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The Miracle of Dog Mountain and Dog Chapel

In the heart of Vermont, dogs are welcome to explore the green, lush land of Dog Mountain and its accompanying attractions that are Dog Chapel and the Stephen Huneck Art Gallery. There are miracles on this property: I recently witnessed not one, not two, but three miracles on Dog Mountain. If you are a dog lover, add this destination to your must visit bucket list for both … [Read more...]

The Fine Line Between Dog and God

Does your love of dog prevent you from going to church or have you found a new way to “worship”  because of your dog? Is there a fine line between dog and god? Well, for me, sort of. Raised Catholic, I am now a practicing, well… I am spiritual. I choose not to associate with any particular religion and though I love the beauty of the religion, I choose to worship a God that … [Read more...]

A Veil Over Dog Mountain

how to get your ex girlfriend back Dog Mountain: Doesn’t that have a particularly beautiful, serene, and welcoming quality in reading those words? When I first learned of “Dog Mountain” in Vermont, I knew it would sit high atop my bucket list. After all, a gal with over 20 years of dog-friendly travel under her belt/collar would have to visit a place as stately as “Dog … [Read more...]