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What To Use for Itchy Dog Skin

Natural Paws

Itchy dog skin is no fun, Elyse Horvath was tired. Her Cocker Spaniel’s paw pads were worn down, rough, and cracked, and the dog ended up licking her feet over and over. Despite looking high and low for products to help soothe her dog’s paw issues, anything Horvath found was full of chemicals and could easily be absorbed into the dog’s bloodstream.

A lightbulb moment occurred, and Horvath formed Natural Paws® to help dogs feel better naturally.

We see a lot of products in the course of a year here at Fidose of Reality, so it’s not often we write about something that we not only use but feel comfortable recommending to our readers. Natural Paws has a line of products that we’ve been using for a few months, with great results.

No one paid us to tell you this, so keep in mind that our experience is just that: Our own. We cannot guarantee the same results, but we would implore you to check out the topicals that Horvath’s team makes to help dogs with a variety of issues.

Healthy dog products

Are These Products Researched?

I never use something on my dog unless I am sure that due diligence has been performed. Horvath tells me that all of the Natural Paws formulations are made with the help of a peptide chemist, who has studied Zoology, Anthropology, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Chemistry.

She makes amazing natural products for humans, and has started a cancer research institute (also for humans). Horvath is a self-admitted dog fanatic, so she finds the needs, chooses the aromatherapies and how the products should feel (ie lotion vs. essential oil vs. pure tea), does the safety research to make sure the ingredients are safe for topical use on dogs, as well as safe to be licked. She also consults with a veterinary team to ensure she did proper due diligence.

Ear Issues

My dog, Dexter, is a Cocker Spaniel, a breed known for ear issues. Due to the long, floppy nature of a Cocker ear, yeast and bacteria tend to form deep in the canal where the dark and moist environment provides a perfect atmosphere for the junk to form. I am happy to report that my dog has never had an ear infection(until recently due to antibiotic side effect), thanks to my keeping his ears clean with a weekly rinse and keep the hair on the outside of his ear professionally groomed, see?

Dog clean ears

The key to preventing an ear infection in dogs is to make sure the ear is clean. Natural Paws makes an EARoma product that is a sprayable ear wash. I was thrilled to see this product is available because putting a liquid down into a dog’s ear is not the world’s most pleasant experience. Necessary, yes; pleasant: Not so much. I always feel like the bad mommy doing this.

EARoma by Natural Paws is sprayable. It is designed to cleanse, soothe, and disinfect a dog’s ear. What I love about:

  • Alcohol free
  • Spray bottle
  • Anti-viral and anti-fungal
  • Made with organic herbs and oils
  • Can be used weekly or as needed, following labeling instructions

We have been using this product for about 3 weeks now, and Dexter does not mind it, plus his ears smell and look great!

Itchy Dog Skin

If your dog has itchy skin, there’s a Natural Paws solution for that. Always be sure to determine what the nature of your dog’s itching is in addition to providing soothing treatment.

Ditch The Itch is made without the use of steroids or chemicals. Horvath says, “Simply shake it up, spray it wherever your dog is itchy, and give your dog a wink, because you know he’s about to breathe a sigh of relief. Use as often as needed, knowing that like all of our products, Ditch the Itch contains only organic plant ingredients which are safe if licked.”

Dog itchy skin spray


Our dog has seasonal allergies and we’ve identified some food sensitivities. Since we had a mild winter thus far for the most part, Dexter had some itching due to vagrant leaves lying around. I simply squirted a few pumps of the Ditch The Itch spray on Dexter’s paws in between baths, and within a few moments he was not itching any longer!

winning dog

Contest Closed and the Winners Are:

Lenny Glickman


Lauren Miller

These products sound fantastic because they are. I genuinely appreciate when a dog lover decides to do the leg work and create a more natural product that dog parents can feel comfortable using on their beloved pups.

To celebrate good health for all dogs, we encourage you to hop over to the Natural Paws website to see the entire line, which is affordably and nicely priced.

We also encourage you to enter to win one of two Allergy Care Packs we are giving away, which includes:

  • One EARoma ear wash
  • One Ditch the Itch spray
  • One GentlePaws™ product

Natural Paws products

To enter, simply visit the entry form below, where you can enter every day for the next two weeks. Good luck.

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  1. I would love to try the Ditch the Itch spray. Both my dogs have allergies & will scratch until they make themselves sore! Ears are a real problem area, so the earwash would be awesome also.

  2. My dog scratches constantly and I am at my wits end. I would love be to see if Ditch the Itch would help alleviate the itchiness.

  3. Awesome give away! This time of year, here in Maine, between the weather and the indoor heat, the dogs always tend to get dry itchy skin, It would be great to win this 🙂 Not to mention I am a pet groomer and am always looking for new products to use on my clients as well 🙂

  4. My dog has some seasonal itchiness and I always feel so bad for him, but this sounds like something that would definitely help because I’m also not a fan of chemicals.

  5. Since we have tried everything on the market we are excited to give the natural products a try. Right now we have to take Atopica
    Lily & Edward

  6. I totally need some of this for my dog. She constantly is itching her skin and developing sores and the doctors can’t figure out why. At least if I can offer her some relief from the itching I would feel better.

  7. Oh wow, I need to check this out! My dog definitely gets the itch. My mum has been making him a little spray which works well, but it would be handy to have something on hand just in case

  8. Well now this an easy answer..DITCH THE ITCH since Coco has such bad allergies and is known to always being itchy!!!!

  9. I have four rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds. One of the things that makes my hounds so adorable is their long, floppy ears. Yet, it’s the fact that their ears are long that leads to increased ear issues, and I have to keep their ears clean and dry to prevent infections. I’d most like to try the EARoma ear wash.

  10. i would like to try the Tender Paws since my youngest likes to chew sometimes. i have tried trace minerals per the vet to see if she is lacking but not seem to help, her feathers turn brown .

  11. I will look for this at our pet store. Our lab always gets itchy in the winter. This would work great for her skin and for her paws! They get so dried out!

    1. They have merchandise actually located in pet stores and veterinarians, mostly in AZ, CO, and CA but quickly adding more. You can buy online, too.

  12. The EARoma ear wash appeals to us. Our senior Boston Terrier has ear issues that come and go. Keeping his ears clean makes a big difference and this product sounds like it would be easy to use and help,

  13. My dog Summer has a few issues, and scratching/itching is one of them. I mean we all get an occasional itch here and there. She doesn’t have any redness or flaky skin….so i’m thinking she might benefit from the One Ditch Itch Spray on occasion

  14. Great Review! Nala has itchy paws and sometimes obsessively licks her paws so I would love to try the Ditch the Itch spray or the TenderPaws spray for her but all of their products look fantastic.

  15. I would love to try the Earoma. My pups swim a lot in the summer & this would be great to keep them from getting infected.

  16. It’s a toss up between EARoma and Ditch the Itch. My bother’s dog, Jake, (who I have been taking care of for over a year as my brother is overseas) has both ear and skin issues. He has patches of skin on his side that get very dry especially in the winter and he has floppy ears that need to be cleaned regularly. We also use an ear rinse and an all natural spray product that would soothe and rid his ears of yeast buildup would be a godsend!

  17. Bears needs the Ditch the Itch spray He itches his back on the bed rails so that his skin get raw then scabby His tests all come out ok I shampoo him with oatmeal and aloe shampoo nothing works I and Bears so need this

  18. I actually did some beta testing on this product with Rosa. Rosa was so itchy and miserable, especially when the cold set in. I can’t stress enough how much this helped her- especially her paws. It’s been a little miracle on my kitchen counter ever since! I can’t recommend it enough!

  19. I woild live to try the itchy spray for my shih tzu. My poor Bandit is always scratching and we’ve tried everything.

  20. Ditch the Itch would be the one that I would most like to try on my Caesar. Thankfully my other dog, Cleo, has no issues.

  21. Laiya my Sheprador was only itchy in the summers but this year it didnt go away! Shes constantly itchy and with all the research i thought most deff it was seasonal outdoor allergies but the places she itches have now grown to include those that are common with food allergies as well! Not to mention the cracked dry paws! She really needs a dose of a cpl if not all your product! I love that dog so much it breaks my heart to see her miserable! Shes so sweet, and shs such a flirt, last thing i want is to see her hurt!

  22. I was so sick of itchy skin that I would try anything but I now use the Aloe & Jojoba Therapy from Made From Earth. It has calmed my itchy skin it has a nice smell not over powering.

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