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Museum Of The Dog Delivers Something For All Dog Lovers

Dog lovers of the highest order, we found a museum that oozes everything canine-related in the art world. The American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog officially opened its doggy doors in New York City on Friday, February 8, 2019. Fidose of Reality received a guided tour of the Museum of the Dog on Monday, February 11, the same time as the official Westminster Kennel Club … [Read more...]

Top 12 Dangers of Traveling With Dogs By Car

We love taking road trips with our dog. In the 25 years my spouse and I have been together, we've taken dogs on every single one of our road trips. As a dog writer, I've also collected a detailed list of the dangers of traveling with dogs by car. The bad news is these dangers are a threat to your dog's overall well being, safety, and life. The good news is this post will show … [Read more...]

How to Go on Road Trips With a Dog

I’ve been traveling with a dog on road trips for 23 years. The only time a dog has not accompanied me and my spouse on a trip is when it doesn’t involve the road. I will never fly with a dog unless he could have his own seat next to me. I digress. Going on road trips with a dog is a fun, bonding experience but not for the unprepared.  I’ve learned quite a few things over the … [Read more...]

10 Things to Do With Your Dog at a #BlogPaws Conference

Do you look for things to do with your dog? Are you the proud pet parent of a dog, cat, or any other animal? Then perhaps you've heard of the BlogPaws Conference that takes place every year...and if you haven't, then this is your licky lucky day! If you are trying to grow your social media accounts, become an influencer online, or just want to learn more about how to help pets … [Read more...]

10 Pet Friendly Places You Didn’t Know Existed Giveaway

Spring is here, and Fidose of Reality is rolling out the spring green carpet with 10 pet friendly things to do and see this year. Whether you are a weekend warrior, pioneer of pooch travel, or like to take your dog everywhere you go, there’s something on this pet friendly list for you. Keep reading because we have an opportunity to win a $100 gift card from Target to spend … [Read more...]

Five Secrets To Sneak a Dog Into a Hotel

Looking for some secret ways to sneak a dog into a hotel that is otherwise not pet friendly? Secret number one: Don’t do it. In my 25 years of traveling with a dog — and I have not taken a vacation or road trip without a dog in as many years — “sneaking” a dog into a hotel that is not pet friendly ruins it for everyone, including yourself. I’ve not had a problem getting … [Read more...]

Top 15 Dog Lover Moments of 2014

Soaring, wagging, celebrating, overcoming, tossing out the old and embracing the new: These are all elements of our journey over the past nearly 365 days. Through it all, one thing is for certain and our registered trademark says it best: My heart beats dog. If you include yourself in the category of dog lover of the highest order, take a brief walk down memory lane with us for … [Read more...]

Are Car Restraints for Dogs A Big Lie?

“My dog sits still most of the time and does not need a car restraint when traveling.” “My dog would never allow me to restrain him in the car.” “I don’t go on long trips, so I don’t need to buckle my dog up when traveling.” Do any of the above questions apply to you? If so, you are not in the minority. According to the 2011 AAA/Kurgo Pet Passenger Safety Survey, 84 … [Read more...]

The One Dog Travel Tote You Must Have

I am a dog mom who takes her dog nearly everywhere she goes, unless it’s a business trip for the two-legged variety. One of the questions I am most frequently asked is, “what do you use to carry all your dog’s essentials?” There is one dog travel tote that ranks high on my list of must haves. All of you dog moms who love purses and totes, raise a paw. And all you dog dads … [Read more...]

Pet Friendly Secret on Lake Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless, of course, you blog, and then the whole world finds out. We discovered a pet-friendly secret nestled deep within the heart of Lake Las Vegas, about a 30 minute drive from the famed Las Vegas Strip. If you are so inclined to travel with your dog, let us introduce you to one of the best kept dog-welcoming secrets around: The Westin … [Read more...]