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We Attended The Betty White Friars Club Roast

Betty White is an American icon and dog lover of the highest order. On this 98th birthday celebration, I look back to when I was invited to her 90th birthday celebratory Friars Club roast in New York City. I received a ticket as a member of the pet industry, and what a memorable afternoon it was! Here’s a look back and a behind-the-velvet-ropes peek at who I met, what I saw, … [Read more...]

Royal Fever Goes to the Dogs

Royal fever has gone to the dogs! Her Majesty is famous for the love she has for her two favorite corgis Holly and Willow. She is often pictured with them and  likes to take care of them herself. They usually accompany the Queen to her various residencies and are, on rare occasion, left to the cares of Her Majesty’s staff. The Queen has been very passionate about her Corgis … [Read more...]

If Dogs Could Talk Would We Still Euthanize Them?

If dogs could talk, do you think the numbers of them euthanized in shelters every year would decrease? One Boston Terrier has something to say about that. Four-year-old Domino was found on the streets and taken to a shelter in Tyler, Texas—but his stay didn’t last long. Folks at the shelter, Pets Fur People, heard Domino say something as they walked away from his kennel. As … [Read more...]