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The Dog Wedding DVD Fundraiser

It’s love at first sniff for two bulldogs that then sparks an unlikely romance between a stressed-out businesswoman and a professional wrestler in the bark-out loud comedy, The Dog Wedding. The Dog Wedding movie is now available on DVD and makes the paw-fect Christmas gift for the rom-com, dog-loving people on your holiday gift list. Better yet, for every sale of The Dog … [Read more...]

Dog Wedding Movie: A Pleasant Paw-Propsal

Sitting in the front row for the New York City premiere of The Dog Wedding movie, nothing appeared out of the norm: These are my people, I mused. These people know that dogs are family, they bring them to posh cinematic happenings, and once they've walked the red pink carpet with their coutured canines, they settle into theater seats. Displaying your affection (and addiction) … [Read more...]

Cocker Spaniel to Appear in The Dog Wedding Movie

Our Cocker Spaniel and ins-paw-ration is set to grace the big screen, with a New York City premiere of The Dog Wedding movie, this Saturday, November 21st. The Dog Wedding" is a  bark-out-loud romantic comedy about a German businesswoman (Rosalie Thomass) who falls for an American wrestler (Matthew Bloom) while planning their English Bulldogs’ wedding, premieres November 21, … [Read more...]

Help Dexter the Dog Win #TheDogWedding Contest

My dog was married in a fundraiser, and now my dog needs your help in getting funding for homeless dogs and more. The new motion picture, The Dog Wedding, is currently seeking dogs in their best dog wedding photo. Well, my pooch donned a custom tux to raise funds for dog less fortunate, and now he wants to give back and then some. Dubbed a romantic comedy with the tag line, … [Read more...]

Five Dog Products You Might be Overlooking

When my dog was "wed" to the love of his puppy life, Zoe aka Domestic Dogdess, this past June for the Wigglebutt Wedding, the true goodness in people's hearts emerged. The entire princess-style gala was in the name of dog, as this "fun-draiser" took place to help raise money for Life's Little Paws Cocker Spaniel Rescue Group.  Party favors and goodies included dog products … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Incorporate Your Pet Into a Wedding

If you’re someone who considers your pet to be a part of your family, then it would make perfect sense why you would want him (or her) to also be a part of your very special day. Of course, to insure that your dog, cat, bird (or some other “special friend”) has as wonderful of a time as you do, it’s a good idea to speak with the officiant, someone at the venue where you are … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Dog Wedding Video Released

Dexter James Bryant and Zoe Elizabeth Sorensen are now officially doggie wed, having been united in holy muttrimony on June 28, 2013, at the Wigglebutt Wedding. Though the wedding is over, our creative fundraising has just begun. We have officially launched “Wigglebutt Warriors” and will host a yearly fundraiser in the name of dog, with a different pet rescue benefiting each … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Gets Television Special

The Wigglebutt Wedding has their own television special! We are over the moon excited about this news.  Can you believe the Wigglebutt Wedding has come and gone? We had an amazingly stellar event, none of which would have been paws-ible without our fans and friends giving us support and attendance. Major announcement: Our team is forming Wigglebutt Warriors™ and we are … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Bridal Party Revealed

When my fellow Wigglebutt Warrior team members, Val Sorensen and Darlene Bryant, sat with me in the summer of 2012 and we developed the idea for a dog wedding to benefit Life's Little Paws Cocker Spaniel rescue group, we never could have imagined the exposure, labor of love, fun of fundraising, and sense of helping animals in need that would result. The Wigglebutt Wedding … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding WrapUp Surprises

how to get your girlfriend back On the end of one of the top 5 weekends of my life, the Wigglebutt Wedding was a smashing success: All 2-1/2 days of it. We spent nine months planning and organizing so that every detail could be covered. Our hearts our filled with gratitude. We will continue to help the Cockers and we will formally be announcing our 2014 event within the next … [Read more...]