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New President of Dog Writers Association Of America Announced

It’s me, it’s me, it’s me! My heart beats dog®, and now in the next step of my dog-loving, dog-living, dog-writing career, I am proud to announce I have accepted a two-year term as President of the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) effective February 10, 2019. If this sounds like a really big deal, it is. And I want as many of you as possible to get involved. Here's … [Read more...]

Exclusive Details Emerge: Beverly Hills Dog Show Group Winners #BHDOGSHOW

The 2018 Beverly Hills Dog Show sponsored by Purina aired on Easter Sunday, April 1st. If you missed it, NBC will re-air the dog show, this Sunday, 04/08, 10am PT, 1pm ET. Fidose of Reality had VIP all access to the show. Now, exclusive details emerge as we are peeking behind the canine velvet ropes for a tell about about the seven Beverly Hills Dog Show group … [Read more...]

Why I Write About Dogs

I write the blogs that make the whole world read. I've been tagged by a fellow fab blogger, Amy Shojai, to tell you why I write about dogs and more. I uttered that line aloud at a BlogPaws staff retreat earlier this year and that phrase says it all. I’ve been asked to participate in a “Why I Write” blog hop. My heart beats dog®. At the very core of who I am, it is dog … [Read more...]

Why Talking to Your Dog Rocks

I talk to my dog. Raise a hand if you also talk to your dog. I used to only talk to my dog when no one else was around. After all, people might think I am a little bit “off kilter” if I get caught talking to a dog, right? Well, in the year 2013 I decided to drop any doubts and preconceived notions about who I am, my love for my dog, and I am proud to talk to my dog in … [Read more...]

Nikki Moustaki's Life Has Gone to the Dogs: Pawer Woman

Nikki Moustaki is a writer and a Pawer Woman: She runs several blogs, including  a "postcards for pet food" charity site,, and a new pet product review blog, Nikki Knows Pets. She can also be found at  Nikki As a dog trainer and pet expert, she also writes and consults for pet product companies for a living. She also works outside the … [Read more...]