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How to Become a Therapy Dog

Lucy is not ordinary therapy dog. Her story is the stuff  of which feel good dog movies are made. “A large brown Cocker Spaniel came into the shelter,” the volunteer at Oklahoma City Animal Shelter said. Days passed and no claimed this sweet girl with a happy attitude. June and Mike Myers weren’t looking to adopt another dog, especially after the loss of their beloved … [Read more...]

Spot of Sanity Shares Veterinary Conference Insider Info

This past week I attended the 5 day Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, in order to renew my Registered Veterinary Technician license. Because of my dog Poppy’s special needs, my mom and Poppy came along to Vegas as well. Poppy loved that her Grammie was with her while I was at lectures. Mom dropped me off in the mornings and took Poppy socializing at the hotel or at a … [Read more...]

Banning Courtroom Therapy Dogs

Order in the court! In a recent Poughkeepsie, New York, courtroom, one dog has created quite the uproar. Courtroom therapy dogs being banned? Could it be true? Rosie is a Golden Retriever who helped comfort a 15-year-old girl during a recent case. The girl claimed her father raped her, resulting in pregnancy. When the teenager broke down and was visibly upset, Rosie was … [Read more...]