive your dog. There is no magic way to stop dog grief and if you are a pet parent reading this who has lost a dog, it is with great sadness yet openness that I welcome you to this article. “Carol, you seem so self-assured and were able to get past the loss of your dog. How did you do it?” That … [Read more...]

What Dog Parents Really Need When a Dog Dies

The passing of a beloved dog is one of the most harrowing and upsetting losses a dog parent will ever experience: This I know from first-hand knowledge.  There are things dog parents really need when a dog dies: Compassion, love, and someone to truly understand and be there for them. The death of a dog is something we all will face and yet it is a topic I dread writing … [Read more...]

The Reality of an Online Dog Friend Dying

How many pet parents and friends do you have thanks to social media? Are they dog moms and dog dads who perhaps you have never met...and quite possibly, you never will? Using my own personal experience as a guidepost, I bet many of you who are reading this have tight connections with folks you have "bonded" with through social media. There is a tendency to feel closer to … [Read more...]

Everlasting Memories Created by a Dog’s Love

It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are. - Anonymous Anonymous really knew his or her stuff. He or she probably knows a thing or two … [Read more...]

Spot of Sanity: Ode to Shasta Rose

December, 1992, brought a special creature into my life. Shasta Rose was an unsocialized puppy mill Cocker Spaniel from a pet shop. Even at just 16 weeks, this little red beauty was terrified of people. I frequently went into the pet shop to buy supplies for my two cats. Of course, I always had to say hello to the puppies. Because of Lady and the Tramp, I usually gravitated … [Read more...]