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National Dog Show 2019 Dogs Until 2 Meme Contest

Does your dog have what it takes to win Thanksgiving? That’s what the folks at the National Dog Show presented by Purina® want to know. If your dog is the winner in the annual contest, you could bring some cash home for the holidays to the tune of $500 bucks or a trip to the 2019 National Dog Show. Everything Thanksgiving Day, millions of families tune in to see and hear … [Read more...]

AKC Trick Dog Titles Help Instill Confidence

Can I have a drumroll, please? Can someone toss the confetti? My dog is official an AKC trick dog, achieving both the novice and intermediate titles! An AKC trick dog title helps instill confidence and so much more in dogs. I don’t plan to have my dog do television, commercials, or movies; my dog and I worked towards our AKC trick dog titles for other reasons. Here’s the … [Read more...]

Visiting Valley Forge Pet Friendly National Park

I love pet friendly day trips and vacations. As I progress through life, I find that I am taking a deeper interest in historical things. I want to know what came before so I can more appreciate where we are today and anticipate the amazingness of tomorrow. That said, I enjoy and embrace traveling with my family, which always includes our dog. In looking for things to do … [Read more...]

Get Outdoors With Your Dog Fun and Giveaway

It's dog fun time! Pitch a pup tent, get the outdoor toys ready, and head for greener pastures:  Say goodbye to cabin fever and get outside with your dog. Oh and don’t fret if it’s raining when you and Fido have outdoor plans. Fidose of Reality discovered a treasure trove of doggie goodness from one of our Wigglebutts Uncorked fundraising sponsors. Read on, get the scoop, and … [Read more...]

The Post for Anyone Who Talks to Their Dog

Dogs are our confidants. With purpose and sometimes without intent, we tell our dogs things that would almost never be uttered to another human being (at least not to their faces). We also tell them mundane things -- anything and everything, actually. So why do we do it? Do we believe our dogs "get" what we say? Do you talk to your dog? For me, it’s a little of both. I’m … [Read more...]

How to Host a Dog Pajama Party

Looking for something fun, unique, and different to do with your dog-loving friends? Ever consider a dog pajama party? This can be a lot of fun, makes for a clever way to host a get together, and is a fun way to spend a summer afternoon. I am also asked how to host a creative fundraiser. A doggie daytime (or early evening) pajama party is a great way to fundraise and have fun … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Bucket List for Your Dog?

A few years ago, the movie The Bucket List starred Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as men who listed the things they wanted to do before they died. This got me to thinking: What about our dogs? If dogs had their way, what would they put on a bucket list? Dogs already live carefree and in the moment, so what exactly would go on that list? Holding my little girl as she … [Read more...]

Getting Inside Your Dog’s Mind with Dognition

Did you ever wish you could get inside your dog’s mind and figure out just what they are thinking? As a dog lover of the highest order, these are things that run through my mind. I am not alone in this. Combine one part dog and one part cognition and you’ve got Dognition. An article on recently revealed that a few European inventors received funding to … [Read more...]

Five Must-Try Winter Group Games for Dogs

Brrrrr. If you live anywhere in the northeastern part of the country, you echo that sentiment with us. The snow is falling and the mercury is dropping, but Rover’s roaming for play. With a little ingenuity and a bit of resourcefulness, you can heighten your pet’s sense of winter fun and frivolity with the following tried-and-true indoor festive games for dogs. When our mascot, … [Read more...]

Fidose Friday Funny: Dog Spins Wheels

From the time she was a puppy, wheels always caught Nala’s attention. We’d walk around the lake by our house, and each time there was something new she couldn’t tear her eyes from: the large wheels of a bike, the gentle whoosh of 8 small wheels on in-line skates, the four wheels carrying a very interesting baby in a stroller. I chalked it up to puppy curiosity. I should have … [Read more...]