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Cocker Spaniels Are Like Potato Chips, You Can’t Have Just One

Cocker Spaniels are like potato chips: you can’t have only one. Kindergarten teacher Naomi Lukaszewski has a passion for the breed but she certainly cannot own over 100 of these adorable dogs. She did the next best thing to embrace her love of the breed while saving lives. Naomi Lukaszewski and her husband Dan have fostered 111 dogs to date and they have no plans to slow … [Read more...]

Four Ways to Save a Dog's Life

Dogs on death row can't be saved and there's nothing we can do about it right? Nope.Okay well, there's nothing we can do about it from our own homes, correct? Again, nope. "Well I can't look at dogs who are scheduled to die in hours if I don't save them come across my Facebook page. I can't do anything except get upset in seeing those images, right?" Well, partially. I can't … [Read more...]