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The Dangers of Sleeping With Dogs

Is it dangerous for dogs to sleep with us? Every now and again this debate rears its canine head, and we've seen it floating around our blogosphere travels lately. So let's open up the great dog sleeping with human debate, shall we? The danger of sleeping with dogs in our household are but one: That we wake up chilly at 3 am because Dexter has all the covers. Let sleeping … [Read more...]

Why Some Dog Beds are Ballistic

Some dog beds outlast others: Make no bones about it. As a dog lover of the highest order, I am forever on the lookout for beds that are comfortable, durable, clean well, and serve as more than a place on which to pile my laundry—upon which my dog takes to resting. Well, there are some dog beds that are's why. It is a rare product that crosses our offices … [Read more...]

Sleeping Dogs Photo Contest

With a hectic and snowy winter gripping much of the nation, how many of you are counting the days until Spring? You are in luck because Spring starts on March 20th! This also means spring cleaning time, and Fidose of Reality has the opportunity for your dog to win a brand new dog bed valued at up to $214.99. Welcome to the Sleeping Dogs Photo Contest. Our friends at … [Read more...]

Why Sleeping Dogs Need to Lie

Does your dog allow you to sleep better or does sleeping with a dog cause you to get less than a restful night’s sleep? Do sleeping dogs truly need to lie? As in lie next to us when we sleep? Personally, I have a hard time sleeping without a dog. Honestly, my spouse and I have shared the bed with a dog for so many years (over 20) that to not have a snoring Cocker Spaniel by … [Read more...]

13 Dog Winter Myths

Are you aware of the many dog winter myths circulating like a winter freeze this time of year? Ah, the perils of winter: snow, slush, sleet, ice, frigid temperatures, and rock-salt laden highways and byways. The human variety can bundle up, slather on some lip balm, protect exposed skin, and venture out into nature’s cold bounty well-prepared. Protecting our feline and … [Read more...]

New Dog Bed With a Twist

Does your dog love his or her dog bed? Do you find that your dog likes laundry piles and might even curl up on warm towels right from the dryer? Better yet, my dog thinks my the human bed pillows are his own dog bed. Fidose of Reality discovered a product line that takes all of the above into consideration from the folks at Molly Mutt. By reusing old pillows, blankets, … [Read more...]