safe flea and tick prevention
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Safe Ways to Prevent Fleas and Ticks

safe flea and tick prevention

It’s time for the 2015 edition of safe ways to prevent fleas and ticks from attacking and/or attaching their nasty selves to your dog.

We’ve come a long way since flea collars and chemical-based spot on treatments that can actually do more harm than good for dogs. It’s 2015 and we do better because we know better. I am not a scientist, but I am a dog mom who knows the folks who know better. Because of life experience, talking to the pros, researching and doing my homework, I can honestly say that my dog is flea and tick free thanks to this approach. My approach to safer flea and tick prevention may change from time to time, as newer items hit the market and I find something works better for our dog.

I only use on my dog what I would use on myself. It’s the way I live my life and it serves me well. Here is the 2015 edition of what we use on our dog as a safe way to prevent fleas and ticks.

(1) Only Natural Pet Easy Defense Flea & Tick Tag

How can a little tag seriously prevent fleas and ticks from calling my dog their home? The EasyDefense tag from Only Natural Pet is treated with a bio-energetic process and sealed in an electro-magnetic shielded envelope. When opened and placed on your pet, it uses your pet’s own inherent energy to send out frequencies that repel pests.

I put it on Dexter’s collar at the beginning of flea and tick season and I let it there until the end of the year. Packaging instructions note that it begins working in three weeks and it lasts up to a full year. Your dog simply wears it on his or her collar like any other tag. No dangerous chemicals or harmful pesticides are involved.

I used this all of last year and am using it again this year. In conjunction with the other things we used to keep pests away, this little magic tag seems to be working with flying colors. It runs around fifty bucks, but if your dog gets fleas or ticks, I guarantee you the cost on your dog’s health is a whole lot more than that.

only natural pet

(2) Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Squeeze-On 

I am not a fan of topical spot-ons because the last time I used them on a dog, havoc ensued. I kid you not: The topical burned her fur right off her back and it never grew back.

Though the Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense looks like the little tubes of poison I refuse to put on my dog, this product contains NO harmful chemicals. So far, it’s been effective against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. I no longer use products on my dog I wouldn’t first use on myself, and this herbal defense fits the bill.

Active Ingredients are Geraniol 0.93% and Peppermint oil 0.1%. Inert Ingredients: Almond oil 98.97%.  According to the folks at ONP, geraniol is 400% more effective than citronella at repelling fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, which will help protect your dog from serious health issues. It is a bit oily and goes on like a typical between the shoulder blades topical. I recommend putting an old sheet or two down on furniture for the first day or two where your dog sleeps or rests. It is a pleasant scent and by day three, on our furry Cocker Spaniel the oiliness disappears. Three vials costs under $20 and we are very happy with the product thus far.  Here’s the link: Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Squeeze On 

ONP spot on

(3) Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

I do not use all of these products together. We do, however, use them depending on the situation. I am a forever fan of food grade DE (diatomaceous earth). It safely kills fleas in the pet’s bedding, carpet, furniture, etc. Very reasonably priced, but you must use it at least daily if you plan to do any outdoor activity with your dog. Never place near the dog’s head or face. Also people should not breathe it in.  I sprinkle it on my hands and then rub into my dog’s coat and onto his skin, legs, back, belly, etc. Never the face. “DE” is fossilized remains of microscopic shells that act as shards of glass to winged insects. So fleas and ticks cannot become immune to the stuff, unlike harsh chemicals.

Shards of glass will always be just that: shards of glass. I sprinkle this onto my hand and into my dog’s coat. Bonus: Word has it that this is a good bedbug deterrent, so I like traveling with it, too. It is not a one-time usage and then move on: This must be applied as needed.   I use this when we travel and under the belly if we are heading near woods or any heavy tree areas.  Mostly we use on the belly and legs these days.

You can pick this up on or any other number of retailers. Just be sure it is the food grade.

food grade DE

(4) Wondercide Natural Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Control

I read about this liquid preventative on a variety of dog blogs last year, and I decided to give it a try this year. Made with non-toxic, food-grade ingredients, it is safe and effective for pets of all ages and sizes: including puppies! Available options are cedar or cedar and lemongrass scent. I did not want my dog to smell like the inside of my storage closet. Guess what? He doesn’t! We used this three times so far this season on treks to the state park.

Wondercide is not oily, the smell dissipates with time but the efficacy remains. It is not overpowering and yours truly actually put some on her arms and legs. I came back to the car with not one mosquito bite after a nice long walk near woods and deer! You can even spray this onto a flea and watch it go bye bye.

safe flea and tick prevention

So that’s our 2015 plan of attack. We couple this with a healthy diet, daily brushing, and one to two baths a month (unless my dirt-prone pooch finds a mud puddle). A healthy dog tends not to be a flea magnet. I also carry a tick key with me, just in case. This $5 investment pays for itself the first time you use it. This will remain our routine unless we exchange something out or something else comes out that is safe and effective against ticks and fleas.

All of the above are DEET free – never use DEET on a dog. There are no glove needed to apply, and fleas and ticks are staying away. This has been a great pest-free summer.

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QUESTION: What are you using to keep fleas and ticks away from your dog(s)?  

Dexter teeth
My happy boy!

Note: We were not compensated for any of these reviews. We believe in sharing information about products that work for us at Fidose of Reality. We cannot guarantee the same results and make no claims to this. Always check with your pet’s veterinarian for any health issues or concerns.

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  1. I’d love to try these! This is always a challenge to us because we do have young kids who love to hug the dog, so we do have to give them a break from that. Flea and tick prevention is too important, though.

    1. Tamara, that is such a good point – we as people are touching and hugging our pets and this means safety for the human folk also. 😉

  2. Great to know! We’ve never had to battle fleas or ticks, I FIRMLY believe its because of the flea drops but Ticks? They freak me out I just recently learned all about them and ick!

  3. I have never heard of this particular flea and tick tag. $50.00 is a bit high, but the cost is far greater is your pet becomes flea and tick infested. I am going to order one of these tonight. Awesome information. I use DE on my dog, and I’ve used it ever since you recommended it years ago. It has been 100% effective for the last three years. Great info as usual.

  4. Carol, I love that you wrote about the magnetic field tag. I first became aware of this concept five years ago when we first got Sophie. I still have the little red and white one I bought for her. Everyone thought I was nutso, but it worked! We were living in NYC and only went out of it a couple of times, but no fleas nor ticks. I love Wondercide and have become a big customer, living in South Florida now. It totally works for the dogs and for us. As soon as I spray the pups and rub it in, the scratching stops. Bam! And, we have the lawn and garden one with a sprayer which has worked great for pest control in the backyard. Thinking about buying the diatomaceous earth for their beds, etc., but the Wondercide works there, too, and doesn’t stain anything. Love that stuff and will be writing about it soon! Thanks!

    1. I heard about Wondercide from you and a few other bloggers, Jody, so thanks for that. I love its seeming weightlessness and how it goes on easily and not oily. Food-grade DE has been a staple here for years. We even travel with it.

  5. I want you to know I just yesterday ordered the Only Natural Pet flea and tick tag, which I’d first heard about through your previous article. I sure hope it works! I also use a pure grad red geranium essential oil on my dog for ticks that truly works. Now to attack those fleas with the same natural vengeance!

    1. Keep me posted, Ruth. It takes a few weeks to work to its maximum efficacy, but then if the dog takes the collar off (as I do with Dex indoors), be sure it is nearby the dog. I keep it on the nightstand at night. Happy to have helped. We’ve been successful thus far and this is our second year using it in combo with the others mentioned.

  6. I’m guessing the Only Natural Products are similar to Mosquito Repellent but like a Flea Repellent. The worst thing is about Ticks is once they attach to Pets they also become members of the home

  7. it is so important to get your dogs covered for fleas and ticks – especially in the summer months. We used to find little ticks on our dog all the time and she even had collars

  8. I did not know that Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth was a good bed-bug deterrent too! I’m going to keep that in mind when we travel!

  9. We don’t have fleas in Vegas so my dog isn’t treated BUT when I lived in Seattle….oh my. I worked in a pet store for years and we all used pyrthrins to deter fleas. But anyone can reintroduce them to a clean house. I had no idea the flea world had gone more natural – VERY happy to see this!

  10. I love how natural products can work better than chemicals. So important to keep our canine friends safe from bugs and chemicals.

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