Dog Thyroid Problem or Dog Obesity

Behavioral issues, lethargy, and weight gain are all signs of a dog thyroid problem. Often times, dog parents will attribute canine weight gain to feeding too many treats, too much dog food, and/or not enough exercise. As dog mom who has shared life with a hypothyroid dog, I know all too well about the signs, symptoms, and often misdiagnosis of obesity when, in fact, the … [Read more...]

How to Safely Help Your Overweight Dog Lose Weight

It's a topic that sends chills up the spine of dog parents everywhere: Fat pets. No one wants to admit their dog is overweight, but someone has to approach the topic. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reveals that 57.9% of cats and 52.7% of dogs are overweight or obese. That's astounding. Many veterinarians don't approach the sensitive topic with their clients because … [Read more...]

Do Overweight Dogs Have Overweight Owners

I lost 40 pounds by gaining 25. During my fast paced life of working part time, attending college as an adult full time, and being a then closeted wife with an active Cocker Spaniel, my eating habits were less than stellar. I did not overeat, but when I did eat, I chose fast food and less than healthy selections. Enter my Cocker Spaniel and she literally got me out of the … [Read more...]

The Overweight Dog Epidemic

Do you have an overweight dog? This is a very sensitive topic for many dog moms and dads, and I can relate. Despite all of my intentions and wanting to do right by my dog, he still managed to gain a few unnecessary pounds. I was over-treating and overfeeding my dog without even realizing it. I've taken to measuring Dexter's food and setting treats aside for the day so I don't … [Read more...]

My dog is fat: Now what? Part One of Two

"Your dog should lose some weight." Dreaded words, dastardly in fact, that dog owners dread being dictated at the doctor's (aka vet). Though humans can make healthy food choices and monitor their indulgences, dogs depend on what their guardians allow them to have. Indeed, with any medical condition ruled out, the number of overweight dogs in this country is astounding. What … [Read more...]