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Is Pet Health Insurance Worth It

Pet insurance can literally save a dog’s life. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly pet insurance is, why you might need it, and if it really works, allow the past 20 years of my life to guide you into this decision. If you ever wondered if pet health insurance is truly worth it, read on. I am a policy holder of a major medical plan with a major pet insurance company for the … [Read more...]

Does Gender Matter at the Veterinarian

My dog tends to make a “high pitched” squeeeeeeeeee sound when he meets new men. Since my dog, Dexter, is mostly around women, I surmise that the soprano notes he hits are a warning alarm of sorts. "Who are you, what are you," sort of thing.  However, his veterinarian, orthopedic surgeon, and dog groomer are all men. And he never lets out a “squee” sound around them. Does … [Read more...]

My Dog Hates the Vet

Working in the human medical field for a number of years behind the scenes, I became familiar with a phenomenon known as “white coat syndrome.” Also known as white coat hypertension, this is a phenomenon in which patients exhibit elevated blood pressure in a clinical setting. So basically you go to the doctor’s for an appointment—perhaps a routine physical—but you get … [Read more...]

Why Do Vet Bills Cost So Much

You show me your bill, I’ll show you mine. My dog's vet bills, that is. There are a few things that are generally off topic for this writer: Namely, politics, religion, and finances. The latter goes out the window when it comes to providing a service of disclosure and information for today’s modern pet parent. In the name of keeping dog moms and dads educated, we’re pulling … [Read more...]

How to Find a Good Veterinarian

“My dog’s eye is bleeding, how could this have happened?” It was the mid 90’s and those are words I said aloud in a busy waiting room. “Look, no one can stay here to watch these dogs all night,” the voice of authority commanded. “You want to just leave her and pick her up tomorrow if you can’t handle it, then?” I took my dog away from that busy waiting room, promising … [Read more...]

How to Say No To the Veterinarian

One of the most stressful things a dog parent can say to a veterinarian is no.  The vet is a trusted source who holds your dog’s life in the palm in their hands: At least that’s how I view our dog’s veterinarian. No matter how much your dog’s veterinarian rocks, how much you love them, or how you completely do not want to say “no,” there may come a time that it has to … [Read more...]

How To Know if It’s Time for Euthanasia

One of the hardest, most gut-wrenching and life altering moments that can happen to a dog parent happens with regard to euthanasia. There is no right answer to this. Never, I repeat: NEVER let anyone coerce, bully, or guilt you into “putting your dog down.” Euthanasia is a personal decision made in the best interests of your beloved dog. How to know if it's time for euthanasia … [Read more...]

Does My Dog Really Need Vaccines

My dog had a side effect to routine vaccinations. That side effect was cancer. When a tiny raised lump appeared on my Cocker Spaniel’s right shoulder blade about two weeks after getting her yearly vaccine, it turned out to be cancer. We over vaccinate our dogs (and cats) in this country. Plain and simple: Overvaccination and the horrible side effects of this practice has … [Read more...]

Why Does My Dog Need a Muzzle

Why oh why does my dog have to wear a muzzle at the vet’s office? I cringe when the muzzle comes out. If you are a dog parent who has a dog that has faced the dreaded “face trap,” this post is for you. Time for another installment of Medicine Versus Mom. Every few weeks, we’ll be focusing on a topic and presenting it from a veterinary “medicine” perspective with Rachel … [Read more...]

Medicine Versus Mom: When Dogs Undergo Surgery

What exactly happens when dogs undergo surgery?  Is my dog okay? Does he miss me? Is he being monitored?  These are the things that run through my mind when I’m trying to fall asleep. Taking your dog to the veterinarian and leaving without him or her is one of the lowest, emptiest feelings a dog parent experiences. If your dog has ever needed surgery, teeth cleaning, or any … [Read more...]