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Is It Okay To Get A Dog From a Dog Breeder?

It’s totally okay to get your dog from a reputable dog breeder. Keep the word reputable in mind as you read through this post. What I am about to say might just help facilitate this age-old debate between reputable breeder vs reputable rescue. Spoiler alert: It’s possible to have both. I love all dogs, but Cocker Spaniels own my heart. I’ve adopted a dog and I’ve also … [Read more...]

The Great Dog Breeder Vs Rescue Debate

There are a few myths out there about getting a dogs from breeders. With a name like FiDOSE of Reality, of course, we need to dispel them.  Thus, the great dog breeder vs rescue debate is an age-old one. I've fostered dogs and advocate for rescuing dogs in need. Every year I fundraise to help dogs in need who have been abandoned, neglected, abused, and/or dumped. My dog, … [Read more...]