David Frei Unplugged In Beverly Hills Dog Show

The king of dogs places me on hold because Grace is attempting to dig herself a hole in the couch. When the King of Dogs candidly admits his pooch behaves just like yours, one can’t help but have a “wow, he’s just like me” moment wash over them. Frei, well-known to millions of television viewers for nearly three decades, as the voice of of the annual Westminster Kennel Club, … [Read more...]

Westminster Kennel Club Welcomes Mutts

For the first time in its history, the Westminster Kennel Club allowed mutts into onto their trademark green indoor turf. Indeed, the mutts took center stage along with their purebred buddies this past Saturday, February 8th, as the Mixed Breed category is especially significant, bringing non-purebred dogs to a Westminster event for the first time since the very earliest days … [Read more...]

Ten Ways Dogs Make Life #BetterWithPets

Is your life better with pets?  If you  could attend a day-long summit in the heart of New York City where top experts in the pet world came together to discuss how people's lives are made better by pets, would you go? You bottom your bottom wag we took the folks at Purina up on their offer to attend this day-long summit. Speaker topics included the healing power of pets, … [Read more...]

How My Love of Dogs Helped Me Form a Career: And How You Can Too

My love of dogs helped me form a career....the love for dogs actually catapulted me into this profession. In 2010, I walked into a BlogPaws conference in Ohio and found a kindred connection with hundreds of other pet bloggers. We came together to network, grow, learn, monetize, and explore the possibilities of being a pet blogger. My dog and I have attended all four to date: in … [Read more...]