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How To Exercise a Lazy Dog

My dog hates to exercise. I have a lazy dog who doesn’t want to move or go for walks. Why won’t my dog play with me anymore? If you’ve said (or thought) any of the above, this information is for you. Sometimes dogs aren’t lazy: It’s us pet parents who aren’t engaging our dogs and motivating them to do things, have fun, and enjoy their time on earth. Here's how to exercise a … [Read more...]

Sweat the Small Stuff: Exercise With Your Dog

How often do you exercise with your  dog? Our friends at Slim Doggy live the mantra of keeping dogs fit on every level: Emotionally, physically, and mentally. Some of their movement juju has rubbed off on us here at Fidose of Reality. Our Puppy Relations (PR) Manager is Dexter, a 35-pound Cocker Spaniel. He is from a larger-than-normal litter of Cocker puppies that we dog … [Read more...]

10 Spring Fling Easter Activities For Dogs

In many social circles, I am considered to be the lady who takes her dog just about everywhere with her, and this is a fact of which I am very proud. My spouse, in fact, shares that lifestyle choice and we relish it. Engaging in dog-friendly holiday traditions is something we look forward to in our family every year, and that includes the Easter holiday and spring season. … [Read more...]

10 Quick Spring Cleaning Tips for Dogs

Spring-cleaning evokes thoughts of changing the smoke alarm batteries, cleaning the windows and clearing the gutters of debris. When it comes to your dog, there are also things that must be checked and maintained to keep your pet in tip-top season-ready shape. Here are 10 quick spring cleaning tips for dogs: 1. Identification verification: Has your phone number or address … [Read more...]

Dogs Who Run and Moms Who Love Them

Devri is a dog mom who has a busy work schedule and feared her dogs would get bored and not properly socialized if she didn’t get them into a physical activity to channel their energy. Sound familiar? We’re all busy, and we all want our dogs to be physically involved in something. (gnawing on a bone doesn’t count). Devri debated on whether or not to get her Dachshund, Thurman, … [Read more...]