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Gift Guide for the Cozy Dog

Check out this gift guide for dog beds, dog apparel, cozy dog items, and more. Dog beds have come a long way as have dog clothes. Years ago, many people would not consider dog apparel nor a dog bed, but times have changed for the better. Even if your dog isn't into dog clothes, there is likely something in this gift guide for that cozy dog in your life. Whether you are … [Read more...]

How to Clean a Stinky Dog With Ease #WoofPouf #sponsored

Some dogs just have a tendency to get dirty and stinky faster than others: I happen to have one of them. The primary color in my dog’s coat is white. It’s as if dirt finds itself and throws itself onto his coat. Couple the dirt factor with the fact that my dog loves to roll in the stinkiest of scents when at the park. Having a stinky dog is no fun. I like bunnies but my dog … [Read more...]

Dirty and Clean Dogs Photo Contest

CONTEST IS CLOSED AND HERE IS THE WINNER (THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED): View all entries here:  PHOTOS FOR DIRTY AND CLEAN DOGS Diego Parson as submitted by Norma Gabriella Parson   Warmer days means dirtier dogs, at least in our household. Bath time becomes a more frequent occasion in our house as the mercury rises on the thermometer. Do you have any photos of … [Read more...]

10 Myths of Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is a noble, needed, and respected profession. Like all careers, there are some myths and dog grooming is no exception. Having raised two Cocker Spaniels, I can attest to spending more on their grooming than my own haircuts. This is not a complaint, but rather, an observation. There are at least 10 myths that exist in the dog grooming world, and my years of … [Read more...]

Who will win? The FUR DRY by Furminator or Dexter the Dog? Place your bets!

Wet dog smell: One of the few displeasures in the aromatic department as a dog parent. How about wet dog after a romp outside, a bath and said wet dog decides to get a case of the “zoomies.” You know, that run-around-the-house-in-a frenzied-state in which freshly bathed dogs often engage. SO who will win: the Fur Dry or my dog? When the folks at Furminator asked us to try … [Read more...]