Club Cocker Wigglebutts Worldwide

Club Cocker Wigglebutts Worldwide Launches

Club Cocker Wigglebutts Worldwide

Calling all Cocker Spaniel lovers: Club Cocker: Wigglebutts Worldwide officially launches today! This group is found on Facebook and is a home for Cocker Spaniel lovers to learn and share about health, wellness, and lifestyle of Cocker Spaniels.

Most online Cocker-related groups focus don’t focus on the health, wellness, and lifestyle of Cocker Spaniels. Club Cocker: Wigglebutts Worldwide DOES.

This is a group for Cockers and their canine friends, so are welcome to join if you love Cocker Spaniels but do not presently have a Cocker in your life but the focus is on Cockers. Of course, a lot of the health and wellness issues of cockers affect other breeds and mixed breed dogs, but this group will focus on Cockers and their well-being/lifestyle!

Why Club Cocker?

My heart beats dog® (yes, I own the trademark on that), and it sing songs in perfect rhythm for Cocker Spaniels.

When Cocker parents have questions, they tend to come to me. When we host fundraisers, they are generally toward Cocker Spaniels. Even the fundraising arm of the Fidose of Reality blog is called Wigglebutt Warriors. Wigglebutt comes from the motion of the Cocker Spaniel. They don’t wag: They shake their booties in a Wigglebutt fashion.

My Heart Beats Dog

Is This Group a Substitute For Veterinary Care?

No. Discussing things here is not the same as discussing them with your veterinarian or veterinary specialist. This group does not take the place of veterinary care. This group and its members are here to share their experiences in the world of Cocker Spaniels, pertaining to their health/wellness and lifestyle.

I have been a member of many communities and dog forums throughout my life, and one thing resonates: Sometimes a shared experience can help another member. You may learn something here that can help your dog, enhance your life, and make you an even more paw-some Cocker parent.

Cocker Spaniel mom

Who Am I and What Makes Me Qualified?

You can read all about me here. I also travel and attend dog-related events, galas, expos, trade shows, and I am heavily ensconced in the Cocker world. Along with my spouse, we fundraise for dogs, mostly Cockers, but we have helped many non-Cockers over the years. I know experts, I talk to them, I am in their company, and I have access to a great number of resources. Rather than keep all this to myself, this group is born.  The moderators of this group are myself and my wife of 25 years, Darlene Bryant, who is one of the most pawtastic dog lovers and Cocker moms on the planet.

Oh, and Gayle King was really digging my dog, Dexter, when we appeared on Oprah Radio’s Gayle King Show. Listen here:

Meeting Gayle King and appearing on Oprah Radio


Are Cockers in My Life?

A life without a Cocker just isn’t living for me. Dexter is my heart shaper, love keeper, treat beggar, bone burier, ball player, and life change.

My first Cocker Spaniel is Brandy Noel. As a little girl, I fell in love with Cocker Spaniels after seeing one in “The Big Book of Dogs.” She had a flower in her hair, gently positioned right behind her ear. I wanted one. My first dog as an adult was a Cocker Spaniel, Brandy Noel, whom I miss every single day. Brandy, be proud my love, I am writing your legacy.

Dogs bring us such joy

How to Join Club Cocker Wigglebutts Worldwide

The group is gated, meaning you can find it on Facebook but only approved members can get in. Simply answer a few questions and that’s it.

Join Club Cocker Wigglebutts Worldwide here.

Are There Rules in The Group?

Any group needs rules to function, so of course Club Cocker has rules.

Club Cocker Wigglebutts Worldwide

What To Expect in Club Cocker Wigglebutts Worldwide

This group will have random giveaways, exclusive contests, along with sharing content to help your Cocker Spaniels live longer, happier lives. In addition, watch for regular ongoing content including:

Mondays: Cocker Blog Post and Discussion
Tuesdays: Touch Me Tuesday
Wednesdays: Wigglebutt Wednesday: Photos and videos with a theme
Thursdays: Cockers Lost and Found
Fridays: Friday Finds: An offer, a giveaway, a spotlight item, and more!

This doesn’t mean you can’t post things on those days. In fact, we want you to post! Keep reading….

What Can I Post In The Group?

  • Cocker Spaniel health and wellness questions, behavioral things, too!
  • Photos of your Cocker Spaniels, of course!
  • Places you go with your Cocker Spaniel
  • Everyday Cocker Spaniel life
  • Cocker Spaniel pop culture, things in the dog news world
  • Discussions related to the weekly Cocker Spaniel blog topic
  • Photos of Cocker Spaniels who have crossed to the Rainbow Bridge
  • Resources that have helped your Cocker Spaniel (no selling nor blatant advertising)

Dog lover shop

Is There Merchandise for Sale?

Yes, we have a store and we have an exclusive Club Cocker Wigglebutts Worldwide limited edition magnet for purchase in the store. We will be growing our line, too! Shop for dog lover items here.

Are There Cocker Spaniel Resources?

Yes, check the FILES section of the group for the document titled Cocker Spaniel Health and Wellness Resources. This is a growing file section and you can also search the archives of, this blog.

Club Cocker Wigglebutts Worldwide

How About Giveaways and Contests?

We love to make dog lovers of the highest order happy, and Cocker parents rock! Watch for exclusive giveaways, surprises, Friday finds, holiday fun, a Christmas exchange and so much more.

Once we hit 50 members, we will do our first giveaway in the group! In September, we will have our first photo contest with prizes!

Anything Big On the Horizon?

Of course! This holiday season we’re hoping to share some huge news for you to help us eradicate a nasty Cocker Spaniel health problem.

AND We will be livestreaming from one of America’s only pet-friendly amusement parks, Knoebels, on Sunday, September 10th, for the sold-out Wigglebutts Wonderland fundraiser to benefit San Diego Spaniel Rescue.

Watch for Live Facebook events, in depth coverage of Cocker health and wellness topics, and we will surprise you to go live and answer questions. Each week, a member’s dog will be crowned Wigglebutt of the Week, too! All of this is exclusive to members of Club Cocker Wigglebutts International.

enter to win

Giveaway to Kick Off the Club Cocker Wigglebutts Worldwide Launch


We want to give away a prize pack of goodies to one lucky Club Cocker member. This giveaway starts now and ends in a week. One person will get a surprise pack of dog lover goodies. Entering is easy, see below. For this one, USA only. But when we run giveaways in the group, they will be worldwide.  Click for Rules.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Great interview with Gayle. I feel the same way since my pets passed away…like a piece of me is missing. This is why I know I’ll adopt again for sure. I can’t imagine my life without another pet(s).

  2. i have 3 gals, sorry 2, my oldest passes away on friday. i cant get used to saying 2, been saying 3 for almost 10 yrs. Tressa is 8 and Harley is 7, Evie would have been 16 on 9-12-17. i cant read your article now. i am too upset. thank you.

  3. Lucy, Holly & I are wagging (and wiggling) our butts off with sheer joy and happiness for the opportunity to join this awesome group! We have loved and admired Carol, Dar and Dex for many years. We were swooning like rock star groupies when we got to finally meet all 3 of them in person this year! Such a loving, wonderful family! Fantastic! I have received lots of helpful and exceptional information about so many topics from Carol and Fidose of Reality, and I am so grateful to her for providing this incredible and invaluable resource! Congrats and thanks again for letting us join in this adventure with all the other amazing pet paWrents and their wonderful furbabies!

  4. Taffy is very excited about hanging out with all the other fancy Cockers! She thinks it’s time she gets the respect she deserves around here as a pure breed. There is just way too much attention spread around the house about Dachshunds, kitchen towels, prints, eveyrthing, and she’s not even a real Dachshund!

  5. I have two Boston’s, Junebug and Cain. And our youngest is a Boston/chihuahua mix. I’m as passionate for Boston’s as you are Cockers!

  6. I knew you loved Cockers but I didn’t realize you have since childhood! That’s amazing you knew the breed that spoke to you most at such a young age. Congrats on starting this wonderful group! Cocker parents are in for a treat!

  7. Love my 2 awesome rescue cockers. Rosie and Daisy are beautiful sweet 9 year old black and white cockers. They have our hearts forever, ❤

  8. What a fabulous group! Love that ALL Cocker Spaniels as well, as their other breed and species, family members are welcomed into the group, with no judgement, YAY! I am so enjoying, seeing all the photos of so many gorgeous, Conformation Cockers as well as photos of Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Barn hunt, CGC, Service and Assistance Cockers! OMG, all the wonderful photos of Cockers on vacation with their families or just like mine, playing ball in the backyard, eating an ice cream cone or taking a well deserved snooze on the sofa! Thank you Carol and Darlene for starting this group and sharing all of our photos, proving to the world, that a Cocker Spaniel is not “just a pet” not just beautiful, but intelligent, creative, skilled, active and most of all, a loved member of our families!

  9. My second time around owning a cocker!! My girl Gabi is about 9 years old who I rescued from our city animal shelter 3 years ago. We also have a cavalier king Charles named Jagger, who we also rescued from a shelter. They are best buddies.

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