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Can Shampoo Harm or Kill Your Dog?


Dog food, dog treats, flea and tick prevention: These product categories have all been given a closer than usual scrutiny in recent years, and with valid reason. We know that certain ingredients can cause our canine family members to get sick or worse. Dog shampoo is no different.

But what about the ingredients in pet shampoo? Have you considered whether what we use to lather, rinse, and repeat on Fido is really all that good for him? Not all shampoos for pets are created equal, and moreover, many of them could actually harm your dog.

Get the inside scoop and tips in my feature article for Dogster magazine: Dog Shampoo Can Be More Hazardous Than You Think


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  1. This is totally TRUE! With no winter to freeze, Hawaii has warm, humid weather year-round, creating the perfect breeding ground for the dreaded FLEA! I have religiously treated our 5-year old mutt ever since she was old enough, and ironically enough, she still got fleas. We then switched her to a different brand but she still would get a few fleas after coming home from the beach. After doing some further research, I realized that perhaps it wasn’t the effectiveness of the flea prevention but the shampoo we were using. We switched to all natural shampoo and she hasn’t gotten a single flea since! Now we can still take her to the beach every weekend and remain flea-free.

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