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Should My Dog Sleep In Bed With Me

Should my dog sleep in bed with me? The question was innocent enough. I attended a pet expo in Allentown in October, and a very lovely dog mom approached our expo booth to ask if it was somehow “out of pack order” to allow her dog to stay with her on the bed. “I feel comforted when she is with me,” she explained. “My husband is a truck driver and so the dog is good company … [Read more...]

The Dangers of Sleeping With Dogs

Is it dangerous for dogs to sleep with us? Every now and again this debate rears its canine head, and we've seen it floating around our blogosphere travels lately. So let's open up the great dog sleeping with human debate, shall we? The danger of sleeping with dogs in our household are but one: That we wake up chilly at 3 am because Dexter has all the covers. Let sleeping … [Read more...]