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Should Dogs Being Given Medication for Behavioral Problems?

While visiting the human doctor recently for a yearly checkup, a conversation ensued about dogs that led to the topic of giving a dog medication for behavioral problems. The doctor explained that her dog continually had behavioral issues: He was nervous, scared, and in her words, “not trainable” from one supposed trainer after another. She reported that anti-anxiety and … [Read more...]

My Dog Hates the Vet

Working in the human medical field for a number of years behind the scenes, I became familiar with a phenomenon known as “white coat syndrome.” Also known as white coat hypertension, this is a phenomenon in which patients exhibit elevated blood pressure in a clinical setting. So basically you go to the doctor’s for an appointment—perhaps a routine physical—but you get … [Read more...]

Dog Anxiety Relief and Giveaway

I make no secret that my dog fears thunder, lightning, and fireworks. I am not proud of this fact and despite all of our best attempts, nothing has been able to keep Dexter from shaking and exhibiting signs of distress when loud sounds erupt from the sky. Dog anxiety is so hard to deal with. Until now.  We decided to give The Rein Coat a try upon reading the recommendation … [Read more...]